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What if the veil you wear every day performs double duty as a stylish and easy-to-wear fashion accessory? Introducing stylish hijabs handmade from 100% pure and authentic cashmere - a fine fabric that completed the ensemble of kings and queens since the Mughal era. Sustainably sourced from Ladakh, the hijabs are available in 52 breath-taking shades

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Explore Pashmina Hijab online: Your search for premium and stylish hijabs ends here. We have an exclusive collection of certified cashmere hijabs that work wonders in adding a dose of sophistication to your overall look. Pashmina hijabs have a soft fleecy hand feel; the use of 100% cashmere makes the hijabs feel utmost comfortable on the skin.

Choose from Pashmina Hijab online shop: Choose handcrafted and exclusive cashmere hijab from us, right from the comfort of your home. Pashmina hijabs capture the essence of the traditional art of shawl making; they are handwoven and handcrafted by expert artisans in Kashmir. The art of handweaving that they have mastered has been passed down through generations.

Plethora of colour options: When exploring Pashmina hijabs, you have the option of choosing from over 52 different colours, leaving you spoilt for choice. From bright and light colours such as red, green, yellow, white, and cream to dark hues such as dark grey, coffee, black, and navy, we have it all.

Wedding Hijab: Attending a wedding party in winter can be challenging when it comes to styling. A Cashmere hijab can help. Wrap a swarovski crystal embellished hijab, or a Kani weave hijab, at look the best of all. Bridal Hijabs can also be found in our rich collection of Cashmere products. 

Offering uncompromised quality to you: Quality is one of our biggest focus areas here at Pashmina.com. With our stringent quality control processes, we make sure that the quality of each hijab is not compromised, even to the slightest degree. In case you want to learn more about the cashmere hijab you choose, we can send you copies of the batch test reports.

Gift your loved one: Gift your loved one a Pashmina hijab. It’s a sure bet that she will fall in love with the ultra-smooth texture and dreamy light feel of Pashmina hijabs.

Help Pashmina artisans: A greater part of what makes us a purpose-driven cashmere online store is the initiatives we take to ensure the wellbeing of the Kashmiri artisans. We give back 5% of our proceeds to help the artisan community thrive and keep the art of Kashmiri shawl weaving alive. By choosing any Pashmina article from Pashmina.com, you support our welfare initiatives.

Buy Hijabs Online, from the comforts of your home:  Online shopping becomes the most fun when you can easily explore products. To ease your shopping experience at Pashmina, use the navigation buttons, including Type, Size, Price, Colour, and Time to Craft located at the left section of the page.