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Men's Cashmere Scarves

Explore the most refined styles of handcrafted Cashmere scarves for men in our freshly introduced collection of luxury wraps. The opulent assortment of men's scarves has been crafted from 100% pure, and authentic Ladakhi Cashmere, which is manually woven by local craftsmen. ethical sourcing of raw Cashmere from Ladakh is followed by sustainable practices to weave and process it, and fair trade practices are carried out with the shawl makers. This makes these pieces even more worthwhile, as besides catering to your style needs, these extravagant beauties cater to the planet too.


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Gender: Men
Color: Marsala
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Grid List

2 Items

Mirthful colors and patterns: This luxury collection of mens Pashmina shawls hosts a thousand colors and patterns. Pastels colours merge with brilliant ones, and solid shawls pair with embroidered pieces, making this assortment a try reflection of the ancient Kashmiri culture, where infinite variety of shawls was available in each factory or loom.

Handcrafted from Pure Cashmere: This luxury assortment of original, made from 100% pure Cashmere besides being as pure as it is stylish and timeless. Made from manually acquired Pashm thread all the way from Ladakh, these shawls are purely handwoven over a traditional Kashmiri handloom artistically without losing a bit of their classic sheen or craftsy grace.

Timeless Elegance of Kashmiri Pashmina: Pashmina has been in vogue since the 14th century, when it was first doscivered in the world. After being discovered in Kashmir in the 16th century, its popularity rose and spread to Europe. Since then, its high fashion hasn't been lost a tad, especially since the time when Empress Josephine wore it. Pashmina is widely accepted as one of the most veratile, ageless, and timeless accessory in the world

A gift for the powerful men in your life: We all have a man in our life who we wish to call a heri because of the person he is and the attitude he manifests. Be it our father, son, friends, husbands, or a daring and fearless sibling, we have a piece for just everyone. Gift them an eye catching Pashmina shawl which suits their brazenness, and makes their everyday styling more effortless and alluring.

Your winter best friend: The Changpa goat from whose fur comes Cashmere, endures a temperature as low as -40 degrees. It is this Cashmere fur that protects it from the extreme conditions outside. That is the warmth of Cashmere, which promises to engulf you, its wearer into luxury warmth and coziness all winter round.

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