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Who introduced Pashmina shawl in Kashmir?

September 28th, 2022 | 20 views
Who introduced Pashmina shawl in Kashmir?

Pashmina Shawls are versatile accessories around the world. The endless luxury of Pashmina was introduced in Kashmir by a saint. Pashmina became a part of Kashmir overnight. The tale goes to the time in the 13th century. Thus, the beauty of Pashmina is on the walls of the heritage of Kashmir Valley. Surrounding everything with its intricacy, Pashmina Art festoons a horizon of Luxury.

The Saint landed in Ladakh and Pashmina Art began

It all started when a Persian saint was travelling across the globe. Mir Syed Ali Hamdani was a sage from the Middle East. The footprints of a saint Mir Syed Ali Hamdani from the middle east came to Kashmir with 700 craftsmen to adorn the beauty of the valley and to spread the holy message. He rested his feet in the region of Changhthanghi Ladakh. Thus, the saint landed its appearance in the Changhthangi Mountain in Ladakh. While perceiving nature, he locked his eyes on the Goat of marvellous wool. Awestruck with the softness and fineness of the wool, he made socks out of it and gifted them to the Sultan Zain-ul-Abideen of Kashmir Valley.

Perceiving the beauty of Cashmere wool, suggested making an industry that cultivates the Pashmina in desirable styles. Also, even the name Pashmina, derived from the Persian word, pashm, meaning "the soft gold" is exquisite in being.

The Royals cherished Pashmina Shawl

Empress Josephine in Kani pashmina Shawl
Empress Josephine in Kani Pashmina Shawl

The royals devoured the Cashmere to present an extraordinary luxury. In addition, royalties decorated their royal courts with Pashmina craft. The most inspiring incident is that when Napoleon and his army were coming back from Egypt, they met someone who owned exquisite Pashmina. Napoleon, fascinated by the appearance of Pashmina thus brought one for his wife, Empress Josephine. She, astonished by the artistic reproach determined to explore more of them. She immediately took the gift and perceived in mind the intricacy. In fact, it is said that she owned a few hundred Kani shawls from Kashmir.

How is the finest Cashmere procured?

changthangi goats in ladakh
Changra goats in Ladakhi Changhthanghi

The Changhthanghi plateau extends into the region of Ladakh. It is a high-altitude region in Ladakh. The herders around the Ladakhi Changhthanghi are of the Changpa tribe. The tribe herds the rarest breed of Goats called Changra goats. At high altitudes, the temperature lowers to the minimum. The winters are the harshest in this region of Changhthanghi. Therefore, the Changra goats naturally cover their bodies with thick wool to combat the harsh winters. All along the winters, the thick wool reserves the heat beneath their bodies giving them the warmth of nature.

Thereby, on the seasonal climate change, the goats naturally shed off the wool with the help of coarse rocks and trees. To overcome the heat of summers, they eventually shed off the thick wool mostly from their bellies, neck region, and behind the ears. In addition, the herders also comb out the wool manually. The soft wool is Cashmere wool.

Exquisite Art of Pashmina Shawl

spinning cashmere
Artisan spinning the cashmere

After combing out the Cashmere wool, it is cleaned from the excess dust and filled into the packets to transfer to the valley of Kashmir. The Cashmere wool is sorted and undergoes several procedures in the valley itself. The cleaning, drying, and soaking make the Cashmere wool vividly clean. Afterwards, it is translated to the finest fibres by the process of spinning. The yarn of fineness is transferred to the handlooms in the valley to weave the yarn into several styles of accessories. The whole process of spinning and weaving the finest Cashmere is called the Art of Pashmina.

The meticulous weaving of Cashmere yarn gives the premium quality accessories like Cashmere Scarves, Cashmere Wraps, and Pashmina Shawls. Therefore, the creation of the finest Cashmere fibre distinctly defines styles like Cashmere Wraps, Cashmere Scarves, and Pashmina Shawls is the Art of Pashmina altogether. The substantial virtue of each process in the Craft of Pashmina belongs to luxurious fashion. The world around admired the aura of every masterpiece of Cashmere in the Art of Pashmina

The premium Styles in Pashmina Art

There are three main styles in Pashmina Art viz; Cashmere Wraps, Cashmere Scarves and Pashmina Shawls. Each style has endless designs in the form of bounties of intricacies. Ethically crafted in the realm of Kashmir Valley. Therefore, the beauty of styles is in itself a form of Luxury in Pashmina Art. Therefore, from a saint to the Kashmiri people, Pashmina Art travelled for a good. Hence, Pashmina Art is cherished by the Artisans for being a support for their survival.


Pashmina.com revives the traditional Pashmina Shawl

kani pashmina
The Blue colour of the Shore of Dal Lake Kani Pashmina Shawl reminds the moment when life seemed subtle and happy

We, at pashmina.com, revive the traditional craft of Pashmina. The Valley of Kashmir has witnessed the blessing of Pashmina through a saint in the 13th century. Till now Pashmina Art capture its glaze from the horizons of Kashmir. We adorn the tranquillity of Pashmina Art in the eyes of artisans and craft it ethically to flourish in the fashion world. Thus, have your part of the heritage by adorning the beauty of Pashmina Accessory.


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