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Cashmere Gifts | For the one who has everything

May 16th, 2021 | 699 views
Cashmere Gifts | For the one who has everything

The one who has everything and is a true patron of traditional art and heritage craft, cares too little about fads and fashions which change every single season. For the one who has everything, one would never mind going for a classic outfit or an archetype accessory. For such admirers of ancient art, we have handpicked our best Pashmina Shawls. These will surely match their fine taste of dressing up even if the skies are grey and gloomy.

Do Rukha Pashmina Shawls

Who has everything - Do Rukha Pashmina Shawl
"Do-Rukha", literally means "two-faced" and it refers to the specific type of wraps that were embroidered in a manner that the front of the wrap is mirrored by the pattern on the back

One of the varieties of Cashmere shawls is often believed to be magical, as its weaving is complicated and unfathomable. The Do-Rukha Cashmere is handwoven in such a way that one side is the reflection of the other. This makes both sides wearable. In another way, there is no back and front of the shawl, and both sides are beautiful and worth flaunting.

A more lavish variety of the Do Rukha shawl is the Aksi Do Rukha which is hand embroidered. Even after the embroidery, the shawl can be worn from the sides. For the one who has everything, it is a must-have cashmere accessory that is a classical emblem of eternal love for this beautiful craft of Pashmina.

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Zari Embroidered Shawls

Who has everything - Zari Embroidered Cashmere Wraps
When a pure handmade Pashmina shawl is chosen to come under the shimmers of Tilla Dozi, even the artisan is not in a position to imagine how breath-taking the complete piece would look

Zari Kari is called Tilla Dozi in Kashmir. This embroidery uses metallic threads coated in real gold and silver to embellish wraps with classic motifs and designs. In ancient times, it was pure gold and silver over the wraps which the noble court men and royal queens would cherish. But now it is your turn to drape these regal pieces and feel the touch of glorious traditions that surround you in sheer warmth and sophistication.

Kani Pashmina Shawls

Who has everything - Kani Pashmina Shawl
A sheer black Kani shawl from Kashmir, handwoven over wooden handloom, by a few artisans for years together

Convention dictates that art hangs on walls, or rests idly on a mantle. We have found wraps that hold art deep into their essence. Set to a timeless fashion by Empress Josephine, Kani Pashmina is simply magic woven into threads.

Intricately handwoven wraps will definitely serve as the best gifts for the one who has everything. Now shopping for them is no more troublesome.

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Sozni Jamawar Shawls

Who has everything - Sozni Jamawar Pashmina Shawls
A Sozni hand embroidered Pashmina, the same art, which has been the number one preference of ancient queens and kings alike

3-5 years of painstaking efforts, long working hours, and sometimes the vision of their eyes, is what goes into making just one piece. Nevertheless, a luxury Cashmere shawl hand embroidered with a needle and thread is living art. When embroidered in a Jamawar pattern, the base is barely visible. The motifs are so closely intertwined that it becomes difficult for one to differentiate between them all.

A lush Cashmere wrap like this not only look magical, but suffice your shopping needs for the one who has it all.

Papier Mache Embroidered Pashmina Shawls

Who has everything - Papier Mache Embroidered Pashmina Shawls
A Kashmiri Pashmina shawl, handwoven in a flawless fashion, is covered with hues of Kashmiri Paper Mache which transforms the downy base into something extraordinary

Fine needles, thick and colourful threads, a high level of concentration, and utmost precision is all that it takes. Indeed, if the artisans wouldn't consider their work as worship, never would these shawls come to life.

Bulged out motifs in coveted colours; adorning the lush base of a shawl, Papier Mache embroidery derives its name from the ancient art of Paper Mache.

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All these, and more editions of drool-worthy pieces are available in our fresh collection of handmade Pashmina at PASHM for the one who has everything. Be the first one to pick the best of them, and surprise them with your classic taste of gifting.

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