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Which wool is used for Pashmina Shawl?

May 8th, 2022 | 44 views
Which wool is used for Pashmina Shawl?

The world has witnessed the miraculous Pashmina shawls for ages now. Ever wondered about those fine Pashmina shawls? How and Who discovered the finest wool? What goes behind those tremendous Pashmina shawls? We have gathered the tale of luxurious Pashmina. Pashmina Art is the curation of the finest Cashmere into several elegant Cashmere accessories including Pashmina Shawls. All the steps in the creation of diverse Cashmere are manually done by the artisans of the valley of Kashmir. The mesmerizing world of Pashmina Art confers to the uniqueness of every style.

The Finest Cashmere

The Changhthanghi Mountain in the region of Ladakh is at a high altitude. At high altitudes, the temperature goes to the lowest. The winters are the harshest. A rare breed of Goats dwells in the feet of the Changthanghi. They are called the Changra goats. These goats are raised for Cashmere production as well as meat production. The goats are medium-sized, fluffy with two big twisted horns. The goats live mostly on grass. Also, the goats develop thick wool in winter to combat the cold.

Eventually, when summer is on its journey, the goats shed off the pelage to get air in the sunshine. Moreover, the wool is also manually combed out by the herders who raise the Changra Goats. The herders are from the Changpa tribe of Changhthanghi. They pack the tufts of wool in small packets and send them to the valley of Kashmir for the Pashmina Art. The wool is called the finest Cashmere wool.

The Pashmina Shawls in making

The tufts of Cashmere wool are opened to commence the Pashmina Art. Therefore, the Cashmere wool is cleaned, soaked and dried to get all the grime and dirt out. After the basic process of cleaning, the Cashmere wool moves forward to the next meticulous process. Spinning is the process of transforming Cashmere wool into the finest cashmere yarn. The Art of spinning is mainly done by the women of the Kashmir valley. They have a wheel called yinder onto which they spin the Cashmere wool to Cashmere yarn while humming a melodious Kashmiri Song. It is a process that needs high skill. The womenfolk of the Valley profoundly confer to the process with diligence. After the Spinning process, the fine Cashmere yarn is transferred to the local workshops/ karkhanas for Weaving.

weaving cashmere
Weaving cashmere into Pashmina

Weaving is the process of looming the Cashmere yarn into suitable warps and wefts to create the fabric of utmost fineness and purity. In the valley of Kashmir, the weaving is done in small workshops where handlooms are set up. Hence, the highly skilled artisans weave the magical yarn to significant warps and wefts to give a ravishingly fine Cashmere Fabric. Thereupon, the several processes of designing are done by world-class artisans. The artisans work with precision on each and every masterpiece of this Art. In addition, the curation of the finest Cashmere to Pashmina Shawls is the Art of Pashmina. Hence, the Pashmina Art blooms the fashion sphere with the finest Cashmere luxuries including Pashmina shawls.

The Origin of the Pashmina Art

The origin of Pashmina Art is simultaneous to the origin of the finest Cashmere. It is because of the finest Cashmere that Pashmina Art came into existence. To groom the finest Cashmere to diverse accessories, the Art prevailed in the horizons of the Kashmir Valley.

The history dates back to the 13th century when a saint from the Middle East was travelling to the Kashmir valley. He was on his journey to the valley with his 700 craftsmen. While on his journey, he landed in the land of Ladakh. He was enthralled to see the Changhthanghi mountain and the breed of goats there. It was a rare breed of goats called Changra Goats. Later on, came to be known as Kashmir Goats. The goats were so amazing to look at as their wool undercoat was soft. The saint combed some wool out and made a pair of socks out of it. He gifted them to the ruler of Kashmir valley. In addition, suggested the ruler make a small industry for the curation of this fine wool. The wool is called Cashmere wool.

Therefore, the 700 craftsmen worked over the people of the valley and taught them several handicrafts. The one being the Art of Pashmina. Therefore, from old generations till now, the Kashmir valley is bestowed with highly skilled artisans. Thus, these artisans are the masters of Pashmina Art.


The Styles of Pashmina Art

The diverse styles of Pashmina Art are the end products of the curation of the finest Cashmere. It is to be noted that the creation of Cashmere in distinct styles is the Pashmina Art. Therefore, all the processes are done manually by the artisans of the valley. The artisans work with diligence and precision to bestow the marvellous styles. The styles of unique designs with mesmerizing intricate creations are premium. The Pashmina Shawl is one the exquisite styles.

Pashmina Shawls of Ethereal Appearance

pashmina shawl
Shan E Mughlia is a shawl that has been handcrafted for years together in the realms of Kalamkari art to make one evocative of the rich Mughal courts

The cradle of Ladakh cherishes the Changra breed of Goats. The finest Cashmere obtained from the Goats confers to diverse styles ahead in the valley of Kashmir. Therefore, the uniqueness and high skill of the artisans create tremendously intricate luxurious masterpieces. Pashmina Shawls have catered to all genders for ages. From royals to today's generation, the elegance and luxury of Pashmina have remained alive. Also, the diverse styles of Pashmina Shawls confer to the intricate skill of artisans. The artisans of the valley work with diligence and precision on every masterpiece of Pashmina Art.

In simple terms, the word Shawl comes from the term shawl, which means a shroud that covers up. Therefore, the Pashmina Shawls are intricately designed in the sphere of the Kashmir Valley. Thus, the stepwise process of Pashmina Art curates the premium Cashmere to exquisite Shawls. From Solid to Kani Pashmina, the exquisite essence in the presence of the Shawls remain integral. Also, the uniqueness, as well as the exclusiveness of the Pashmina Shawls, befit all the genders with premium quality.

The explicit Collection

We, at pashmina.com, confers to all the generations of people with our exquisite collection of Pashmina Art. It is known that Pashmina Art is the process of curating/crafting the finest Cashmere. The finest Cashmere is obtained from the Ladakhi Changra goats. Although several countries mainly produce Cashmere they are of different breeds of Goats. Hence, our platform curates the finest Cashmere of Ladakhi Changra goats to revive the true essence of Pashmina Art.


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