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Where is Pashmina found in India?

May 8th, 2022 | 30 views
Where is Pashmina found in India?

The premium Pashmina Art is the crafting of the finest Ladakhi Cashmere. The Art includes several meticulous processes that are divinely eloquent. From the procurement of the finest Cashmere to its crafting, the whole process is supreme. The Art of Pashmina is basically found in the Valley of Kashmir. Primarily, the requisite Cashmere wool for Pashmina Art is found in the Ladakh region of India. The profoundly premium Cashmere is cherished by the artisans of the Valley by pouring miraculous skill onto the fine wool. The unique and defined steps in the creation of fine Cashmere accessories are tranquil in the whole being. The sounds of the handlooms with the hums of yinder create an aura of bestowed glory. Therefore, the two places in India Kashmir and Ladakh predominately define the finest Cashmere and Pashmina Art.

The Premium Cashmere of Changra Goats

The Changhthanghi Mountains are the coldest in the winter season. The Changra goats, a rare breed of goats dwell in the harsh climate. Therefore, to combat the harsh cold, they developed thick wool. This wool is called Cashmere wool. The Changra Goats shed off the Cashmere wool in the summertime to feel the fresh air. Manually, the Cashmere wool is also combed out by the Changpa herders. Although there are several breeds of goats that produce Cashmere wool, the Ladakhi Cashmere is the finest. The diligent and marvellous steps in the procurement of Cashmere wool are precisely followed by the artisans. Further steps after the procurement and packaging are followed in the Kashmir Valley.

The Valley of Kashmir

The word Kashmir was derived from the ancient Sanskrit language word and was referred to as kasmira. There are prescribed several etymologies in the origin of the valley itself. A famous and fine etymology derives the origin from the name of the Vedic sage Kashyapa who is believed to have settled people in this land. Accordingly, Kashmir would be from either kashyapa-mir (Kashyapa's Lake) or kashyapa-meru (Kashyapa's Mountain). In addition, geologists have described that Kashmir valley was a lake initially. Therefore, the lake drained through the gap of Baramulla, presently a district of Kashmir. The etymology is given proof by the description of Nilamata. It describes the valley originating from a lake called Sati-saras.

The Pashmina Art originates in Kashmir Valley

It starts as soon as the tufts of Cashmere wool reach the Valley. The stepwise crafting of fine Cashmere wool is the Pashmina Art. The fine wool is cleaned and thoroughly dried for the next process. The spinning of the fine wool is the next process. It is the process of whirling the fine Cashmere wool to fine Cashmere yarn on a wooden wheel called yinder. Therefore, the unique process of Spinning is done by the womenfolk of the Valley. Cashmere wool is transferred to the households for the process of Spinning. Thus, the fine wool is spun to the finest and softest Cashmere yarn.

Artisans weaving Pashmina on handloom

Further, the Cashmere yarn is translated to the fine base Cashmere fabric. The process is called Weaving. Also, the meticulous process is done on a wooden handloom set up in the workshops. The weaving process is done manually by the hands and feet of artisans. They create warps and wefts and present the world with luxurious Cashmere fabric. The weaving process is divinely intricate.

The story of Pashmina Art

Pashmina, the distinct grade of Cashmere has a unique journey. It dates back to the 15th century in the Kashmir Valley of India. The footprints of a saint Mir Syed Ali Hamdani from the middle east came to Kashmir with 700 craftsmen to adorn the beauty of the valley and to spread the holy message. Then, the saint landed its appearance in the Changthangi Mountain in Ladakh. While perceiving nature, he locked his eyes on the Goat of marvellous wool. Awestruck with the softness and fineness of the wool, he made socks out of it and gifted them to the Sultan Zain-ul-Abideen of Kashmir Valley. Perceiving the beauty of Cashmere wool, suggested making an industry that cultivates the Pashmina in desirable styles. Even the name Pashmina, derived from the Persian word, pashm, meaning "the soft gold" is exquisite in being.

Afterwards, the craftsmen taught the Art of Pashmina to the people of Kashmir. Till now, the artisans of Kashmir Valley are the most highly skilled in the original Pashmina Art.

The Luxuries of Pashmina Art in Contemporary style

Cashmere Scarves are exquisitely fine accessories of the Pashmina Art. The Cashmere Scarves cater to the world of fashion with numerous designs. Cashmere Scarves belong to a class of high-class fashion. Thus, the high-end fashion with Cashmere Scarves will supremely define the unique designs. Cashmere Scarves for men as well as women befits the luxurious sense of elegance. The rich colour of Cashmere Scarves profoundly defines the entities of elegance and luxury.

cashmere wrap
The wrap has been handcrafted by local artisans who know their jobs very well, and hence handcraft marvels out of fine Ladakhi Cashmere

Also, the unique presence of Cashmere Wraps around your body will provide adequate warmth. The beautiful creation of Cashmere Wraps belongs to the clan of originality. The explicit Cashmere Wraps confer to the diverse designs. The supremely crafted Cashmere Wraps exclusively cater to the heritage of the Kashmir Valley. The supreme collection also befits every gender in every season. The authenticity of the Cashmere Wraps can be seen in every masterpiece of the Cashmere accessory.


Pashmina Art in the Traditional Style

kalamkari shawl
A scene has been chosen by an artisan, and he plans to draw it with the help of natural paints and a bamboo pen

Pashmina Shawls are traditional accessories. From the royal ages to the contemporary age, the versatile nature of Pashmina Art is delivered. Belonging to the clan of purity and marvellous skill, the Pashmina Shawls are intricately woven. Moreover, the Pashmina Shawls confer to the tranquil being of Pashmina Art. The diverse designs of patterns, motifs, weaves, and embroideries prefer the realms of Pashmina Art. In addition, the uniqueness preserves the extraordinary elegance of the Pashmina Shawls. The artisans work endlessly on every masterpiece of Pashmina Shawls.

Collection of Luxuriously finest Cashmere

We, at pashmina.com, believe in the authenticity and purity of our collection. The Pashmina Art collection confers to the nature of fashion in the most luxurious way. The well-defined dimensions of each style of Pashmina Art are exquisite. Thus, the tranquil quality of artisans cherishes every design with the intricacy of creativity. The supremely crafted fine Cashmere is obtained from the Changra goats. Afterwards, spun, woven and designed in the Kashmir Valley. Thus, opulence confers to all genders. The elegance caters for every soul of vogue with the exquisite collection. Also, the sustainable collection of explicit craft devours luxury with glory.


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