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What is so special about Cashmere?

December 16th, 2020 | 313 views
What is so special about Cashmere?

A Cashmere scarf can be a life savior in the winter season. With such ho-hum about this fine and luxury winter accessory, we decided to double-check if investing in it is a good idea. And we came up with these 7 brilliant reasons to own Cashmere instantly.

Winter is inching closer and closer every passing day and so is the chill which accompanies it. Commonly, one gets to see two different types of people during the colder months. Ones who constantly crib about the gloomy skies and the others who are enthusiastic about it. Being optimists at heart, we will only talk about the latter-the winter enthusiasts. They are the ones who will leave no stone unturned to make the most of it. They make sure to indulge in skiing, ice skating, snow fights, and whatnot.

However, winter doesn’t come with fun activities and Santa Claus alone. Take a moment to reflect over the winter days-physical discomfort, despondent skies, and a slowed-down lifestyle. All you want to do is to cozy under a blanket and prevent yourself from falling sick. Under the garb of “not falling sick”, many people add layer upon layer of clothing. It often makes them feel heavy and even unable to move. Not only this, they are not able to move freely and hence end up depriving themselves of all the fun. Here is when even the winter lovers, who were pretty excited about winter, have second thoughts if they want to stay to move to a warmer place.

We have a solution!

At Pashmina.com, we observed Fall Winter fashion trends for over a decade. We came to a startling realization-that there has been a revolution in how people perceive winter fashion. Earlier, they would opt for dark and dull colors, which would complement the grey skies. They would wear at least 3 layers of clothing to keep themselves warm & lie snugly under warm blankets in their free time. Today, the lifestyle has changed. Eyes sparkle up at the mere mention of winter because there is so much to do! This change of attitude reflects how people dress up. People no longer prefer to clad themselves in bulky sweaters and dark colors. Rather, they associate winters with a life that will rejuvenate them and clothing which provides subtle warmth.

This realization led us straight into the breathtaking valley of Kashmir, nestled in the lap of the Himalayas. Here skilled artisans meticulously spin and weave the need of modern-day lifestyle - Cashmere scarves. The plush and soft fabric bears testimony to the fact that you can feel comfortable and look stylish during the winter months. The 100% natural fabric has been cherished by the elite since centuries. Yet it relates to the needs of the modern generation. It’s matte, yet subtle look silently whispers that you can look equally attractive in your winter clothes. It’s sophisticated folds elevate your appearance to the point of luxury. Perhaps this is the reason why more and more people are opting for a Cashmere scarf every day. Hence today, we debunk all myths and facts surrounding Cashmere, and make it clear for its admirers as to what they are buying.

What is Cashmere ?

Ever since we have tapped into its origins, we have been flooded with interesting queries about Cashmere.

What is the difference between Cashmere and Pashmina?

What is it made up of?

Why is it expensive?

How can we tell the difference between an original and fake Cashmere scarf?

We could go on and on, and the list would still be endless.

To begin with, Cashmere is the raw wool, the undercoat of a Pashmina goat that is found in Ladakh. Even though it is found in China, Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal, and other regions in the world, but Ladakhi Cashmere is the best and finest of them all. The Changthangi goat in Ladakh survives a temperature of -40 degrees just because it is covered in this warm fleece. Cashmere keeps the goat warm and comfortable in winters and is the only protection that the goat has in a freezing temperature.

As soon as Winter bids goodbye and Spring arrives, this wool becomes a burden for the goat. To get rid of its warmth, it rubs itself with rough surfaces. Fine hair can be seen around bushes, rough stones, coarse bushes, and in their own shed walls. Herders realize that it's time, and call for professional help. Professionals arrive with specialized tools and combs and start combing the goat's body gently, stroke by stroke. Firstly large portions are covered and then the smaller ones. Finally, the goat is freed from the burden and it starts moving around freely.

It must be noted that one goat produces 70-400 grams of Cashmere, depending upon the size. Hence, to make one Pashmina shawl, wool from 3 to 4 goats is required.

Pashmina on the other hand is an art - the art of handcrafting luxury shawls, scarves, stoles and accessories from this fine Cashmere wool. The fabric was discovered in the 14th century by a Sufi mystic, who envisioned the world wearing it. He got his artisans working on the first set of Cashmere socks ever and voila, Cashmere has remained the most sought-after fabric in the whole wide world.

The fact that over 33 artisans work from dawn to dusk to create a simple Cashmere scarf over a span of 2 to 6 months is enough to justify its value. In fact, if you find a really cheap variant claiming to be a 100% pure Cashmere scarf, you’ll need to stay miles away from it because Cashmere cannot be sold cheap owing to its rarity, less production, and the long stretches of unmatched craftsmanship that go into its making. Earlier, finding a real piece of Cashmere scarf would be no less than climbing a snow-laden mountain. Today, the luxury fabric is a click away.

Why is Cashmere special ~ Why choose Cashmere?

The question still remains, why should someone opt for an original Cashmere scarf when they can find cheaper alternatives in the market. What benefit would it bring to invest in this luxury fabric when you can easily do with low prices winter accents easily available in the market. It is a piece of warm wrap deserving of paying a hefty price in its exchange. Do we really need a Cashmere scarf.

We, at Pashmina.com, are giving you some solid reasons to choose a Cashmere scarf to combat the cold weather!

Here are 7 great reasons to choose Cashmere. Let’s get started!

Cashmere is an all natural fabric

Like comfortable cottons and lustrous silks, Cashmere is an all-natural fabric. It is essentially made from animal hair-that of Changthangi goat. What is special about this hair is that it is the finest in the world. Studies reveal that the fibre shed by this goat is 6 times thinner than a strand of human hair. Besides, the processing of the original Cashmere does not know any machine intervention. It is gathered and cleaned by the locals, traded by nomads, spun over a wooden spindle by underprivileged women, and finally handwoven by a weaver over a traditional handloom.

Not a single thread of synthetic fibre or pollutant is used in the making of 100% pure Cashmere. The process has been preserved for over seven centuries like a holy grail. Even the process of dyeing Cashmere uses only natural or azo-free dyes. The process causes no harm-neither to the environment nor to your skin. So while you have the option to choose the cheaper variations available in the markets, a natural cashmere, free from the harshness of chemicals would be ideal and unique.

The handwoven luxuries are the synonym of comfort!

These scarves keep you warm (without sweating)

Cashmere is known to be the warmest of all fabrics the world has ever known. This warmth traces its origin to the Changthangi goat who grows this ultra-warm fleece to protect itself from the harsh temperatures of the Ladakh region in India. Come summer and the goat sheds its mane by rubbing itself against shrubs, rocks, or whatever rough surface it can find lurking within the remote area of Changthang.

This wool is then harvested by the locals and spun and woven into the finest shawls, wraps, and clothing mankind has ever known. And this leads us to important conclusion-that Cashmere scarves have warming properties ingrained into their essence right from the beginning. In addition to this, Cashmere has natural air pockets that provide outstanding insulation. This extra warmth coupled with the fact that Cashmere is the finest fabric in the world makes it ideal to wear on a cold winter day.

It helps you stay warm and cozy even when the temperatures drop down to zero or less. You could achieve this by wearing acrylic or polyester clothing, but they would make you sweat profusely (owing to their synthetic nature).

Cashmere is quite contrary to this. Because it is handwoven and made out of purely natural fibre, it is extremely breathable in nature. When you opt for Cashmere clothing, you are opting for winter free from the common cold, sore throats and so much more. And that is a big deal!

Cashmere Scarves come in a wide range of colors and styles

In the good old days, Cashmere would be seen in three primary natural colors-beige, brown, and white. As the years progressed, dyers began using 5 natural substances to cast roughly 64 shades. Today, Cashmere is seen in a myriad of color families-pastel, dark, bright, and metallic. This means that cashmere is no longer confined to its natural shades and you can wear it through any occasion or time of day! Also, each shade is obtained using azo-free dyes to ensure that the wearer is not allergic to it. The presence of brighter shaded Cashmere scarves has given a whole new dimension to the gloomy winters. The skies may be sad, but your bright and beautiful persona ain’t!

Not only this, Cashmere was initially perceived as shawls laden with extra embroideries. Today, there is a Cashmere to suit every personality-minimal, formal, sophisticated, or bold. There are striped and plaid Cashmere for the city girls and then there are heavy hand embroidered Jamawars for those who like to stay rooted in traditions. No matter what your mood or personality type, there is a Pashmina tailor-made to your taste. All you need to do is look for it.

That ultra-soft feel of Cashmere scarves is to die for

Nothing matches the softness of an original handwoven Cashmere. There are many warm and soft materials that provide you warmth during the winters but none of them comes an inch closer to the feel of a Pashmina. If you’ve ever passed your fingers through the fold of one, you’ll know the difference. If you haven’t, well, it feels softer than a feather against your skin, it even feels softer than a newly made ball of cotton. Once you experience this feathery touch, you will not be able to settle for anything less. It is because of this soft touch, coupled with its feathery light essence, which makes Cashmere loved by the elite across the globe.

These do cause any allergies

Many of us have experienced allergies due to harsh chemicals, synthetic fibres, and whatnot. Moreover, you’ll agree that these allergies often come uninvited at any time of the year (even in winter). If you are among the experienced lot, you’ll understand how difficult it is to fight one (especially during the discomfort of winter). Now here’s the good part-Cashmere scarves cause no allergies. This is backed up by the fact that there is neither the use of synthetic fibres in the making of original Cashmere nor any chemicals. In addition to this, its molecular structure doesn’t allow particles and residue to breed.

Natural fibre in its pristine and unadulterated form will never cause you an allergy. If you are wearing cashmere clothes, you will significantly reduce your chances of being struck by an allergy. Moreover, cashmere scarves will never cause you any redness or skin irritations. Take it as a word from a Pashmina expert!

Your scarf is going to last a lifetime

Well Well, What is the average life of your favourite piece of clothing or accessory (other than Cashmere) - one year, or two? Even if you took care of it like it is your own baby, it is going to last for a maximum of 10 years. Agree? On the contrary, Cashmere lasts for almost a century if you take good care of it. Back in the place where it is made, a Pashmina shawl is passed on from mother to daughter for generations altogether. So if you are stuck in a dilemma of making the heavy investment, know that it is going to be your closest confidante for life. Of course, the long life depends upon how well you take care of it!

You’ll be the head-turner wherever you go!

As goes the adage, “luxury speaks for itself!” You won’t have to speak about your heavy investment piece when you choose an original Cashmere scarf. It will make a statement of its own. It will speak volumes about your sophistication and class like it has for the royals.

We, Pashmina.com, are the largest curators of pure and handcrafted Pashmina products in the online space. We are on a mission to revive this dying art by spreading our wings throughout the world by way of our online platform. Our website serves as a window to our range of products that are luxurious and have the highest quality. We offer the widest range, certified quality, luxurious packaging and free shipping to over 150 countries.

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