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What is the size of a Pashmina shawl?

October 31st, 2022 | 34 views
What is the size of a Pashmina shawl?

Pashmina Shawl is the bounty of Pashmina Craft in Kashmir. Belonging to the realm of Kashmir, the craft has witnessed a tremendous design of culture with the intricate skill of artisans. Pashmina Shawls are crafted in three different sizes; 80in x 40in/2m x 1m, 90in x 45in/2.2m x 1.1m, and 110in x 55in/2.8m x 1.4m. Crafted with diligence and ethical concept, Pashmina Shawls define the realm of heritage. Pashmina.com is a platform for an exclusive collection of Pashmina Shawls for luxury as well as glamour.

Finest Cashmere from Changhthanghi

cashmere goats in ladakh
Changra goats in Ladakh

Cashmere is obtained from numerous breeds of Goats from around the world. Cashmere confers mostly to the countries like Mongolia, Iran, Tibet, Nepal, etc. It is the fine wool taken from the undercoat of Goats of distinct breeds. Cashmere, from the undercoat of the Changra breed of Goats in the Ladakh region of India, is the finest. The goats of the rare fine wool are quite brilliant in shedding their wool in the times of summer. These Changra goats are found in the feet of Changthanghi mountain of Ladakh. The area is highly cold in winter due to which the goats cover up their bodies with fine pelage. Therefore, Cashmere wool helps them to sustain lives in harsh winters. When seasons move ahead, the harshness turns into the sunshine of summer. The goats shed off the wool with the help of coarse rocks and trees. The wool is called Cashmere.

Although, the herders of the Changra breed from the Changpa breed manually pluck out or comb the Cashmere wool diligently. Thus, the wool obtained is pure. Furthermore, the wool grows toward the steps ahead for the curation of high-quality Pashmina.

Crafting of a Pashmina Shawl

In order to curate the fine accessories from the fine Cashmere wool, the tufts of wool are taken to the Kashmir Valley. After the tufts of wool reach the valley of Kashmir, the supremely premium Art of Pashmina is commenced. Therefore, it is a stepwise procedure of curating fine Cashmere accessories.

spinning cashmere
Artisan spinning the cashmere

The foremost step is cleaning the Cashmere wool. There is a thorough cleaning of the wool to get all sorts of dirt out. After the process of cleaning, the next step is the process of Spinning. It begins by giving the local women the Cashmere wool to spin fine Cashmere yarn. Thus, the womenfolk of the valley mainly spin Cashmere wool. The process is done on the wooden wheel/ charkha called yinder in the local language. Thus, the women artisans meticulously spin the Cashmere wool to the miraculously fine Cashmere yarn

Weaving and Designing

making of pashmina
Making of Pashmina

Afterward, the spun Cashmere yarn is taken to the local workshops/karkhanas to move ahead in the Pashmina Art. The next process is the weaving process. The weaving is the transformation of Cashmere yarn to fine Cashmere fabric. The intricate warps and wefts create the beautiful woven Cashmere fabric. Therefore, the most common pattern in weave is chashm_e_bulbul or the diamond weave. The weave is exclusively the masterpiece in itself. The eloquently woven Cashmere fabric goes on to further design.

The diverse designs, patterns, weaves, and embroideries are further done on the Cashmere. The premium Pashmina Art steps ahead with the most explicit and intricate designs. It is to be noted that all the steps in the Art of Pashmina are manually done by the artisans of Kashmir. Thus, the distinct designs cater to a diversity of people and the fashion world.

Pashmina Shawls of Glorious Luxury

kani pashmina shawl
This beauty has taken a year to complete, and after the meticulous work of hundreds of artisans, the shawl comes out to be a magnum opus

The Pashmina Shawls bring in the opulence of elegance. The masterpieces of the Pashmina Shawls create an aura of fashion for all genders of the world. The premium and high-quality Pashmina Shawls belong to the world of fashion in numerous ways. Thus, the Pashmina Shawls are made from intricate weaves, patterns, dyes, and embroideries. In addition, the warps and wefts are woven in such a manner that they create diverse patterns on the Cashmere base.


How did Pashmina Shawls come into existence?

A saint from the Middle East was traveling the world with his 700 craftsmen to spread religion and culture. On his journey towards Kashmir Valley, he landed in the region of Ladakh, called Changhthanghi. He was amazed to see a rare breed of goats. They were Changra Goats. He combed out the thick wool off the goats and made a pair of socks out of it. The socks were very soft and fine. He gifted them to the ruler of Kashmir, Zain-ul-Abideen. In addition, he suggested the Valley introduce an industry that will procure and craft the Changra goat's wool. The wool is today called Cashmere wool. The 700 craftsmen taught the people of Kashmir the techniques of crafting Cashmere wool. Therefore, to this date, the Craft is in our heritage and culture.


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