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What is the most expensive Cashmere?

April 29th, 2022 | 86 views
What is the most expensive Cashmere?

Cashmere is the wool from the undercoat of several breeds of Goats. Cashmere wool is produced across the globe. Numerous breeds produce quality Cashmere for the production of attires and accessories. The goats that produce the wool usually develop the thick wool underbelly, behind the ears and the neck region. The unique process of crafting the finest Cashmere is defined by the intricacy of skill. The artisans work upon each masterpiece with precision. The heritage, tradition and culture of the Kashmir Valley are seen in each flare of the Pashmina Art accessory. Ladakhi Cashmere is the finest wool all the production of Cashmere. Ladakhi Cashmere is the most expensive Cashmere in the world. It is due to several reasons.

What is Ladakhi Cashmere?

There are diverse breeds of Cashmere producing goats. The several breeds viz;  Australian Goat, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Hexi, Zhonghwei, Tibetan Plateau, Luliang breeds, Changthanghi, etc. Therefore, all the breeds produce the Cashmere wool that produces warmth and luxury. The exclusive breed of goats called Changra Goats is rare species of goats. These goats dwell in the region of Changhthanghi, Ladakh. The region is at a high altitude level and is the coldest in the winter season. The temperature goes to a minimum of -40° C. The Changra goats combat the cold season by developing a thick undercoat of wool. The wool is thick, soft and produces adequate warmth.

Reasons for the expensiveness of Ladakhi Cashmere

Ladakhi Cashmere is the finest Cashmere in the whole world. The Ladakhi Cashmere wool is crafted in the Valley of Kashmir into several accessories. These accessories are premium and supreme quality accessories. Ladakhi Cashmere accessories are expensive in comparison to other accessories. Here are listed some reasons why are Ladakhi wool accessories are expensive;

1. The Low production

There are several breeds of goats that produce cashmere wool. Each breed has a specific percentage of production in the total production. Thus, the several breeds viz;  Australian Goat, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Hexi, Zhonghwei, Tibetan Plateau, Luliang breeds, Changthanghi, etc. are explicit. The finest Cashmere is elicited by the Changhthangi Goats. They are also called Changra Goats. The goats are medium size and with two twisted horns. These goats mainly graze on grass. The Changra Goats are grazed by the Changpa tribe herders.

cashmere goat
Changra goat in Ladakh

Also, the Changra Goats produce the fine Cashmere wool once every year. Therefore, only around 80 to 170 gm of Ladakhi Cashmere are produced during a year. Therefore, contemplated the rarest. Also, other breeds of it produce several times more as there is almost 400 million Cashmere eliciting Goats all over the world. Changra Goats produce only 1% of the total production of Cashmere wool. Consequently, the production caters to the manufacture of different styles like Pashmina Shawls, Scarves, and Wraps. Therefore, the low production enhances the rarity and thus expensive Cashmere.

2. The Hand Procurement of fine Cashmere

changthangi goat being combed
Changra goat being combed gently

The Changra Goats produce the fine Cashmere in winter. The Goats develop thick undercoats of wool. The wool is thick and soft. Changra goats are grazed by the herders of the Changpa tribe. The Changpa tribe is one of the tribes in the region of Changthang, Ladakh. Eventually, when the seasons change, the Changra Goats shed off their undercoat of wool against rocks and trees. Meanwhile, the Changpa herders also comb out by hand the fine Cashmere wool. The Changra Goats are combed with hand to get the fine wool out. Also, there are tufts of wool around when the combing is done by the herders. The process is natural and handmade that involves a lot of man-hours. Thus, preserving the premium quality.

3. The Handcrafting of fine Accessories

The tufts of Ladakhi Cashmere are packed and transferred to the Valley of Kashmir. The Valley welcomes the fine Cashmere with the hands of serenity and precision. The handcrafting of fine Cashmere begins by cleaning the tufts of wool diligently. Thereafter, the cleaned wool is dried in sunlight. Thus, further exaggerating the premium quality. Afterwards, the cleaned and dried Cashmere wool is distributed to the households. Women of the households of Kashmir Valley work upon the Cashmere wool with utmost precision through the process of Spinning. Spinning is done by hand with the help of a wooden wheel called yinder. The process of Spinning is converting the wool into the finest Yarn. Therefore, the spinning process is very tiring and needs full precision. Thus, the women of the Kashmir Valley explicitly define the aura of supreme quality Ladakhi Cashmere. Therefore, enhancing the premium quality further.

Pashmina Weaving
Weaving Pashmina on handloom

Afterwards, the next process is also done manually. The process is called Weaving. Thus, weaving is the process of looming the Cashmere yarn into suitable warps and wefts to create the fabric of utmost fineness and purity. In the valley of Kashmir, the weaving is done in small workshops where handlooms are set up. In addition, the highly skilled artisans weave the magical yarn into significant warps and wefts to give a ravishingly fine Cashmere Fabric.

4. The Exclusive Hand-designing of Accessories

In Pashmina Art, the next process is designing. The several processes of designing are done by world-class artisans. The artisans work with precision on every masterpiece of Pashmina Art. It is to be noted that the curation of the finest and the most expensive Cashmere to diverse styles of accessories is the Art of Pashmina. Thus, the designing of various fine accessories is done with precision and intricacy. Thousands of artisans work in the realm of Pashmina Art. Hand dyeing, hand embroidery, hand weaving and hand embellishing is precisely what defines the intricacy. Thus, adding to the supreme quality of fine Cashmere.


5. The High-class Skill of Artisans

pashmina shawl
It has been crafted out of pure and fine Cashmere, and hand-embroidered in the regal realms of Tilla embroidery that accentuates every inch of its royal essence

Artisans of the Kashmir Valley are world-class in their skills. The intricacy of each process is visible in every masterpiece of Pashmina Art. The whole journey of artisans' skill peeks through the eyes of every Ladakhi Cashmere accessory. The hand designing is catered by the supremely skilled artisans of the Kashmir Valley. They meticulously preserve the heritage of Kashmir Valley and translate the culture into each masterpiece. In addition, they give the dimension of luxury to the accessories. Thus, enhancing their presence in the world of fashion.

The artisans, with their skill, work hard day and night. Thus, meditating on the Pashmina Art accessories. All the definitions of Pashmina Art are preserved due to the skill of artisans. Hence, the cashmere becomes expensive due to the long man-hours invested in the creation of these beautiful and unique pieces that take years of hard work of each artisan involved in the making along with the token of authenticity and genuineness.

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