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What do you wear with a Pashmina Shawl?

October 18th, 2022 | 42 views
What do you wear with a Pashmina Shawl?

The world of fashion has belonged to the essence of luxury in the most premium way. The Art of Pashmina caters to the unique way of curating the finest Cashmere of Ladakhi Goat. The admiration for the heritage of Kashmir valley, seen in each and every masterpiece of Pashmina is the finest. With the leaves of purity with the gleam of opulence, Cashmere cherishes its presence. The premium quality Pashmina Art throws a splash of creativity into the finest Cashmere. In addition, the extremely exquisite creation aids the finest Cashmere to enthrall the world. There are versatile options for adorning a Pashmina Shawl on any day of every season as Pashmina Shawls are exquisite. The creation of Pashmina Shawls belongs to the high-class form of Pashmina Art.

Cashmere from the Ladakhi Goat

cashmere goats in ladakh
Ladakhi Changra goats

Cashmere is fine and premium quality wool from the Ladakhi Changra breed of Goats. The goats dwell at the feet of Changthangi mountain of Ladakh. The temperature drops to a minimum in harsh winters in the region of Changhthanghi. Therefore, the Goats develop and thick pelage of wool over their bodies. Thus, protecting themselves from the harsh cold. Seasons change, and likewise, the climate changes. Thereby, the Changra goats shed off the wool by rubbing against rocks and trees. The herders of the Changpa tribe also manually comb out the thick wool. This wool is called the finest Cashmere wool. The goats are raised particularly for the Cashmere wool.

Afterward, the wool is packed in small packets to transfer to the paradise of earth, the Kashmir Valley. The valley receives the Cashmere wool with wide-open arms of creativity and admiration. Therefore, the valley works upon the finest Cashmere with the high skill of artisans. The households of the valley have revived and preserved the Pashmina Art in the most unique way.

Pashmina Art - In the lap of Kashmir Valley

Raw cashmere fibre
Raw cashmere fibre

The Cashmere wool in the valley goes through a very serene process of cleaning. The process is done manually to strain off dirt, and dust from the finest wool. Thereof, the cleaned, dried Cashmere wool is spun across the wheel of wood called yinder in the local language. Hence, meticulous yarn is obtained. The spinning process is mostly done by women of the valley. They excerpt the time from their daily world to properly spin the finest Cashmere wool.

The spinning process moves forward and brings the Cashmere yarn to the handlooms of the valley. The menfolk work over the handlooms with tremendous strength and patience. The beautiful process of weaving takes place by several artisans. Therefore, the Cashmere fabric emerges out of the loom of Kashmir valley. After the weaving, the woven Cashmere is dyed as per the requirement. A spectrum of colors, naturally made in the sphere of the dyers is elegant. Thus, every color with each shade and tone confers to the Cashmere with more creativity. From these processes, an exquisite accessory speaks out. A Pashmina Shawl!

In the moments of Pashmina Shawls

The history of Pashmina Shawls comes with the existence of Cashmere. Long back in the 15th century, a saint from Iran came to the valley of Kashmir with a holy message and 700 craftsmen. He intended to explore the gems around and spread the holy message of Islam to the people of the world. On his journey to Ladakh, his eyes caught the look of a fluffy goat. He combed out the soft wool and made socks out of it and gifted them to the ruler of Kashmir, Zain-ul-Abideen. Amazed to feel the fineness and softness of the wool, he suggested making the industry curate the fine wool into several accessories. It was premium Cashmere wool. Therefore, the saint gave the message of Pashmina Art to the people of Kashmir.

Thereby, the heritage belonged to Pashmina Art. The people of Kashmir feel the Pashmina art as their confidante. In other aspects, it was a craft of desire not only for the Mughals and Sikh Maharajas but also for the Iranian nobles from the early times. Also, it was admired by Armenian merchants, French empresses like Josephine, and their ladies. In addition, British aristocrats also were fond of it. Therefore, the Europeans with an accent of Kashmir called the finest wool Cashmere. Though, Cashmere is the finest wool while Pashmina is the way of crafting the finest wool in several molds of intricacies.

Versatile Styles of finest Cashmere

Pashmina Shawls are versatile in their being. The diverse styles in the horizons of Pashmina Art are exuberant in their designs, patterns, weaves, and embroideries. The integrity and sustainability of the creation confer the unique and meticulous style of processes. The art of Pashmina for a long time has been with the people of Kashmir. The people of the valley feel Pashmina in their vows. All the manual procedures and techniques confer to the heritage of the valley.

Solid Pashmina Shawls

solid pashmina shawl
Pashmina is handwoven and handspun in solid design in the artisan-favourite shade of Khudrang

The plain/solid Pashmina shawls overwhelm the creation of exquisite shawls. The fine Cashmere translated through a series of marvelous processes by the Pashmina Art create the elegant Solid Pashmina. These Pashmina Shawls make you adore yourself with the pinch of liveliness and glamour. The wearer feels the enthusiasm of these Pashmina Shawls on the shoulders of their presence. The Solid Pashmina Shawls are one of a kind in the exclusive collection of Pashmina Art. They can be worn on any casual day with any season attire.

Reversible Pashmina Shawls

cashmere shawl
The heritage with the craft of Pashmina confers the Freshness of sea Aksi Pashmina Shawl with the two shades, the fortune of culture stands

Commonly known as the 'do-rukha'. Reversible Pashmina Shawls explore the weaves on the handloom in a definite style. The versatile designs and motifs over the Cashmere base create a sense of traditional accessory. Therefore, these Pashmina Shawls will make you feel loved. The exquisite and explicit virtues of Pashmina Art define the Reversible Pashmina in opulent ways.

Ombre Pashmina Shawls

ombre pashmina
Handwoven traditionally over a wooden loom and patterned in a modish fashion in an ombre style, this piece features muted shades

The divine shades and tones of each color create a wide array of grades. The hues with gradience in the colors, dyed over the Ombre Pashmina shawls is elegant. The miraculous arrangement of colors creates an aura of luxury around the wearer. The fashion world revives this classy look of Ombre Pashmina Shawls. Hence, Pashmina Art confers each style with definite supremacy.

Embroidered Pashmina Shawls

pashmina shawl
Accord of Love Pashmina Shawl is an accord of paisleys, chinars, and heart motifs

The intricate hand embroideries cast on the finest Cashmere confers to the exclusive collection of Pashmina Art. The luxurious fashion with these Pashmina Shawls makes the best of fashion accessories. Hand embroideries like Sozni, paper mache, Tilla Dozi, Aari, etc belong to the intricate art of Pashmina. The artisans enhance their skills by reviving the techniques of hand embroidery. The contemporary styles, incorporated into the traditional designs and motifs are bliss. Draping it on the cocktail dresses and traditional festoon elegance manifold.

Kani Pashmina Shawls

kani pashmina shawl
This beauty has taken a year to complete, and after the meticulous work of hundreds of artisans, the shawl comes out to be magnum opus

After the procurement of the finest Cashmere, spinning, and weaving occurs. The Kani word belongs to the dialect of the Kashmiri language where it has roots in the place of Kanihama. The weavers have got the desire and skill to sustain their survival and to create a fashion-craving Kani Shawl. Henceforth, the weaving, preceded by the Kanis are the wooden sticks of hand size made of forest wood known to be as “poss tul”. The Kanis have a colorful thread around to present their wefts in an already warped Shawl. The weaving begins by galloping the colorful threads around the Kanis. The admiration for Pashmina Art excels in the hands of artisans. Therefore, the intricate weave of Kani appears in the light of luxury. Also, wearing it with any Indian attire as well as western outfits enhances the luxury many times.

Printed Pashmina Shawls

The exquisite prints, digitally prescribed over the finest Cashmere are unique. After the spinning and weaving of the finest Cashmere, the exclusive prints emboss over it. Therefore, the exuberant prints confer the traditional, heritage stories, tales from religions, and contemporary. The Printed Pashmina Shawls belong to the class of elegant and chic fashion.

Patterned Pashmina Shawls

patterned pashmina shawl
The shawl has been handcrafted using age old techniques of handloom weaving that is done manually by meticulous artisans from Kashmir

The Patterned Pashmina Shawls bring in the opulence of elegance. The masterpieces of the Patterned Pashmina Shawls create an aura of fashion for all genders of the world. Thus, the premium and high-quality Pashmina Shawls belong to the world of fashion in numerous ways. Adorned on classic attires and formal attires to supremely bless your presence.


Laced Pashmina Shawls

The incorporation of precious Chantilly lace in the Art of Pashmina gives the luxurious fashion a splash of uniqueness. The two handicrafts define beatitude through twirling with each other. The grace and glamour profuse the glory of these Laced Pashmina Shawls in unique ways.

Swarovski Crystals Pashmina Shawls

swarovski studded pashmina shawl
Featuring a play of brilliant Swarovski crystals over an intense brown shade, here is the world famous Pashmina in a voguishly handcrafted wrap

The premium Pashmina Shawl, embellished with precious Swarovski Crystals to cater to the shine of opulence is fine. The genuineness of the two crafts merges to make a high-class fashion accessory. Belonging to luxurious fashion, Sustainability preserves its moment. Thus, the beautiful amalgamation confers to all genders with its versatile designs and colours.


A fine Collection

We, at pashmina.com, cater to all genders with our exclusive collection of Pashmina Shawls. With the togetherness of the heritage and artisans of the valley, the art of Pashmina flourishes over the rivers of creativity. Therefore, a wide range of styles prefers the curation of the finest Cashmere. The world of fashion best explains the luxury of Pashmina Art. The versatile Pashmina Shawls await the admiration of the wearer.

From the valley itself, the Pashmina shawls come into our warehouse. The final look of the Pashmina Shawls enthrall the world around them. With their exquisite and intricate designs, Pashmina Shawls dwell in the sphere of fashion. Ethically created with highly skilled artisans. Pashmina shawls follow the realm of creativity in every possible way. We revive and preserve Pashmina Art with its full integrity. In addition, the artisans are supported in every way to maximize their livelihood and befit the Art of Pashmina.


We, Pashmina.com, are the largest curators of pure and handcrafted Pashmina products in the online space. We are on a mission to revive this dying art by spreading our wings throughout the world by way of our online platform. Our website serves as a window to our range of products that are luxurious and have the highest quality. We offer the widest range, certified quality, luxurious packaging and free shipping to over 150 countries.

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