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Wedding Favors | Cashmere Shawls and Scarves

May 14th, 2021 | 1252 views
Wedding Favors | Cashmere Shawls and Scarves

Your big day is just days away. You are getting married to the love of your life, and it is something to celebrate with the people who mean so much to you. Giving away wedding favors is no more an option, but a humble gesture from your side towards the guests to welcome them and thank them to be a part of your big day. And since all arrangements are in process, make sure you add our richly crafted Cashmere wraps to the list of wedding favors for making your guests special and this day, more memorable.

Why choose Cashmere wraps as wedding favors?

Wedding Favours - Patterned Cashmere Wrap
Delight both with a handwoven traditional Kashmiri Cashmere Wrap which hosts chic block pattern in sunny shades of oranges and reds

Wedding favors can be just anything. So why should you go for Cashmere wraps?

  • A Cashmere wrap is one such accessory which all your bridesmaids can wear, in the same colours and design - hence giving a theme to your wedding
  • Being versatile, the wrap can be easily taken off and wrapped around your bag, if it gets hot.
  • Since Cashmere is timeless, it will make your guests remember your big day for decades together.
  • Cashmere can be reused for more events in winters or fall.

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Which Cashmeres are the best as Wedding favors?

Most people choose solid Cashmere as wedding favors, because of the amazing shades that erupt in a plain weave. But a minimal design hasn't hurt anybody ever. So this wedding season, we chose to go for patterns, prints, and reversible Cashmere wraps. Mix and match them with your outfits, and look graceful as ever.

For the elderly women

Wedding Favors - Jaali Embroidered Pashmina Shawl
The world witnesses the unseen expertise of Kashmiri artisans behind the tireless fingers and wrinkled eyes, who bring their own vivid imagination to life

Our hand embroidered and Kani shawl collection would be ideal for the elderly as wedding favors. These look absolutely amazing for formal and semi-formal apparel. Choose light embroidery shawls with jaali pattern or Kani handcrafted shawls for these special guests.

For office going ladies

Wedding Favors - Ombre Patterned Cashmere Wrap
Handpicked from the traditional treasures of Kashmir is a Cashmere Wrap, soaked in shades of fresh green

Solids, ombre, or patterned scarves would be the best option for working women. This would serve as a wedding favor as well as a part of their daily winter routine for the office. From over 50 shades of Cashmere wraps that we have to offer, we are sure they will love each one of them.

For teenagers/millennial generation

Wedding Favours - Printed Cashmere Wrap
Coordinate with nature with a floral winter wrap that features the fragrance and blossom of a Spring garden

It's fairly hard to impress Gen Y with anything. But Cashmere, with its timelessness, has the power to fascinate anyone and everyone. Chic prints, animal prints, floral patterns, stripes & checks will definitely be admired by them.

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Wedding favors - Personalized gifts
Add a personal touch for lifetime remembrance

Add a personal touch to luxury Cashmere wraps and scarves and make it a memory to remember. From their name initials to logos, monograms to specific dates, we add personalized embroidery motifs to your precious pieces and conform to your inclination towards aesthetic gifting.

At PASHM, we have covered all types of Cashmere wraps that would match your wedding theme, the season, or the outfits. From colourful solid Cashmere wraps to pretty lace embellished pieces to original Swarovski studded ones, our handwoven swoon-worthy wraps are versatile enough to spruce up your big day and make guests nostalgic about it even after years passed by.

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