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How to Wear a Pashmina Scarf with a Brooch?

October 31st, 2021 | 661 views
How to Wear a Pashmina Scarf with a Brooch?

Scarves (Pashmina or other types) can always be the best thing to glam you up if your outfit is not enough to do so. It can even calm your looks, if you ever get overdressed for a not-so-demanding event. Pastel usually does this, while brighter shades enliven even the most basic and plain-looking apparel. And when wraps and scarves help us in so many ways, why not put it to more work. 

Is Pashmina the same?

The finest Cashmere wool is sourced from Ladakh and processed for months together to make Pashmina shawls. These shawls are extremely fine and gentle, and exceptionally beautiful. Pashmina shawls can bring life to even the most minimalistic look, and make the wearer a star in no time. Like it has been the first choice of royalty in ancient times, it is the same for celebrities nowadays. But owing to its delicate nature, we never believed that a Pashmina wrap could be styled in different ways. But surprisingly, it did. 

The Versatile Wrap

In the 16th century, when it was first discovered in Kashmir, Pashmina would either be plain or embroidered. Then came the Kani shawl which fascinated royalty more than the commoners. Pashmina shawls were then considered a valuable treasure, and as such were given as gifts by kings to each other. 

As times changed, the younger generation never liked to carry huge Kani shawls or heavy embroidered Jamawar Pashmina shawls, and hence their demand decreased. Pashmina makers thought of getting their hardworking pieces adapted to the new demand. Hence came wraps with animal prints, stripes, checks, laces, and more. This made Pashmina a versatile accessory, and women started experimenting more and more with it.

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Styling your shawl in different ways

For the women, who own just one or two Pashmina shawls, and cannot flaunt many styles, we have a list of different styles for them to check out. Gone are the days when Pashmina shawls were worn only over the shoulders. Now they can be styled in so many ways.

Ways to style a Pashmina

  • Wear the Pashmina scarf like a tie. Bring both ends to the front and tie a large knot in the front. This style can be worn to formal meetings
  • Another way is to drape the pashmina scarf over your shoulders and allow it to fall into the crease of your elbows. This is simply effortless
  • Place the pashmina scarf around your shoulders. Place one end over the opposite shoulder and allow it to fall down the back of your body
  • If your shawl is heavily embroidered or Kani, drape it down one shoulder or wrap your body into its regal essence. These shawls are art pieces and deserve more attention.
  • Plain pashmina scarves can be placed around the neck in rounds so that no end is visible. This can be done when you are wearing a suit.

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How to Wear Brooch with a scarf?

pashmina shawl
Daintily stand out from the crowd with this exquisite treasure, handpicked from the valley of Kashmir

Experimenting has reached a level, where a Pashmina scarf is combined with fancy brooches, to make a look more powerful and feminine.

Considering the weight of the brooch is important with respect to the weight of your scarf. Cashmere is delicate. Hence a fine and delicate pin or brooch will work better than heavy ones, which would weigh the scarf down.

The idea of pinning your Pashmina scarf is to help secure it and keep it from coming undone. It's not just securing the scarf with clothes that we need brooches for. 

Let us look at some styles of wearing brooch with a scarf

How to Wear Brooch with a scarf

For a no-effort look, simply wrap the scarf twice around your neck and pin the ends together with a fancy brooch.

Another way is to place one-third of the shawl over the front of one of your shoulders, wrap the middle of the shawl behind you and to the front, then place the last part up behind the first placement and pin a brooch at the top of the shoulder where you placed the first part.

Fold the shawl to make it a square shape. Now place the square crosswise and bring two ends to the front. Pin the bottom corners together. Then bunch the stole up onto your shoulders if you want, but you can leave it unbundled too.

Make a cape out of your shawl. Fold the shawl in half lengthwise. Wrap it around your back. Finally, bring the ends around to the front, and pin the top 2 corners together with a stylish brooch. 

One more effortless style is to gather the shawl together to create a long tube. Place the middle of this tube-like scarf behind your neck. Pin the shawl together at the center of your chest. 

There are plenty of styles that you yourself can invent. Sometimes you might want to hide something in your dress, and the best thing would be to pin the scarf at the same point. Be classy, be bold and be confident. Style your Pashmina, however, your sophisticated fashion sense commands you to. 

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