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Valentine Gifts | Why Choose Cashmere?

May 13th, 2021 | 251 views
Valentine Gifts | Why Choose Cashmere?

For all these years now, this relationship has been warm and comforting. It's appropriate, then to show them the love and care you have for each other, this Valentine's day. Cozy, comforting, and snuggly warm, Cashmere is definitely the perfect Valentine Gift, being symbolic of the relationship you have built together. A relation as enduring and beautiful as yours deserves a present to pair.

To make this 14th Feb more special and cherished for a lifetime, we've taken it upon ourselves to curate a luxury assortment of Cashmere wraps to let your partner be the best version of themselves. Indulge in their resplendent Valentine gifts from our luxury assortment of pure shawls, wraps, and scarves.

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Around the world

Weave Patterned Pashmina Shawl
Over a handloom, delicate warps and wefts of the fine Pashm result in a luxuriously smooth and soft Pashmina shawl

Is she a travel lover? Gift her a patterned Cashmere wrap handwoven perfectly to cuddle her up in warmth during long flights and stays.

Weekend warriors

Red Cashmere Scarf in Knotted Fashion
A glistening red Kashmiri Pashmina scarf, handwoven over traditional looms

Does she love to hang out with friends on weekends? Then your Valentine's gift has to be a solid Cashmere which styles her up in breathtaking shades. Be it a beach, a restaurant, a friend's place, or a frosty night out at parents', we have got her covered.

The Fashion Queen

Classic Drape (with Belt) - 7 ways to style your Pashmina scarf
The Cashmere wrap features Sozni Kari - a delicate thread and needle work by local Kashmiri artisans - which spans all over the fine base in a netted pattern

Does she love to be the show stopper on special alfresco occasions? Choose a mesmerizing Cashmere wrap as your Valentine gift, which is hand embroidered in laboursome processes, so that she steals the night.

The Office Girl

The wrap accentuates multicoloured patterns of Indian flora and fauna amongst a warm hued base

Is she a workaholic who takes office too seriously, even in her dressing and accessorizing? Meet our contemporarily printed and patterned wraps in solid colours and sophisticated designs to give her a warm company to everyday work.

Tradition Lover?

Cream White Kani Stole
Art mixes with nature and hence is born a luxury winter accessory where the artisan paints the colours of nature onto his freshly made masterpiece

Is your valentine old school, rooted in traditions and culture? A Zari embroidered Cashmere or a Kani shawl will be the best thing you gift her this 14th February. The pieces have a history in the royal courts of Mughal kings in Kashmir and India, where the noble queens would love to drape them. And we bring it to you, on a day which brims with love itself.

While we have Cashmeres for all moods and occasion for her, there is an underlying theme for all - they are exceptionally luxurious.

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Why Choose Cashmere as a Valentine's Day gift?

There isn't just one reason to gift your loved ones Cashmere wraps. We just gathered a number of beautiful reasons why Cashmere is a sign of love, and why you should fall in love with it, this Valentine's day.

When a pure handmade Cashmere Wrap is chosen to come under the shimmers of Tilla Dozi, even the artisan is not in a position to imagine how breath-taking the complete piece would look
  • Cashmere is planet-friendly. It is a natural fibre and it is renewable and biodegradable. This makes cashmere wraps the most sustainable investment in the market.
  • Cashmere comes under a slow fashion. As such your Cashmere gift will last for so many years and make an unforgettable memory.
  • The luxury Cashmere fibre absorbs and releases moisture from the air as and when there is a change in humidity. It thus retains heat hence making itself an ideal gift for the cooler seasons. Cashmere is insulating, as well as highly breathable
  • Cashmere defines comfort in a new way. The fibre is exceptionally soft and comfortable and feels feathery against the skin. The soft silky finish and grandeur of a Cashmere wrap will definitely impress her for life
  • Cashmere just gets better with age. Your 20-year-old Cashmere wrap will not look withered but heritage. Cashmere, in history, would be passed from mothers to daughters, and it would look as exquisite as when it was new.
  • Cashmere care is easy. You can wash Cashmere at home with Cashmere shampoos and lukewarm water. There is no need to spend thousands on laundry and dry clean.

Your Valentine Gift needs to be as special as they are in your life. Unbox the treasure of timeless Cashmere shawls, stoles, and scarves with our extravagant edition of Pure Cashmere wraps.

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