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Turning the ways for the pledge of finest Cashmere

November 6th, 2021 | 102 views
Turning the ways for the pledge of finest Cashmere

Cashmere, the finest fibre enthralls the whole world with its supreme quality. The uniqueness of art in the creation of Cashmere accessories is up to the mark. Believing in the cradle of Kashmir, with its artisans, defines the richness of culture. With the advent of modernism, the cashmere preferred the lines of both traditions as well as contemporary styles. Thus, proving to be versatile of accessories in the world of fashion.

Cashmere - In the Cradle of Ladakh

Changthanghi plateau is the high altitude region on one of its sides in the Ladakh region of India. The goats of the region are called the Changra goats as they are of the Changra breed. Worldwide, there are several other breeds of Cashmere giving goats. Malra breed, Chigu breed, Licheng breed, Tibetan breed, Liaoning breed, Changhthanghi breed are some of the breeds. Among all, the Changhthanghi breed gives the finest Cashmere. Therefore, the Cashmere given by the Changra goats is finest. They are also called Kashmir goats. They survive the harsh cold weather of Changthangi that plunges to more than minus 40° C. These goats are of a rare breed with medium bodies and large twisted horns. Thus, mainly raised for Cashmere production and meat production.

cashmere goat
The Cashmere goats in Ladakh

The Changra goats develop thick, soft wool in the winter season to attain warmth. They are herded by the Changpa tribe of the region. On coming to summers, the goats naturally shed off the thick wool with rocks and trees around. In addition, the Changpa herders manually comb out the soft wool. This soft wool from the Himalayan goats is the finest cashmere wool. The tufts of wool after combing out are packed in small packets. Therefore transferred to the valley of Kashmir where the art of Pashmina belongs.

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Cashmere - In the cradle of Kashmir Valley

The tufts of Cashmere wool reach the Kashmir valley. They are cleaned, soaked, and dried. Afterward, the fine Cashmere is spun by the women of the valley. The highly skilled women spin the Cashmere wool on the wheel called yinder in the local language. Therefore, the meticulous process leads to the creation of Cashmere yarn. The Cashmere yarn is whirled on the spindles by the process of pranch and using the thanchor instrument.

weaving cashmere
The weaving is done on the handloom

The Cashmere yarn, taken to the handlooms for the weaving process is finest. Highly skilled artisans thus weave precisely. The woven Cashmere is further processed by the artisans who have taken the pledge of curating the premium Cashmere. Thus, different styles like Pashmina Shawls, Cashmere Wraps, and Cashmere Scarves are crafted by the explicit Art of Pashmina.

Artisans and the Fine Cashmere

Artisans have a great role in the crafting of the finest Cashmere. From the combing out of the Cashmere wool to the designing of the Cashmere, all the processes are done by hand. Thus, proving the zeal of the people for the love of Pashmina Art. The people of Kashmir learnt the skill of crafting Cashmere from the craftsmen of Persia.

The history goes around to the 13th century when a saint from the Middle East came to the valley of Kashmir. On his journey to the valley, he reached Ladakh and encountered the fine wool on the Changra goats. The saint made socks out of this fine Wool. He had come on the journey with his 700 craftsmen. He gifted the socks to the ruler of Kashmir. And eventually, he suggested crafting the fine wool to numerous accessories. The wool came to be known as Cashmere. And the craft came to be known as Pashmina. The craftsmen taught the skill to the people of Kashmir. Till now, the highly skilled artisans in Pashmina Art are the people of Kashmir.

The Elegance of Pashmina Art

The pledge of taking the craft into their hearts has made millions of luxurious Pashmina accessories. The uniqueness in every masterpiece and the style quotient of each piece is tremendous. With time, the artisans incorporated the fashion of the era into the Art of Pashmina. Likewise, in today's world, Pashmina Art leads the fashion world with the luxury of exclusive and elegant accessories.

making of pashmina shawl
Artisan handcrafting the luxurious Pashmina shawl

The artisans of the valley define the Art of Pashmina as their confidante of skill. Also, the artisans of the valley have their livelihood attached to the Pashmina Art. Moreover, generations of generations have worked in the field of Pashmina for ages. It is so mesmerizing to see the workshops/karkhanas filled with the smell of Cashmere. An aura, created by the traditional music of the valley is divine. Thus, adding a glimpse of culture in each masterpiece. The artisans with their high skill of precision as well as creativity confer to this Kashmiri Art with admiration for each process from spinning to designing.

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Confidante to the Artisans

We, at pashmina.com, support the artisans on each level of their creation. We, highly appreciate the authenticity and purity of the Pashmina Art. Our platform directly takes the masterpieces from the lap of artisans to make the luxurious path of Pashmina Art evident to the world. Aspiring diverse collections of finest Cashmere from the Ladakh region. We, profoundly curate the premium Cashmere with sustainability to nature. The world of fashion attributes to the luxurious spectrum to create the best masterpieces.

pashmina shawl
Handmade by the flawlessly skillful craftsmen from Kashmir, the shawl takes months together to complete

Also, the heritage of the valley felt in every style is divine. The artisans with the skill of creativity and precision incorporate the versions of heritage and culture. In addition, the uniqueness in the horizons of Kashmir valley is evident in the collection of our platform. Bring a joy of warmth to your closet by wearing the finest Cashmere peeking through the Pashmina Art.

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