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Sustainable Fashion | Why We Love Pashmina?

May 21st, 2021 | 0 views
Sustainable Fashion | Why We Love Pashmina?

It’s a proud moment when you feel great wearing something new. And not just because it makes you look good but because of the way the garment has been made. From improving the livelihood of its makers to giving customers something they can cherish forever, it’s a matter of pride to own a Pashmina.

Other than being an example of sustainable fashion, here are a few reasons why you should be proud of wearing Pashmina:

Pashmina wool is organic and obtained ethically

cashmere goat
The Changthangi goat

Pashmina shawls are made from ethically sourced wool which is organic. The wool used for Pashmina comes from the Changthangi goats which are reared for their milk by the Changpa tribes. Unlike the infamous shahtoosh shawls, for Pashmina, no animal is hurt during the process. The Changthangi goats naturally shed fur during the spring. This shed fur is collected from their underbelly. Hence the whole process of procurement is organic and free from cruelty to the animal.

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Cashmere shawls are made by local artisans

Sustainable fashion - Artisan weaving on Hand Loom
Artisan weaving on Hand Loom

When you buy Cashmere shawls you end up supporting the glorious Kashmiri art. You also indirectly support local artisans who put their hard work into these shawls. For many families, weaving Pashmina shawls is the only source of income. Hence, you can be proud of the contribution you have made. Though Pashmina is produced in China, Nepal & Mongolia, the ones made in Kashmir are unique as they're handwoven, hand-embroidered. Unlike machine-made shawls, no two handcrafted products are the same

Pashmina shawls enjoy an heirloom status

In today’s age of fast fashion, Pashmina is a timeless piece of fashion accessory that you can wear on all occasions. Pashmina was and is considered fine, luxurious art. Hence it should come as no surprise that the Mughal kings, Sikh maharajas, and British aristocrats took great pride in wearing it.

This fine fabric, one of the softest and warmest wool found in nature, has become an heirloom; it is passed on from generation to generation. The durability and timeless appeal of this classic accessory makes it the epitome of sustainable fashion

Traditional and modern unique artwork

Kalamkari Embroidery
This handmade piece of Kashmiri Pashmina gets hand painted in the Kalamkari art spanning in breath-taking shades of pastel colours

From intricate designs woven into shawls to those painstakingly embroidered over a period of time, the artwork on Pashmina shawls is reminiscent of our heritage.

PASHM infuses a modern soul into cashmere shawls with delicate lace designs and Swarovski crystals. This makes Pashmina a coveted item on every fashionista’s wish list.

Buying Pashmina can help up you give back to society

With sustainable fashion comes the mission to positively impact the artisans; it’s a win-win situation for artisans as well as the consumer. When you buy a cashmere product from Pashmina.com, we give back 5% of our proceeds towards artisans. It goes for the welfare, education, and upliftment of the children and the women of their families and overall communities

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We, Pashmina.com, are the largest curators of pure and handcrafted Pashmina products in the online space. We are on a mission to revive this dying art by spreading our wings throughout the world by way of our online platform. Our website serves as a window to our range of products that are luxurious and have the highest quality. We offer the widest range, certified quality, luxurious packaging and free shipping to over 250 countries.

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