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Supremely Crafted Cashmere Wraps

September 15th, 2022 | 21 views
Supremely Crafted Cashmere Wraps

Living beyond the lives of creation, one entangles itself with culture as well as the contemporary world. The surroundings cater to the luxury of fashion. Several accessories where the terms are synonymously used without getting into the real nature are there. One such difference in the sphere of fashion confers to the Cashmere Wraps. There are several Wraps in the world of fashion. The exquisite Cashmere Wraps turn the heads of admirers of nature towards itself. While, the other Wraps made of distinct materials cater to only less efficiency and cheapness.

The distinctive background of these two terms surpasses the definition of authenticity. Thus, the hand Crafted Cashmere Wraps are meticulously woven with the yarn of the finest Cashmere. Likewise, the yarn for the weaving of other Wraps is not of premium quality. The styles catering to the fashion world define the purity and genuineness of Cashmere Wraps.

Cashmere - The beginning of the luxury

Cashmere from the undercoat of different types of exquisite Goat breeds is obtained. Therefore, procured from the downy and woolly pelage of the different breeds of Goats from around the world, especially from Mongolia, China, Iraq, Iran, and Nepal is of premium quality. Pashmina Shawls, specially made from the wool of the Changra breed of goats are the finest. The Cashmere from the feet of Changthangi mountain in the Ladakh region is the finest among all. These are the finest wool from the rarest breed of Changra belonging to the tribe of Changpa who are the traditional herders of Changra Goats. Therefore, they start their journey at the commencement of the creation of Cashmere.

Changra goats in Ladakh

The Cashmere wool grown on the Changra goats is to combat the harsh winter season. Moreover, to overcome the heat of nature, it naturally sheds off fleece during the moulting season. The wool combed out manually as well is the finest. Thereby, cultivated from nature to cherish every part of fleece. Therefore, the premium quality, preserved by plucking out the fleece manually is a divine process.

Furthermore, the fine wool grows toward the steps ahead for the curation of high-quality Pure Pashmina. After diligent picking, the process moves forward. Spinning is done by hand on the traditional charkha wheel known as yinder. It is a highly-skilled job to spin the fibre into a glorified fine yarn of Cashmere because of the delicate nature of Cashmere. Moreover, it is mostly done by the women of Kashmir who have the traditional skill of spinning the incredibly fine yarn which must be done manually. Thus, the yarn translated to the handloom manually is the finest.

The weaving of spun Cashmere

Artisan weaving on Hand Loom
Artisan weaving on Handloom

Afterwards, the spun Cashmere yarn is taken to the local workshops/karkhanas to move ahead in the Pashmina Art. The next process is the weaving process. The weaving is the transformation of Cashmere yarn into fine Cashmere fabric. The intricate warps and wefts create the beautiful woven Cashmere fabric. Therefore, the most common pattern in weave is chashm_e_bulbul or the diamond weave. The weave is exclusively the masterpiece in itself. The eloquently woven Cashmere fabric goes on to further designing

A diversified Stylized Ambience - Ladakhi Cashmere

Distinct styles of premium quality pure Cashmere Wraps are a revere of fashion. In the times of luxury, the horizons of glaze perform a melody of fashion in every note.

Solid Cashmere Wraps

cashmere wrap
Crafted with the most magical hands, this luxurious accessory will have admirers as soon as your drape it around your shoulders

From the fleece of Changra breed of Goats from Ladakh, the Cashmere procured is the finest. From the finest Cashmere, the pure wraps are curated. Solid Cashmere Wraps are tinted with the azo-dyes by the local dyer called Rangur. Pigmented in every shade and tone possible, the glory pours opulence over the presence. Moreover, the versatile Cashmere Wraps can be worn in any way. Wrapping it around the neck or worn as a Shawl, both ways its glamour speaks louder.

Printed Cashmere Wraps

printed cashmere wrap
Handwoven traditionally over a wooden handloom, the wrap accentuates multicoloured patterns of Indian flora and fauna amongst a warm-hued base

Cashmere from the undercoat of Ladakh Changra Goat is the finest. Therefore, to make the finest wraps with serene prints, it is used. The organic prints create the stories of hues and colour slots in traditional, religious, and contemporary designs. Moreover, these types of Cashmere scarves belong to the originality of Pure Cashmere with vivid styles. The artisans feel the designs in prints and make the tales of luxury over the shoulders of wearers.

Reversible Cashmere Wraps

reversible pashmina shawl
Malika has been handwoven over classic wooden manual handlooms of Kashmir and takes days together to complete

From the finest Ladakhi Cashmere, the Reversible wraps come into existence. Through the handlooms of Kashmir valley, the exquisite Reversible Wraps form a part of the Craft. The diligent hands entangle and weave the warps and wefts with precision. Moreover, Reversible Cashmere Wraps are exquisite luxuries that fall in the category of utility. These belong to the people of fashion with elegance as the charm never goes off with the finest Cashmere. Wearing one of these caters to the luxury to shroud on the shoulders of the wearer.

Ombre Cashmere Wraps

ombre cashmere wrap
A thousand feelings, a thousand emotions, a thousand threads, a thousand expressions, a thousand hopes, a thousand smiles, that's how a Kashmiri Pashmina is made

The Plain pure Cashmere was transformed into the Ombre Cashmere Wraps by the highly skilled artisans as dyers. Therefore, pigmenting with various hues marks the luxury ahead. These are the distinct Cashmere wraps that indulge themselves in every style, be it casual, party or formal. They have been provided with a wide range of colour palettes in their creation and design to cater for both men and women of the world around them.

Patterned Cashmere Wraps

patterned cashmere wrap
Handcrafted from pure Ladakhi Cashmere, the Castle green Cashmere wrap has been expertly created keeping in mind the grey skies of the gelid seasons

The finest Ladakhi Cashmere undergoes several procedures till the creation of Cashmere as a Wrap. The Patterned Cashmere Wraps confer to the different weaves with explicit designs. With distinct patterns like the classic strips, textured, linear to ensure the beauty and luxury it speaks off. Thus, they confer to every horizon of modernization to make fashion luxurious as well as contemporary.

Laced Cashmere Wraps

lace cashmere wrap
The wrap features hand stitched French Chantilly lace which covers the wrap in an effeminate fashion

The Ladakhi Cashmere is the finest, Cashmere Wraps curated with the finest and rarest Cashmere yarn are exquisite. In addition, the embossing of Hand-Crafted Cashmere Wraps with the precious Chantilly Lace gives a sense of luxurious fashion in the highest premium form.

Swarovski Crystals Cashmere Wraps

swarovski crystals cashmere
The wrap is embellished with Swarovski crystals onto the base, which spread profusely in regular patterns

The accessorizing of the presence of every soul with the wings of precious Swarovski Crystals onto Ladakhi Cashmere Wrap is explicit. The presentation of the Cashmere wrap gives a new look to the luxury of fashion. Moreover, meticulously procured with the skilled hands of the artisan, blessing the craft with luxury in the sophisticated form.

Hand Embroidered Cashmere Wraps

Pashmina wrap
The luxurious Sozni hand embroidery intricately features with ease on the Cashmere Wrap

The intricacy in designs on the finest Ladakhi Cashmere is exquisite. The woven Cashmere confers to the high skill of embroiderers of the valley of Kashmir. Moreover, the various exquisite hand embroideries are Sozni, Paper Mache, Katha, Tilla Dozi, etc. The hand-crafted Cashmere with hand embroidery is the most aspired craft in the world of luxury. The marvellous designs in the sphere of nature with premium hand embroideries give a sense of luxury. Therefore, the motifs of culture and traditions belong to the heavenly hand of artisans of the valley.

Kani Cashmere Wraps

kani pashmina wrap
The wrap has been handcrafted from fine Ladakhi Cashmere, whose regal elegance and sophisticated nature doesn't need words for expression

A fine Cashmere Wrap from the finest Ladakhi Cashmere reflects the Kani weave. The Kanis are small wooden sticks. The colourful threads around the Kani sticks are exquisite in shades. A particular number of Kanis is used for the weaving of one Kani Wrap. Around 70 to 100 Kanis are used up for the design of a Kani Wrap. Moreover, the explicit designs over the weave are the Jamawar, Chand dar, and Palla dar. Therefore, the explicit Kani Cashmere Wrap profuse with nature of weaves and create masterpieces.

Shibori Cashmere Wraps

shibori pashmina
The sunset yellow and peacock blue Shibori style of Cashmere Wrap prefers the divine destination of Kashmir

Shibori is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique that produces scattered patterns on a Cashmere wrap. The technique produces numerous different patterns on the Cashmere wrap in diverse colours. The process of the Shibori designing technique has steps to create a beautiful array of patterns on the Cashmere wrap. Firstly, the Cashmere wrap is folded or tied with wooden blocks or clips in a pattern that the design prescribed. Depending on the resist-dyeing mastery chosen, there is the use of rubber bands, clips, clamps, or wooden blocks. Afterwards, the Cashmere wrap is pinched and bound off in different ways to craft the exquisite prints of Shibori. The elegance of Shibori witnesses the upheaval of Pashmina as a craft of heritage and culture.

The eloquence of Cashmere Wraps

A Wrap is the newer term for the outer clothing that covers the body. Wraps are distinguishable in their meanings. Thus, all shawls and stoles can come under the term of Wraps but not all wraps are shawls. In other words, the Word Wrap means "the outer covering". Therefore, in the fashion world, wraps are precisely termed as the accessory that covers the outer body. In the world of fashion, it's a contemporary term. Therefore, Wraps stylise every soul with their efficiency and elegance.

Evident from the journey of Ladakhi Cashmere to the handloom of Kashmir, the Cashmere Wraps are explicit. There are several differences in the creation and appearance of the Cashmere wraps and other wraps. One is meticulous creation. The hand-crafted Cashmere from the finest Cashmere of Changra breed of goats in Ladakh. From the saintly mountain of Changhthanghi wherein the Changra goats dwell, the finest Cashmere arises.

Cashmere Wraps create an aura of exclusiveness and integrity. They are profuse in the luxury of premium creation as well as high-quality Ladakhi Cashmere. In addition, the opulence of the high-quality Cashmere, prefered by all classes of fashion is necessary. Cashmere Wraps cater to men and women of every horizon. Being a stylized and elegant accessory, Cashmere Wraps prevail in every generation. From the contemporary style to the Old royalty, Cashmere Wraps have prolonged all generations. Sophistically woven in the nature of Kashmir valley, with the motifs and patterns of heritage, Cashmere wraps confer to highly Luxurious fashion.


Lively Revival of Heritage

We, at Pashmina.com, perform as an aura of luxurious fashion for the whole world. The exquisite collection belongs to the class of fineness and purity. The support and empathy for the skill of artisans confer to their livelihood. The exclusive men's collection delivers all men out there, a sense of fashion. They manage to acquire a trait of opulence by wearing our collection for casual, semi-formal, and formal. Similarly, fashion for women has been in vogue and inspiring.

The exquisite journey of artisans, and every masterpiece explored on our platform is evident. Therefore, we cater to high-quality fashion with premium Cashmere and Pashmina directly from the winds of the Kashmir valley. Also, nature cherishes the procedures of creation as its looked upon through all the processes. In addition, the explicit and enthralling collection of Cashmere Wraps, Cashmere Scarves and Pashmina Shawls is awaiting for your presence to shoulder one of the masterpieces.


We, Pashmina.com, are the largest curators of pure and handcrafted Pashmina products in the online space. We are on a mission to revive this dying art by spreading our wings throughout the world by way of our online platform. Our website serves as a window to our range of products that are luxurious and have the highest quality. We offer the widest range, certified quality, luxurious packaging and free shipping to over 150 countries.

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