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7 Ways to Style Your Pashmina Scarf

October 28th, 2018 | 35184 views
7 Ways to Style Your Pashmina Scarf

Even though a Pashmina or Cashmere scarf is a timeless ultimate accessory and is primarily draped in a traditional style, there are multiple ways to style a Pashmina to look trendy and accentuate any outfit. It gives you an edge over others and enhances your product’s luxurious nature. The downy fleece of the Capra hircus goats that has often been called the ‘soft gold of Asia’ or the ‘diamond fibre’ is rightly so, because of its great demand and limited supply, truly making it priceless.

And while women love to wear Pashmina scarves, but they often don't know how to. Pashmina is versatile and would love to style you up in the most sophisticated fashion. So how do you wear a Pashmina wrap? Have a look at some styles Pashmina scarf can be worn.

Without much ado, here is how to wear a Pashmina scarf:

1. Waterfall style 

Waterfall style - 7 ways to style your Pashmina scarf

Tie the Pashmina scarf around your neck, with one end significantly longer than the other. Loop the longer end of this scarf around your neck one time, and then take the end you used to loop and secure it by the top corner. Fit the top corner into the loop at the side of the neck. When draped properly, the unattached side drapes like a waterfall.

Check out this Cobalt Blue Pashmina Scarf and Royal Blue Cashmere Scarf to match your dress.

2. Knotted Necklace style - Pashmina Scarf

Knotted Necklace - 7 ways to style your Pashmina scarf

Wrap the Pashmina scarf behind your neck. Take one end and wrap it around your hand. Pull it through to make a loose knot. Take the other scarf end and pull it through the side knot, going under the knot loop and then over. That’s how you get a perfect knotted necklace look! See this turquoise cashmere scarf that will add elegance to your style.

3. Classic Drape Style - Pashmina Scarf (with Belt)

Classic Drape (with Belt) - 7 ways to style your Pashmina scarf

Women often ask us " how to wear a Pashmina with a belt" Here it is. Sartorially safe for dressier occasions - simply wear the Pashmina scarf over your neck and the front of your chest. No actual tying happens in this one, so it’s a loose way of wearing a scarf meant more for ornamentation than actual warmth. Wear the scarf around the neck and let ends fall in front. Add a thin belt to keep the scarf in place and show off your waist.

4. The Braided Style - Cashmere Scarf

The Braid-7 ways to style your Pashmina scarf

Fold a Cashmere scarf in half, lengthwise. Drape folded scarf over the neck and slide the two ends through the loop made by the fold. Grab loop again and twist to create a second, smaller loop, then slide the loose ends from between that loop, too. Buy this exclusive brown pashmina scarf to match the occasion.

5. The Toss - how to wear a Pashmina scarf in a basic style

The Toss - 7 ways to style your Pashmina scarf

Tie your Cashmere scarf around your neck. Toss one side of the scarf across the opposite shoulder so it falls behind you. Don’t overthink this style, it’s meant to be casual. It’s a great way to rock any outfit on a day out!

6. European Loop - Modish style to wear a Cashmere scarf

European Loop - 7 ways to style your Pashmina scarf

How to tie a Pashmina in a loop? Simply fold the Pashmina scarf midway, lengthwise. Drape folded scarf around your neck and slide the two ends from inside the loop created by the fold. Slide to adjust the knot.

7. The Bunny Ear Style - Cashmere

The Bunny Ear - 7 ways to style your Pashmina scarf

Wrap your scarf twice around your neck. Then put one end under neat the loop of the wrapped scarf. This way you will have both ends on the same level. Simply tie a knot with the ends and you are ready to go. Look at this burgundy pashmina scarf to feel the exclusiveness.

If you are a fashionista and like to always make a statement, here is how to wear a Pashmina that makes you look edgier. In case you are trying to make that foray into fashion, do not forget to experiment with our styles and fall in love with the products. We have given you so many styles. So how do you wear a Pashmina wrap now?

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