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Sensing the sounds of Kani Shawls

August 18th, 2021 | 0 views
Sensing the sounds of Kani Shawls

In the lap of the valley of souls, appreciating the senses of surroundings. Life, in the horizons of the mountains and rivers, diverges in the serenity of nature despite the converged togetherness of the souls. Beneath the sky, underneath the rivers, an emergence of Arts and Crafts in the Valley of the miraculous surroundings. Several styles of shawls are around the air of the Kashmir valley. Cashmere in the appearance of a Kani Shawl is regardless the most exceptional in its creation. One of the oldest handicrafts in the country of India from a valley that exists beyond admiration.

The Kani Shawls, crafted in the region of Kanihama in the Ganderbal district of the Kashmir Valley. Moreover, the shawls have been in the valley from the artistic era of Mughal Rule.

Chronical journey of the Kani Shawl

Beginning its way into the world from a Cashmere base. Cashmere, a fibre from the Goats of Changra who are in love with the meticulous creation of their hair into a dynamic as well as ravishing Cashmere wool. The wool is sorted into the fleece from where the king of fibres, pashms are born out.

The Kani Shawl craft was originated in the era of 3000 B.C. Mughals have been into its intricate designs and exquisite presence from that century of time. The Kani word belongs to the dialect of the Kashmiri language where it has roots in the place of Kanihama. Moreover, the name also satisfies the meaning of small twig-like sticks in the local language.

The admiration, the appreciation, the adornment of the beauty of the Kani Shawl is not new in this world. It was the love of many kings and queens for ages. The romance in the story of the Kani Shawl with the royalty has been an archive in the history of its existence.

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Creation of a Meticulous Kani Shawl

The fleece of Cashmere wool from the goats of Changthangi, dwelling in nature at low temperatures of the desert of Ladakh. The pashms grow in the forms of fibres giving way to a shawl of Pashmina.

The softest and finest hair from the Changra goats, combed out manually because the hands are a part of nature. So is the process of excerpting the Pashmina. The finest of the hair is brought to the handloom where the manual weaving of the Kani shawl is commenced quite different from the interweaving of a normal Pashmina Shawl. Moreover, the hair is hand-sorted and selected to preserve its quality and exquisitely.

The weaving of the Kani Shawl is very extensive and delicate at the same time. The weavers have got the desire and skill to sustain their survival and to create a fashion craving Kani Shawl. Henceforth, the weaving, preceded by the Kanis that are the wooden sticks of hand size made of forest wood known to be as “poss tul”.  The Kanis have a colourful thread around to present their wefts in an already warped Shawl.

making of kani pashmina
The wooden sticks used to weave Kani pashmina

The colour of warped Shawl, pre-done by the process of tingeing the shawl same as the Pashmina shawls are dyed. As per the design and presentation of the Shawl, the colour of the base of the shawl is pre-selected.

Magical Weaving

Before starting weaving, the shawls are given a specific pattern on graph paper unlike other styles of shawls where the patterns are imprinted in the base of the shawl itself. For each pattern known as, “Taleem”, the codes written on a graph paper are prescribed. The artisans read and understand the codes and thereupon start the weaving procedure of divinity.

The weaving begins by galloping the colourful threads around the kanis. The artisans skilfully do the work with hands of heavens. A particular number of kanis are used for the weaving of one Kani shawl. Around 70 to 100 kanis are used up for the design of a kani shawl.

The arrangement of the kanis on the shawls, accompanied by the hard work of the artisans of the valley because weaving a Kani Shawl, the most patient and diligent work. The weaving is done gradually and when a different colour or shade is required as per the Taleem, two kanis are gathered together. Likewise, the continuation of the procedure until the shawl is prepared.

The weaving of a Kani Shawl imitates the painting of an Artwork, selecting the colours, mixing the paints as per the tones and shades. Thereby, collecting the brushes and beginning a painting of serenity and radiance of being.

The creation of the Kani Shawl is the creation of a masterpiece.

Distint designs of a Kani Shawl

kani pashmina shawl
The piece is as gossamer as it is heavenly warm, as it envelops its wearer in a subtle grace yet a royal demeanour

1. Jamawar

The design of the kind is very extensive and intricate, the whole base of the shawl is kani weaved for years to produce a Jamawar style of Kani Shawl. Weaving by the virtue of several kanis whirled around with colours of nature in the form of threads is accompanied by the extensive work of artisans of the valley.

2. Chand daar

The design, accumulated at the middle of the Shawl. Moreover, there are four distinct yet similar designs collaborating with the central design on four corners of the shawl. Harmony of design as if the middle portion of the weaved design, the chand, looked upon by the four stars at the four corners.

3. Palla daar

The borders of the shawl are designed as per the Taleem. The design is unique and colourful on the borders. Likewise, the design is exclusive and weaved with Kanis or tujis separating a line of the exquisite worlds.

A mark of Authenticity

The Kani shawls have been given the honour of Geographical Indication(GI) preserving its authenticity. The explicit and authentic stop for the Kani Shawls is at Pashmina.com. Preserving the authenticity and beauty of these, we are here to appreciate your presence and admiration in the world of Kani Shawls. Not only Kani as shawls but with most explicit styles like Kani wraps for men as well as women adorning with several shades.

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