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Red Pashmina Shawl - Paint the Town Red

April 10th, 2021 | 161 views
Red Pashmina Shawl - Paint the Town Red

From runways to streets, if there’s one color that rules the roost, it is red. Flirtatious, attention-grabbing, and sensual, red is undoubtedly the most fashionable color. Incorporating bright colors, especially red, into your wardrobe is definitely no easy task. One of the best and easiest ways to add red to your wardrobe is by investing in a red Pashmina shawl. A color as bold as red has the power to take a plain outfit from blah to beautiful. A red Pashmina shawl can be your go-to accessory for instantly updating your daily look, be it an afternoon event or an evening soiree.

Here are a few fail-proof shortcuts to wear a red Pashmina shawl:

Play with color combinations

Crimson French Lace Cashmere Wrap
The Pashmina features a hot red base tone, which is embellished with a contrasting French Chantilly lace

If you’re wary of donning a power-red shade from head-to-toe, wear a red Pashmina shawl along with subtle outfits. For a minimalist look, go for outfits in muted colors and let your red Pashmina shawl shine bright. Red and white, and red and black are classic color combinations that are never going to let you down. A black dress and the red Pashmina shawl will make you effortlessly look party-ready. For a luncheon, pair the red Pashmina shawl with a crisp white shirt and a pair of denim jeans and you are good to go.

Dress in all red

Beauty in warm red, hand embroidered in Kashmiri Sozni Kari, which looks magical as it feels

You don’t have to wait for holidays to pull off a red-on-red ensemble. To celebrate the maximalist fashion trend, pair your red Pashmina shawl with a red dress and a red pair of stilettos. To get this look right, make sure the shades of red do not vary too much. If you find this look too bold, you can keep accessories like earrings, belts, and handbags black. The look is perfect for an evening party or a cocktail event

Why choose PASHM?

A red Pashmina shawl is a perfect choice for a date, a formal event, or a casual outing. But why should you buy a red Pashmina shawl from PASHM? Our Pashmina shawls are made from pure cashmere wool that is ethically obtained from the fleece of Changthangi goats that are found on the highlands of Ladakh. From sorting of the wool to embroidery, every aspect of the making of a Pashmina shawl is done by Kashmiri artisans who have learned this art from their forefathers. When you buy cashmere shawls from PASHM you end up supporting the glorious Kashmiri art and local artisans who put their hard work into these shawls

Will the red colour last?

Ombre Pashmina
A Kashmiri Pashmina, in all iridescence of rainbow shades

Each Pashmina shawl and stole is dyed by hand. This process of hand-dyeing requires years of practice, skill, and patience. As Pashm wool is highly absorbent, it dyes easily and deeply, making sure that it doesn’t fade for years to come

The timelessness of a pure Pashmina

Pashmina shawls are not a part of today's fast fashion. Pashmina shawls are a timeless piece of fashion accessories. When you buy a Pashmina shawl, you don’t just buy it for yourself, you buy it for generations. The fact that many families pass on Pashmina shawls from one generation to another bears testimony to the longevity of Pashmina shawls

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