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Pashmina Gifts - A Lifetime of Memories

November 7th, 2020 | 138 views
Pashmina Gifts - A Lifetime of Memories

Pashmina gifts can be the most timeless and classic of all gifts you can present to your loved ones. Their grace, elegance, exquisite make, naturally beautiful colors, and a restful warmth can fill them with love and appreciation for you. Handmade gifts are in any case always better, but when a Pashmina, handcrafted by over 50 artisans is made with an extraordinary effort for years together, it shows the effort you put in choosing this as a gift and makes them feel more special and blessed.

Kashmiri Shawl making
The Royals expressing their fondness for Kashmiri Pashmina Shawls

What is Pashmina made of?

A common question that we are always asked by our customers and friends from around the world. And we have always narrated the same story of a Changthangi goat. It lives in Ladakh and grows Pashm to survive the harsh climatic conditions in Ladakh. But today, we want to answer this question in a different manner. Pashmina is indeed made of soft Cashmere wool from the Changpa goat, but it encompasses an abstract element that is not visible to us! Apart from wool, embroidery, and colors that fill a Pashmina with a refined charm and allure, it is LOVE which adds more to it.

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Pashmina is made with LOVE

If it wasn't for the love of this art, an artisan would never tire himself beyond his capacity to prepare one square inch of a Kani shawl. Were it not for the reverence of traditions, craftsmen would never exhaust themselves beyond measure to work on the purity of their handmade pieces. If it wasn't for the honor of Pashmina, women wouldn't ever spin threads of 12 microns which leaves a weakening effect on their eyesight. Just because its makers have immense love for the craft, it is able to survive. Otherwise, in the present world, why would anyone do such a draining activity, over and over again.

The purity and perfection of the Kashmiri craft

It is simply loved that a Pashmina is made up by the artisans who are in their old age. It's the affection from women who even after tiring themselves from the daily chores manage to spin the Charkha during the late hours of a day. The same adoration comes from weavers, who could have woven a Pashmina over powerloom but for the respect, they have of the art, work for months together on a traditional loom so that the fabric comes out pure. It is a devotion from all over the world who cherish Pashmina and pine for just one Kashmiri Pashmina shawl. And we feel there is perhaps a no better way to show the same love than to gift each other the passion entangled in the weaves of a Pashmina. 

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Why are Pashmina gifts the best?

Apart from being a token of grace itself, that makes Pashmina one of the best gifts you could ever give to your close ones, there are a few reasons to do so.

1. Safety

Pashmina - shawls that speak the tales of traditions and culture

When harsh cold seasons tend to deprive women of everyday comfort, it is the warm touch of a Pashmina shawl that gives them a feeling of safety and protection. Just one Pashmina shawl is required to shoo off crisp and chilly air and you can easily unburden yourselves from thick sweater sand coats. This makes Pashmina gifts more cherished.

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2. Timeless

Tree of Life Papier Mache Pashmina Shawl - nothing less than a marvel in itself

Many of the best gifts we give each other have a certain life. Your gift might last for a year or two, but maybe not more than that. Pashmina lasts for a lifetime if taken proper care of. A timeless Pashmina gift will stay with them forever and remind them of your love and care for an entire lifetime.

3. Versatile

A Kashmiri Pashmina shawl dipped in warm red and bright gold shades 

Indeed Pashmina is a traditional heritage accessory which has been worn by Queens, Mughal kings, and the nobles of the past, but it has recently evolved to imbibe from the modern world chic prints and patterns. Now Pashmina is a versatile accessory that can be worn casually, while traveling, to the office every day, or a semi-formal or formal event. 

Best Gift for women

When she was a mother, she nurtured you, gave you life, and protected you. As a wife, she has always supported you and given you motivation in the days when you felt like giving up. A woman has given you all the care you needed and became your mini mom when times were hard, when she was your friend. And as a daughter, she has worshipped you and been responsible to take care of your needs which you yourself couldn't fulfil. As much as we loved to curate exquisite pieces for the women in your life, they will equally love to drape these around themselves in winters, on special occasions and on the most important of their life.

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Pashmina gifts for Mom

Black & White Kani Pashmina Shawl - A Timeless Piece of Fashion

It is her who always used to dress you when you couldn't choose for yourself. Now it's your turn to return at least this favor with all grace and grandeur. The best gift for her would be a handmade Pashmina shawl in colors that you secretly know she has loved. Be it a plain solid handmade Pashmina shawl, or a heavy embroidered one, Pashmina is loved in all its patterns and styles identically.

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Pashmina - the best gift for your wife

A Pashmina shawl makes an ideal anniversary gift to shower her with love. A warm red Kani Pashmina shawl or a shimmery Tilla embroidered wrap will definitely make her cry with joy.

A Zari Embroidered Cashmere Wrap - a portion of your emotions, and a part of your tradition

It is your wife who has always been your personal fashion designer and stylist. How about you giving her style tips today! Give your wife the most beautiful token of love and gratitude for all the days she stood by you. 

Pashmina Gifts for your daughter

Dad’s little princess has loved every little thing you have given her as a kid. Be it a new school bag, a new dress, or her favorite toys, she had always won dad’s heart as his little princess. Now that she is all grown up, how about gifting something which has a history of being worn by ancient princesses and queens.

Chic Print Cashmere Wrap - a perfect accessory for a blissful winter experience

Make your daughter feel special and blessed as you shower the warm touch and soft caress of a Pashmina shawl. And she still hasn’t grown to be a mature women, you can choose from light embroidery pieces for her family events, or a patterned travel Pashmina wrap for her educational trips, a swarovski studded Pashmina stole for festive occasions and plain scarves for her casual days out with her BFFs.

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Customized Pashmina Gifts for them

7 reasons to love Cashmere
A personal touch to your luxury Cashmere Wraps

An even more special way to overwhelm your loved ones a Pashmina is to customize it. Be it the name initials of your friends or family, a logo of your company that you might present to your business partners and employees, the name of a newly born child for his parents, or any design your loved ones secretly want to stay with them, this way of gifting makes them feel more important and connected to you. 

For the one who has everything

Embroidered Shawl bestowed with an Aksi Do-Rukha or reversible pattern

You might have people around who don't need anything, and it feels like they already own everything they want. It makes shopping for them really hard as your present may not be of any value to them. With Pashmina, you don't need to stress yourself too much. The timeless essence of Pashmina is never outdated or unremarkable for anyone. Even if the art patrons have a hundred pashmina shawls, they will still love a new one. So choose a beautiful Pashmina, maybe of their favourite pattern or colour, and see how much they will value you and your love filled gift. 

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