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Pashmina for Wedding - A Handmade Luxury

September 28th, 2020 | 337 views
Pashmina for Wedding - A Handmade Luxury

Have you ever chosen a Pashmina for wedding functions? Or have you had a winter wedding? Did you ever attend a winter wedding? How did you dress up? Our stylists have some answers.

Winter weddings are fun. In fact, some consider a winter or fall wedding much more easy and comfortable than a summer wedding. Brides, who often complain about summer heat smudging their makeup, messing up their hairstyle, and making them bathe in sweat feel relaxed when it comes to a winter wedding. You don't need air conditioners, fans all over the wedding hall to keep you cool and your bridal look intact.

In addition to this, you can even host a small function in the garden without thinking about the scorching sun sucking the life out of every fun activity. So if you are planning to get married, choosing a date in fall or winter might not be a bad idea.

How good is a winter wedding anyway?

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when getting married in winter. Even Though the sun might not be harsh, maybe it is too weak to penetrate the grey skies. Then there is a chance that the bride, bridesmaid, and the guests would be uneasy, shivering in the cold. Or else, if everyone chooses to layer up in thick warm wraps and sweaters, they might have to give up looking their best on such a special day. But we would never want you to do that. Therefore we came up with a magical accessory straight from Paradise on earth - Kashmir.

Kani Pashmina Shawl for Weddings
 Rainbow shades of Kani threads spewing their magic all over the lush Cashmere base

Pashmina - a word seemingly synonymous to luxury - is the best solution to your winter wedding woes. It is smooth as silk, light weight like a feather and warm like the pleasant early summer sun. When you choose to accessorize with a Pashmina, you are choosing to spend your day in utmost comfort and looking like a princess from the past. 

Why is Pashmina so warm?

Pashmina is acquired from the Capra hircus goat of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. Here winters are so harsh that temperatures dip to -40 degrees sometimes. The goat, to protect itself from these conditions, grows a soft and exceptionally warm fleece over its throat, underbelly, and some parts of its body. This fleece is so warm that the goat survives through the winter easily. 

Handweaving of Pashmina
Kashmiri Pashmina - Handmade with Love

In summers, however, the warm fleece makes the goat uneasy. Hence it wipes its body against rough and rugged surfaces of stones, walls, bushes etc to get rid of the wool. Its herders collect this wool and comb the rest of it from the goat’s body (ethically). This wool is sent to professional cleaners who clean the wool and send it to Kashmir, where it is spun by skilled women and later handwoven by men over wooden handlooms. 

The Pashmina so acquired is feathery light owing to the fine threads it's made of. (Note that the threads of Pashmina are just 12-16 microns in diameter). They are warm because of the innate properties of Pashmina wool which is a natural fibre embodying immense warmth and luxury.

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Wedding Pashmina

Pashmina is becoming a staple for weddings, and it is totally understandable and justified. Pashmina is something that will instantly turn a plain and basic outfit into a regal one, or calm down a loud and kaleidoscopic outfit. Pashminas can be worn by brides themselves, or gifted to bridesmaids for the love they shower upon the bride and her family.

Garden of Paradise Embroidered Pashmina Shawl
Aksi Do Rukha Pashmina Shawl where one side of the shawl is the mirror image of the other

Lately, Pashminas are chosen as wedding favors and this has evolved to be a brilliant idea for weddings taking place in fall or winter. What better way to pamper your guests or thank the bridesmaid, than the ever cherished, graceful, and filled with the love of local artisans - Pashmina shawl.

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Pashminas for a bridesmaid

Your bridesmaid is there for you at every moment of your special day. Throughout the events, be it your engagement party to the best bachelorette celebration, you just couldn't have imagined these wonderful days without her presence. For the amazing memories she gave you, for the love she showered over you, for the support she gave you throughout your friendship , especially your wedding days, thank her with a token of love. Gift her a bridesmaid special wedding Pashmina which engulfs her in a soft and warm caress and makes your relationship stronger than ever. 

Plain Pashmina shawl for Bridesmaid

Pink Cashmere Wrap
Pink Cashmere Wrap - Handcrafted in a Diamond Weaves

A solid piece never goes out of style. Surprise your bridesmaid with a plain white or warm hued wedding Pashmina shawl which matches her outfit. Wrap it around her shoulders yourself and make her feel a little bit more special.

Laced Pashmina Shawl for Bridesmaid

Orange Chantilly Lace Cashmere Wrap
French Chantilly lace spanning over the fringes of Pashmina Wrap

A recent update of Pashmina shawls has added the beautiful French Chantilly lace to the age old pieces which make them look exquisite. A laced wedding Pashmina shawl will be perfect for your bridesmaid to keep her warm and comfy all day long in addition to adding a touch of regal to her outfit.

Embroidered Pashmina shawl for Bridesmaid

Lapis Blue Embroidered Cashmere Wrap
Lapis Blue Cashmere Wrap - hand embroidered in Kashmiri Sozni Kari

Embroidered shawls have a history of being worn by queens and women of the noble courts. Make your bridesmaid feel nothing less of a princess as you choose to gift her an intricately embroidered wedding Pashmina shawl. Shining in the charm of Tilla Dozi, or at peace with Sozni Kari donning its borders, choose a Pashmina shawl for her that makes her day special and her outfit more extravagant.

Reversible Pashmina for Bridesmaid

Pink and Blue Reversible Pashmina Shawl
Pink & Blue Reversible Shawl - a rendezvous of conventional and contemporary

Spread the magic of a reversible Pashmina shawl over your bridesmaid’s outfit which works like a charm to add oodles of charm to her appearance. A reversible Pashmina shawl has two faces and you can wear it from either side of it. It's like the delight of two wedding Pashmina shawls in one.

Pashmina shawls as Wedding Favors

We know it's your special day and all eyes will be on you. But In this excitement, sometimes you forget to give attention to your guests without whom you wouldn’t enjoy a second of your special day. Either your gifts for them aren't as good as they expected, or they do not convey a special message to each of those who added all the fun to your joyous nuptials. We would recommend choosing Pashmina shawls or scarves as wedding favors for many reasons.

Firstly, if your wedding is in fall or winter, your guests might take the help of these beautiful wedding Pashmina wraps to keep themselves warm. Secondly, a wedding Pashmina will last for a lifetime with your daily and friends, which makes this chance for you to never let them forget your wedding day. Lastly, Pashmina conveys love and care as it is handmade from immensely skilled artisans from Kashmir valley. Make your guests feel remarkably special and make them experience a feeling of ownness with you. 

Ombre Pashmina shawls as Wedding Favors

Mother Earth Ombre Pashmina Shawl
Subtle blues and greens merge into each other in an ombre style

To match your modern outfits, our artisans have worked beyond capacity and come up with a traditional wedding Pashmina shawl enriched with an in vogue design where colors deepen and lighten in an ombre fashion. With more than a thousand colors that these pieces have imbibed, let guests pick their favorite colors as they lay o a table perfectly folded or rolled.

Printed and Patterned Pashmina shawls

Colour Striped Cashmere Wrap
A Pashmina Shawl finished in thin stripes to couple with your modish ensembles

One more way our creative craftsmen have transformed the heritage Pashmina into a modish accessory is lending the base a chic graphical print or pattern. Abstract prints, customized designs, checks, tartans, stripes and so many other types of designs, your guests will definitely be awe struck

Swarovski Pashmina shawls - Best Wedding Favors

Navy Blue Cashmere Wrap with Swarovski Crystals
A Pashmina Wrap embellished with Swarovski Crystals

Since it is a wedding event, why not add a little bling to the way all of them accessorize. We just discovered for your friends and family a collection of Pashminas which are embellished with swarovski studs all over the base. These pieces will definitely steal some hearts and make your special day the most  memorable event of their lives as well.

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