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Pashmina Fashion | Take notes from the Retro era

June 3rd, 2021 | 49 views
Pashmina Fashion | Take notes from the Retro era

For centuries Pashmina shawls have been an essential fashion accessory for women worldwide. From French Queen Marie Antonette to British Queen Victoria, Pashmina shawls were seen as an essential accessory for those who were fashionable and wealthy. Pashmina products made for a treasured possession. Over the years Cashmere shawls continue to hold allure and charm for young people. The glorious years of Pashmina have given some serious fashion goals. Though the designs have undergone a change to adapt to modern sensibilities, you can still nail the retro look with a Pashmina shawl.

Here’s how you can get the retro look with pomp and show

Be red carpet ready: Pashmina fashioned with evening gowns

Empress Josephine in Kani Shawl
Empress Josephine in Kani Shawl

Over the centuries, the French Empresses and British aristocrats wore Pashmina shawls with their elaborate evening gowns. Known for their exceptionally lightweight and uniquely delicate texture, Cashmere shawls became a symbol of tasteful life. Pick an elegant evening gown and flaunt the retro style with a luxury Pashmina shawl on the shoulders. A Cashmere shawl will add visual interest to your evening wear. If you are going somewhere formal like a friend’s wedding reception or an office party, a decorative brooch will add the perfect panache to your look. A vintage hairdo like a bouffant will add glamour to your look

Style your hair with a Kashmiri wrap

Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn’s scarf-around-the-neck look is just unforgettable

Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn’s scarf-around-the-neck look is just unforgettable. You too can recreate the classic vintage feel with a Pashmina scarf. There are endless ways to sport a scarf stylishly on your hair. To get the Hepburn look, just drape a Cashmere scarf circling your neck and pair it with large sunglasses. For a bohemian look, just make an intricate headwrap with a generous amount of fabric hanging down your back.

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Bring back the flared denim bottoms

cashmere wrap
A luxury plaided Pashmina stole is inspired by the picturesque valley of Kashmir

There’s nothing like a pair of bell-bottoms that screams retro style. Nice bell-bottoms accentuate the curves and make you stand apart from the crowd. Pair a Cashmere shawl with a flared pants and a classy top. To complete the look wrap a Cashmere scarf in a knot around your neck. Don’t forget to carry a pair of big sunglasses and a tote bag.

Fashion your Pashmina scarf like a poncho

The luxury Pashmina stole is inspired by the picturesque valley of Kashmir when covered in snow

Poncho is one apparel that is reminiscent of the '60s and '70s style culture. The loose silhouette of the poncho makes it ideal for pair it with denim or a skirt. All you have to do is take your favorite piece of Pashmina scarf and throw it around your shoulders in such a way that the scarf is till elbows. Hold the with a brooch or decorative pin at the front. Nail retro look with pure Pashmina scarves and wraps

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Pashmina has evolved more gracefully than we thought it would. From traditional embroidery motifs to modish patterns, prints and designs, Pashmina shawls have become quintessential in every wardrobe. From being a need, Pashmina is a style accessory now and is a must-have for your winter looks too. Start shopping!

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