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Pashmina - Creation beyond existence

November 16th, 2021 | 31 views
Pashmina - Creation beyond existence

From the land of valleys, where every now and then nature calls upon the people around to make a smooth and original use of it. The creation of Cashmere accessories from the finest Cashmere is the art of Pashmina that belongs to heaven above where artisans of skill form a place for souls to adorn. The sustainability of nature is profound in the idea of taking care of the world around. Exploiting the sources with eligibility to the sustenance. Pashmina, one of the best presents that nature has bestowed upon the souls of this world.

From the rarest breed of Goats - Cashmere

The world of known and unknown resources has been a part of the natural belonging for ages. Pashmina Art is the curation of the finest Cashmere wool of Changthangi Goat, belongs to the region of Ladakh in India. The breed Changra has been in the history of the region for ages as it’s the rarest breed.

The fleece from the particular regions of the goat that have been grown in the winter season is thus combed with hands to preserve its quality. Thereby, the Cashmere is cleaned, prepared for the handloom to weave the pashms and make magic out of it. The weaving and interweaving, done manually to provide the best natural handcrafted Pashmina Art. Afterward, the woven memories of Pashmina are thereby tinged over the colors that belong to the earth to make it even more desirable. The dyed Pashmina goes into the journey of many forms with many styles and designs procured over them.

Journey of Pashmina as designs

In the form of shawls, it evolves around nature when woven Cashmere is patterned with handprint blocks for the embroiderers to work upon with their hands of skill in a way, a meticulous and elegant design thus inscribed. There are several types of Embroideries viz., Sozni, Aari, Katha, Paper Mache, Tilla Dozi.

Sozni Kari

sozni pashmina shawl
Gulnaar captures the sheer elegance and timeless grace of pure Cashmere, and the magic of the handloom it is handwoven on.

The embroidery, created by using a needle in the hands of the artisan who moves it the way nature has swirled the flowers and leaves around. Patterns, crafted by many stitches viz; darning, double darning, herringbone, knots. Also, the most popular motifs are abstract geometric designs, paisleys, flowers. Both sides of the shawl have a detailed workaround. The Sozni work has incorporated tradition in its creation.

Papier Mache

papier mache pashmina shawl
So many pairs of connoisseur's hands come together in the making of a wrap accessory that looks nothing less than a marvel in itself

A series of flat stitches, the satin stitch, is used to fill the background fabric for the design like flowers, leaves. The design works in vivid and bright colours outlined in black colour. Overlapping of the thread to give a flat design. The whole design proposes splendor in its own way.

Tilla dozi

zari pashmina shawl
The opulent elegance of this exquisite shawl is apparent in the intricate embroidery which features a royal expedition scene from the 16th century

The ravishing jewel-like embroidery substitutes the royalty of a Pashmina. The entwining of the golden threads with the normal threads gives a gentle look to the design. Moreover, the look over the Pashmina with hand-embroidered Tilla gives a fascination in itself. With the skill of artisans that belong to the valley and who work over the artwork heartedly.

Journey of Pashmina as styles

There are many ways by which it makes its identity like Pashmina shawls, Cashmere wraps, Cashmere scarves, etc.

In the form of shawls, it dwells on a larger size. The variant sizes are; 2m× 1m, 2.2m × 1.1m, and 2.8m×1.4m. It’s the rectangular apparel to give warmth and love. The purpose of a Pashmina Shawl is to wrap the upper body with it. Moreover, Pashmina Shawls can be draped on the shoulder and arms. Also, Pashmina Shawls are in designs like Sozni, Tilla Dozi, Papier Mache, etc. There are several patterns like Kani Shawls, Ombre Pashmina shawls, Reversible Pashmina Shawls, and the shawls embellished with Swarovski crystals and French Chantilly laces.

In the form of Wraps,  the elegant and fine Cashmere accessories that are used as outer clothings are the Cashmere Wraps. The premium size is 2m×70cm. The Cashmere Wraps are in various designs - Hand-embroidered, Kani Cashmere Wraps, Ombre Cashmerr Wraps, Laced Cashmere Wraps etc.

In the form of Scarves, scarves are smaller in size than shawls. The two variant sizes are; 2m×70cm and 2m× 35cm. They can be worn with casuals, formals, etc by drapping around the neck in the most stylish way. Cashmere Scarves are the most versatile as worn over by all the generations. They have meticulous designs like Shawls and Wraps. The Solid Cashmere Scarves, Ombre Cashmere and Swarovski Crystals Cashmere Scarves are the types.

Pashmina - Versatile yet precise

Pashmina Art is the curation of the finest Cashmere wool obtained from the Changra Goats. It has been with the story of pashms for a long time. It has been in its own skin for so long that it admires its different styles. Moreover, it has different distributions in the history of Art. Pashmina has molded, remolded itself in several forms that are distinguishably adorning to the world around.

Moreover, at Pashmina.com, caring and sustaining the position of genuine Pashmina has been a journey with nature. For the bliss of the world, it is the path of the whole journey with pashms as its parts of leaves and flowers around.

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