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Kashmiri Artisans | Hands Behind the Craft

February 27th, 2021 | 167 views
Kashmiri Artisans | Hands Behind the Craft

A symbol of luxury and status, Pashmina products have always been sought-after not only in India but worldwide. However, behind the elegance and grandeur of Pashmina shawls are Kashmiri artisans. These artisans have mastered the skill of weaving and embroidery over generations. Pashmina owes its popularity to the pashm wool that is gotten from the Changthangi goats that survive temperatures below -40° C.

While the pashm wool is known for its softness and texture, it’s the delicate skill of Kashmiri artisans that make the end-result the luxury that it is

Why should you buy pure Pashmina products?

Fluffy and shiny Pashmina is available in the market at the fraction price of a pure Pashmina product. But what you will not get here is the unique craftsmanship of Kashmiri artisans. Made in two minutes on a machine, blended with silk & other materials, cheap Pashmina is absolutely fake. In addition to that, it lacks the soul of the age-old art of shawl making. As pure Pashmina shawls are handmade and feature hand-embroidery, no two shawls are the same. When you lay your hand on a pure Pashmina shawl, all you get is pure elegance and sophistication. A pure Pashmina product is an amalgamation of age-old craftsmanship, artistic innovation, and the rich history of Kashmir

Preserving heritage, promoting progress, supporting Kashmiri artisans

When you wear a pure Pashmina product, you do not only support the local artisans. You also support the Changpa tribes that rear the Pashmina goats on the high mountains of Ladakh. These goats are raised for not just their fur, but also for their milk. This herding community is the backbone of Pashmina manufacturing. These tribes have little or no access to the mainland. The way these herding sources of the wool are totally ethical and cause no harm to the animals. Moreover, local artisans use blocks for embroidery designs.

As more and more customers want contemporary designs, these patterns have to be first created on blocks. Blocks are hand cut out of the local walnut wood. Therefore, every time a new pattern is required, a new wooden block is created. Basically, when you drape yourself in a pure Pashmina, you end up supporting a number of groups. This includes the conventional keepers of Changthangi goats, the block printers and the local artisans who are struggling to keep the handweaving art form alive.

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Conscious consumers

It might be easy to get your hands on inexpensive, highly disposable Pashmina shawls. But these shawls are responsible for water pollution, textile waste, and other issues. For fashion connoisseurs and conscious consumers, a pure Pashmina comes as an ethical choice.

Not only does a pure Pashmina last for generations, earning an heirloom status, but it is also evergreen and will never go out of style. Besides, supporting the artisans who handcraft Pashmina products, you care for the environment as a pure Pashmina product is organic

Buy from Pashmina.com, Support Kashmiri artisans

At a time when the art of hand weaving and hand-embroidery is on the verge of dying, it is our attempt to empower communities involved in Pashmina-making. We facilitate their access to education, training, and vocational studies. Also at Pashmina.com, we give back 5% of our proceeds to the overall welfare of the community.

This program especially focuses on empowering children and women of the families who don’t have any other source of income. So, instead of waiting for your next visit to Kashmir, shop it online. Splurge on a pure Pashmina shawl and give yourself the best gift ever.

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