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Is Cashmere good for Scarf?

September 17th, 2022 | 29 views
Is Cashmere good for Scarf?

Kashmir is a place where handicrafts whirl upon the beauty of heritage. Making a handicraft a bliss in Fashion accessories is a unique and premium way. Cashmere, procured from Changra Goats Ladakh is crafted in the realm of Kashmir Valley. There are three main styles in crafting the finest Cashmere viz, Cashmere Scarves, Wraps and Pashmina Shawls. The question arises why is Cashmere good for crafting Scarfs? It is because of several reasons like fineness, warmth and luxury.

There are diverse breeds of Cashmere producing goats. Each breed has a specific percentage of production in the total production. The several breeds viz;  Australian Goat, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Hexi, Zhonghwei, Tibetan Plateau, Luliang breeds, Changthanghi, etc. Therefore, all the breeds produce the wool that produces the warmth. The exclusive breed of goats called Changra Goats is rare species of goats that produce the finest Cashmere. Therefore, it is procured to be crafted in Kashmir as Cashmere Scarf.

How is the finest Cashmere procured?

pashmina goat
The Ladakhi Changra Goat

In the mountains of Changthanghi Ladakh, a rare breed of goats called the Changra goats dwells. These goats are also called Kashmir Goats. The goats produce a thick layer of wool on their bodies to combat the cold. Gradually, in the summertime, the goats shed off the wool against rocks and trees. The wool is also manually combed out by the Changpa tribe herders. The wool is called fine wool. Also, the crafting of fine Cashmere wool into several luxurious accessories is the Pashmina Art.

The process of Crafting

The crafting of a Cashmere Scarf from the finest wool is the Pashmina Art. The meticulous process starts as soon as the tufts of finest wool reach the Kashmir Valley. The fine wool is thoroughly cleaned to get the dust and grime out. Afterwards, the clean fine wool is made to move ahead in the process of Pashmina Art.

The next meticulous step is to transfer the fine wool to local households for the process of Spinning. The women in the households mainly do this job. They spin the fine wool on a wooden wheel or Charkha. It is also called yinder in the local language. The fine wool is spun to finest yarn by the womenfolk of the valley. The process called pranch is done after the spinning process wherein the fine yarns are swirled on the thonchur or wooden stick. Afterwards, the fine yarn is moved on to another step.

Artisan weaving Cashmere scarf on handloom

The next step is the process of weaving. The weaving process is the harmony of artisans and handloom together. The highly skilled artisans work meticulously on the handloom to make the fine Cashmere fabric. The finest yarn is transformed into premium Cashmere fabric by the process of Weaving. After the process of weaving, the premium fabric is assigned dimensions like 80in x 28in/2m x 70cm and 80in x 14in/2m x 35cm. Thus, crafting a supremely premium Cashmere Scarf. It is hereby dyed as per the requirement. A wide array of colours are particularly dyed on each Scarf. The dying process is done by the local dyers called Rangurs. They eloquently chromate it with the elegance of shades and tones.


What are the styles in Cashmere Scarves?

A scarf is a square piece of clothing draped around the neck or shoulders. The explicit styles with these finest wool. The premium quality scarves bring out the aura of colourful and elegant luxury. The versatile styles of unique designs of Scarves are examples of high-class fashion. They cater to all genders with exquisite collections. Also, the artisans work upon each masterpiece with precision. 

They are the elegant style of accessories adorning souls all over fashion. The accessories worn over generations are these. Thus, crafted for the beautification of the attires and fashion. The luxurious presence of the Cashmere Scarves is touching the milestone of fashion. There are primarily three styles of Cashmere Scarves viz, Ombre, Solid and Swarovski Cashmere Scarves.

Reasons why Cashmere is good as Scarves

Fineness: The unique and premium quality of Cashmere is its fineness. The Cashmere procured from Ladakhi Changra Goats is the softest and finest. Thus, ideal to be crafted into a wearable fashion accessory. Cashmere Scarf is crafted in Kashmir with precision and care.

Warmth: The warmth of the finest wool procured from Changra goats is evidently of premium quality. Thus, it is the ultimate reason for crafting it into a Cashmere Scarf to provide adequate warmth with style.

Luxurious fashion accessory: The finest wool is procured manually and crafted in Kashmir with bare hands. All the steps in crafting are ethical and hand-made. In addition, the rarity of Changra Goats and their presence only in Ladakh is a premium reason for being a Luxury. Thus, beautifully crafted to make a premium Cashmere Scarf.


Where do find exquisite Scarves?

cashmere scarf
Dancing in the dimes of coins, the embroidery of Sozni says a tale that is heartfelt to the days of crafting

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