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How warm is Cashmere Scarf?

September 16th, 2022 | 14 views
How warm is Cashmere Scarf?

Bestowed with the journey of rich culture, Cashmere is the finest wool. Beyond the fineness, Cashmere wool is the warmest of all. The warmth that makes you feel cosy in winter is along the dimensions of the Cashmere Scarf. Before getting closer to the crafting of Cashmere Scarf in various designs, there is to be known a thing about the Art of Pashmina. The finest Cashmere is procured from Ladakh. Then, the crafting begins in Kashmir. Therefore, the crafting of the finest Cashmere is Pashmina Art. It is a rich handicraft of Kashmir that reflects the true beauty of the hand-skill of artisans in each style and design.

How is the finest and warmest Cashmere wool procured?

changra goat
Changra goat in Ladakh

Cashmere, the fine and premium quality wool is procured from the Ladakhi Changra breed of Goats. The goats dwell at the feet of Changthangi mountain of Ladakh. The temperature drops to a minimum in harsh winters in the region of Changhthanghi. Therefore, the Goats develop and thick pelage of wool over their bodies. Thus, protecting themselves from the harsh cold. Seasons change, and likewise, the climate changes. Thereby, the Changra goats shed off the wool by rubbing against rocks and trees. The herders of the Changpa tribe also manually comb out the thick wool. This wool is called the finest Cashmere wool. The goats are raised particularly for the Cashmere wool.

Afterwards, the wool is packed in small packets to transfer to the paradise of earth, the Kashmir Valley. The valley receives the Cashmere wool with wide-open arms of creativity and admiration. Therefore, the valley works upon the finest Cashmere with the high skill of artisans. The households of the valley have revived and preserved the Pashmina Art in the most unique way.

How is the finest and Warmest Cashmere Scarf Crafted?

spinning cashmere
Artisan spinning the cashmere

After the Cashmere wool reaches the valley of Kashmir, it undergoes the process of cleaning. The Cashmere wool is thoroughly cleaned to get the dirt, dust, and grime out. After the meticulous cleaning, the Cashmere wool goes into the journey of Spinning. The process of transforming the Cashmere wool into fine Cashmere yarn is Spinning. The process is precisely done by the womenfolk of the valley on a wooden wheel called yinder. They move the wheel in a circular motion with one hand and with the other hand they elongate the wool into yarn. Thus, creating fine Cashmere yarn from the Cashmere wool.

Afterwards, the Cashmere yarn is transferred to the local workshops/karkhanas for the process of weaving. Weaving is the process of precisely looming warps and wefts to create a thin and soft fabric of Cashmere. The weaving is done on the handloom made of forest wood. The handloom is worked upon by highly skilled artisans. The artisans work upon the handloom by simultaneously using their feet and hands to create the woven Cashmere fabric. The weaving is mainly done by the menfolk of the valley.

The Adoring warmth of Cashmere Scarf

cashmere scarf
A manifestation of elegance & refinement, our hand-woven cashmere scarves are of a premium level of quality

The design of Cashmere fabric is meticulously done stepwise. The faith of each masterpiece is assigned by the designer as per the requirement. The unique and luxurious designs are given to the Cashmere fabric. Thus, creating the best of the Pashmina Art collection. Some diverse styles and designs lift the luxury of every piece in the most meticulous way. The diverse styles are Cashmere Wraps, Cashmere Scarves, and Pashmina Shawls.

Cashmere Scarf is a versatile accessory crafted in the realm of Kashmir Valley. Its dimensions in Pashmina are 80in x 28in/2m x 70cm and
80in x 14in/2m x 35cm. There are definite three Designs in Cashmere Scarves viz; Ombre Cashmere, Solid Cashmere and Swarovski Cashmere Scarves. There are endless ways to wear a Cashmere Scarf. The beautiful and elegant quality of each Cashmere Scarf is that it provides adequate warmth on days of breeze or cold. A cashmere Scarf is an accessory worn with long coats and sweaters anytime to make yourself warmer and feel the softness of the fine wool.

The warmth of the Cashmere Scarf adores the fineness of the wool. As soon as you wear a Cashmere Scarf, you feel a bolt of warmth across your body. It is a very efficient accessory that adorns your body with luxury by providing adequate warmth. At pashmina.com we confer to the rich collection of Pure Cashmere Scarves that will enhance your winter days with the warmth of luxury and glory.


When the saint was awestruck by the fineness and warmth of Cashmere wool

When a Persian saint was travelling across the globe, he discovered the warm Cashmere wool. Mir Syed Ali Hamdani was a sage from the Middle East. The footprints of a saint Mir Syed Ali Hamdani from the middle east came to Kashmir with 700 craftsmen to adorn the beauty of the valley and to spread the holy message. He rested his feet in the region of Changhthanghi Ladakh. Thus, the saint landed its appearance in the Changhthangi Mountain in Ladakh. While perceiving nature, he locked his eyes on the Goat of marvellous wool. Awestruck with the warmth and fineness of the wool, he made socks out of it and gifted them to the Sultan Zain-ul-Abideen of Kashmir Valley. Perceiving the beauty of Cashmere wool, suggested making an industry that cultivates the Pashmina in desirable styles.

This was the first time when Cashmere wool was used to provide luxury with adequate warmth. Till now, the tradition goes on and Pure Cashmere wool is crafted in rich styles like Cashmere Scarves to keep the warmth intact.


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