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How to wear a Pashmina Scarf with a Formal Dress?

July 21st, 2021 | 2 views
How to wear a Pashmina Scarf with a Formal Dress?

Winter is already here. And it's time to cuddle up in everything warm and cozy. But can we really be that free to stay in bed all day? No, we can't. Hence, we came up with a better alternative that could keep one warm throughout the day without having to wear piles of sweaters. And that is a Pashmina Scarf.

Pashmina is the art of handcrafting fine Cashmere wool into luxury scarves, shawls, and wraps. The finest Cashmere wool is found in Ladakh where a rare species of goats grow it as an undercoat. At Pashmina.com, we curate our products from the finest Himalayan Cashmere only as it is extremely warm, soft, and delicate. The wraps thus produce the same qualities. A Pashmina shawl or wrap is so warm that you would hardly need those huge jackets and coats to layer up if you own a Pashmina.

Pashmina wraps are too versatile. But, how to wear a pashmina scarf with a formal dress? There are a hundred ways to use them. How to use Pashmina is up to the wearer. You can use it as a shawl, as a wrap, wear it like a scarf, or even make a DIY shrug out of its downy base.

Here are a number of ways in which you can wear a Pashmina with a formal dress.

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Styling your Pashmina scarf like a shrug

pashmina wrap
Here is one beauty in warm red, hand-embroidered in Kashmiri Sozni Kari, which looks magical as it feels
  • If your outfit is too bland or seems boring to you, wear a bright coloured Pashmina scarf to enliven your looks instantly
  • To wear a Pashmina scarf as a shrug, just place the scarf over your shoulders.
  • Drag the two ends of the scarf towards the front and tie a knot at the centre. 
  • You can even tie a fancy scrunchy instead of a knot
  • Adjust the knot in a comfortable position and you are good to go.

Wrapping Pashmina scarf around the Shoulders

  • To tie your wrap in a simple shoulder accessory, simply throw it over your shoulders with the ends towards the front
  • Take one end towards the opposite shoulder and tie a stylish knot
  • You can even pin a large size brooch near the knot to glam up this simple style

Tying Pashmina in a Wrap Style

pashmina shawl
Pure Cashmere threads in close warps and wefts and dyed in warm green taking cues from nature
  • Fold your Pashmina scarf in the middle so that it acquires a square shape
  • Fold it again diagonally to attain a triangle shape
  • Take the two pointed ends towards your shoulder and tie a tight knot.
  • Your plain dress will look like that of a princess. 

Pinning with a Brooch

pashmina shawl
Tie the brooch just below the shoulder
  • For this style, you will need a large size and bling brooch. 
  • Fold the scarf in half over your arm, and pin the two sides of it over the opposite shoulder.
  • Tie the brooch just below the shoulder so that it doesn't stand on the shoulder.
  • Do not tie it too close to the neck, or you will have a problem lifting your arm freely

Wrapping your scarf diagonally

pashmina shawl
Rich, beautiful, and colourful, the shawl embodies regality and a royal demeanour for which Pashmina was the favourite art of royal class
  • This style would need a large brooch too
  • Wrap your pashmina scarf across your body such that one side it is under the arm and on the other side it is over the shoulder
  • Pin the open ends together at one hip with a gorgeous decorative brooch.

Twisting your Pashmina scarf at the shoulders

  • Circle the scarf around your neck, such that the two ends are at the front, and the neck is covered with one twist
  • Tuck each of these free ends through the neck, and pull them sideways to the shoulders.
  • The ends should cover the shoulders too. 

Wear your Pashmina scarf like a shawl

kani pashmina shawl
The intricate and meticulous intervention of Kani bobbins filled with the base of a shower of colourful blossoms
  • This style of Pashmina is generally draped over the shoulders to cover the upper portion of your body with its pleasant warmth. 
  • Or else you can let the shawl dangle on one shoulder by placing the center of it on the shoulder and suspending the rest down
  • Usually embroidered or Kani scarves are worn like this so that the entire base is visible. 

Apart from wearing a Pashmina scarf over your body, you can even tie it on your bag for formal events. Imagine how classy a plain black bag would look if you tie a bright yellow pashmina scarf over it in a large bow. 

Again depending on the colour of your outfit, you can choose a Pashmina scarf to tone down or brighten up a look. If you feel you are overdressed for an event, cover yourself with a nude shades Pashmina scarf, and you are good to go. Similarly, if you feel you look too basic, add a colourful printed or patterned Pashmina scarf to your dress, and glam up your entire look.

Pashmina comes in different sizes. You can have a scarf, a shawl of a larger size, or a headscarf that comes in smaller sizes to complete your different looks. Now we know how to wear a pashmina scarf with a formal dress or any dress on any occasion.

How versatile is this beautiful piece of fine wool!

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