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How to Wash Cashmere scarf?

April 29th, 2021 | 2139 views
How to Wash Cashmere scarf?

A Cashmere scarf is priceless in every way–it’s warm, feather-light, and incredibly chic. Conventional wisdom says the fibre procured from the underbelly of the extraordinary Changpa goats can last a lifetime, albeit you give it all the TLC (Tender Love Care). What’s more? Your Cashmere scarf gets softer with every wash, bringing you joy and warmth for years to come. Cashmere care is as important as investing in a pure Cashmere scarf itself!

Keeping your cashmere scarf luxe and in high condition is not tough. But it does require a little patience and effort. Though it is less prone to pilling, there are still a few tips to keep in mind so you dazzle every time you wear it.

Here’s a lowdown on the five essential tips to keep your Cashmere scarf luxe and loved.

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Cashmere Care | Step 1: How to wash a Cashmere scarf?

Some believe spot-cleaning is enough to make your cashmere scarf clean. But if this product has been lying in your chest of drawers for a while, it requires thorough cleaning. You might think it looks clean enough. But believe us, the smallest particles of food, hair strands, or even sweat can attract moths.

Cashmere shrinking
Hand washing of Cashmere

How to clean Cashmere (Hand Washing)

Undoubtedly the best way to wash the super delicate Cashmere is hand washing it. Although some believe that Cashmere scarves should be handed over to professional cleaners who know their job well. But what if they aren't available at the time we need cleaning Cashmere? Hence, we have found the safest way to clean Cashmere at home. And the best part of this is that you can do it yourself, without any external help.

Here are the steps to follow when you choose to wash your Cashmere scarf at home

Step 1: Invest in a high quality Cashmere shampoo. These are easily available in the market. If you can not find one, or are in a hurry to wash your scarf, you can skip it and use a delicate soap for wools instead. 

Step 2: Fill a tub with lukewarm water. Make sure the water isn't very hot, as this can reshape your scarf forever. 

Step 3: Pour the Cashmere shampoo in this tub and give this concoction a gentle mix till the shampoo is fully dissolved in the water

Step 4: Soak your Cashmere scarf in mixture now, and make sure not to take it out for 30 minutes. 30 minutes is an ideal time to remove stains and the overall cleaning of the scarf. 

Step 5: Post this time, take the scarf out and gently squeeze the soapy water out. Do not be harsh when squeezing Cashmere, Instead roll it into a ball and compress it in between. 

Step 6: Now throw the soapy water down the drain and fill the tub with clear water. Again place the scarf in the tub and keep squeezing it until the water is clear. You can ditch the tub at this step and simply rinse the scarf under running tap water. Make sure all the soapy water is out of the scarf after rinsing. 

Step 7: Now squeeze and clear water out of the scarf and check if any stain is still on the scarf. You can spot wash the same again. 

Step 8: Hand washing is considered the best washing alternative by a few experts who even prefer it to professional washing. 

How to clean Cashmere (Can I machine wash it)?

Before starting, it is important to answer this question, "Can you wash Cashmere scarf?". And the answer is, Yes. Let's know how.

Make sure you wash Cashmere by hand unless you have a hand-wash setting on your washing machine. Use lukewarm water and a small amount of mild detergent or baby shampoo to clean it. There are some who say even hair conditioner works wonders to make a Cashmere scarf super soft!

Machine Washing Tips

Washing a Cashmere scarf is the next alternative to hand washing the scarf at home. But if you can take proper precautions and be really careful, your job can be safely done. 

Before your wash Cashmere scarf in a machine, take care of these following steps

1. Place the scarf in a washing bag. (Invest in good quality washing bags. These are easily available in markets or online)

2. Select the hand wash option and make sure the water temperature is cold. Set the spin to "low"

3. Add the appropriate amount of washing shampoo. Remove your scarf quickly when it completes washing

4. Never rub, wring or twist the fabric while washing. Instead, gently squeeze the water through the fibre.

5. Always use wool and cashmere shampoo to wash your scarf at home. If it is not available, then a conditioner can be used.

Cashmere Care | Step 2: How to dry a Cashmere scarf?

How to dry the Cashmere scarf is crucial. You need to be gentle and tumble drying is a big no-no. Make sure there’s no wringing or twisting of the Cashmere scarf to remove excess water. Instead, it’s best to lay out your product on a towel, gently roll it up, and lightly press. Later, you can un-roll and re-shape it.

Here is how to do it in a detailed way:

Step 1: Layer your Cashmere scarf between two clean and dry towels. Make sure the towels or clean lest the scarf catches stains from the towels.

Step 2: Roll all the three (2 towels and the scarf) together so as to let the towels absorb the extra amount of water from the scarf. Now that the scarf is semi dry, it will take less time to dry fully

Step 3: To dry your Cashmere scarf fully, lay it on a flat surface, post step 2, and let it air dry for a few days till it is completely dry, ready to wear.

Cashmere Care
Drying Cashmere by rolling up in a towel

Your Cashmere scarf must be left to dry in a flat manner. If you hang it, the weight of the water will stretch it out of shape. Lastly, you must keep it away from heat sources like radiators, hairdryers, or even sunlight. Cashmere needs to air-dry naturally.

Cashmere Care | Step 3: How to store a Cashmere scarf?

A frequently asked question by customers is that "How should I store my Cashmere scarf when I am not wearing it?

The question is pretty valid, as well as important to ask. That is because storing Cashmere scarves properly has the most vital effects on its life. If your Cashmere scarf is not properly stored, there are chances that it won't survive for long. Moisture gives birth to moths and moths destroy the fine base of Cashmere within seconds of contact. Hence, if one wants their Cashmere scarves to last long, the storage is immensely essential.

Here is how to carefully store Cashmere wraps when one is not wearing them:

Firstly, the most basic tip of all–clean, dust, wipe the shelf where you store your Cashmere. It must be squeaky clean and damp-free. After the cleaning is done, you’ve to be on guard against moths, since it won’t take for them to attack your luxurious shawl or scarf.

Lay down some anti-moth paper on the storage shelf and put out some scented naphthalene balls to keep these pests at bay. And if these are old, make sure to replace them, since they lose their strength after a season.

If there’s not much space in your wardrobe, do not commit the mistake of storing these in cardboard boxes, since they are not pH neutral, and these could react with the chemicals in your fabric. In addition, do not even leave these products in plastic bags for more than a few months, since the change in temperature is also likely to affect its condition. It can also alter the colour of your Cashmere scarf

Lastly, try to wrap your product securely in acid-free tissue paper to preserve its original state and ensure greater protection against dust and dampness.

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Turning Your Cashmere Moth-Free

We all know prevention is better than cure, but what if your Cashmere product is already infested with moths? There definitely needs to be some damage control. Invest in a good moth trap to drive away these creepies; it’s a sure-shot solution.

There’s another tip that might baffle you; it does sound a little strange though. Freeze your Cashmere product. Yes, you heard it right. Put your product in a plastic bag and freeze overnight or for a day. Later, defrost it and this will prove effective in the removal of any moths that are present.

How can I prevent pilling in Cashmere scarves?

This is not uncommon, because some amount of pilling does occur in every Cashmere product, primarily due to the friction of everyday wear against loose fibres on the surface. It’s not that this determines the quality, but it is distinctive to Cashmere itself. You can certainly reduce the pilling of your garment by gently washing it to remove these fibres.

In case you still experience pilling, you can comb it out with a brush or rather a special kind of brush used for cashmere wraps. To comb your product, put it out in a flat manner and with very gentle hands, brush the comb over its surface wherever you see pills. Pay a little more attention to areas that are more prone to friction, including elbows, underarms, and even shoulders.

In case there’s not much pilling, you can still comb it on a regular basis to rid wobbly fibres. Besides this, try not to wear your cashmere against clothing with a harsh texture, such as pointed neckpieces, bracelets, or even rough bags.

Now that you know how to wash Cashmere scarf, make sure you give it all the love it deserves. After all, if you shower it with all your attention, care, and patience, it will consistently reward you with its finest luxury, softness, and warmth!

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If your Cashmere scarf is pure, you have to care for it even when you wear it. Do not wear a scarf made of pure Cashmere everyday. If you do so, the friction will cause it to pill and grow small wool balls over its surface. This way the scarf looks shabby, and the Cashmere base, too, gets withered. Cashmere should be worn once a week, and then stored properly as it needs rest from everyday agitation and chaffing. If one lives in a country where temperatures are low, it is better to buy more scarves if they want to wear Cashmere everyday. 

Shop a Pure Cashmere

Pure Cashmere scarves have the longest life, and hence need the best care. If your Cashmere scarf isn't pure; if your scarf has a certain percentage of Cashmere and the rest of it of sheep wool or nylon, then it does not need the highest care and concern. But if, fortunately, you have invested in pure Cashmere, then you have to take the highest possible care of this gentle baby.

It is hard to find pure Cashmere scarves these days, as the market is flooded with machine woven pieces, or mixed fibre scarves. Pure Cashmere is the best when handwoven with pure Cashmere threads acquired from the Cashmere goat of the Himalayas

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