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How to tie a Pashmina into a Shrug?

August 30th, 2021 | 3 views
How to tie a Pashmina into a Shrug?

If there is an accessory that beats all its counterparts in terms of versatility, it is a Pashmina. Pashmina shawls, stoles, scarves, and other kinds of wrap accessories, Pashmina is that one art that has it all. Exceptionally cosy warmth, timeless style, unique grace, and most of all its versatility to suit all ages, seasons, apparel, and moods. And this has been so for so many decades now. The exclusivity and adaptable nature of Pashmina shawls were first discovered by ancient royalty. They were the ones who could afford this luxury. But gradually with time, even the common man could purchase one or two shawls in his lifetime. Today the scenario is different. Now women do not prefer more elaborate designs and embroideries. Even a solid Pashmina scarf will do, as long as it is keeping them warm as well as stylish throughout the season.

The Versatile Shawls

In ancient times, Pashmina shawls were only worn around the shoulders, as a token of royal taste. Some women might pull one side and place it on the opposite shoulder. But now, these shawls can be worn into a number of patterns, thanks to their versatility to carry in any style we want. On the basis of its patterns, Pashmina shawls are worn in a number of styles. So, let us first check how many designs and patterns has this shawl imbibed

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Types of Pashmina Wraps

From being traditional to extremely contemporary, Pashmina wraps have undergone huge changes. Here are some patterns that you will see today in markets and online stores

Solid Pashmina


pashmina shawl
With nature woven into each of its warps and wefts, here is, for the lovers of traditional fashion, a handmade Pashmina shawl in a glaring yellow.

Solid Wraps are the ones in one solid colour, which come out of the handloom, get dyed into the required colour, and begin selling in the market. Apparently, they come in different weaves like diamond-weave, basket-weave, etc., yet are soaked in such wonderful and alluring shades that make women and men fascinated alike. These types of wraps are perfect for casual and formal occasions. Women wear solid colour wraps to offices, semi-formal meetings, holidays, nights out with friends. These come in brilliant as well as muted shades and pastels.

Printed & Patterned

printed cashmere wrap
The wrap, with the most intricate weave and a gossamer touch, makes an ideal match for the lovers of culture, traditions, and timeless fashion

Printed wraps host modish prints like animal prints, floral prints, and more. These are ideal for luncheons, night-outs with friends and family, or uplifting a basic ensemble. Patterned Pashminas mostly look good on the same occasions. These shawls host patterns like modern stripes, checks, and abstract patterns. 

Pashmina embellished with French Chantilly Lace

lace cashmere wrap
The wrap features hand-stitched French Chantilly lace which covers the wrap in an effeminate fashion

A new trend in the fashion world is hand stitching lace onto the Pashmina shawl, whether in the middle or at the borders. Laced pashminas look pretty and feminine on brides or bridesmaids. You can even wear lace embellished shawls like these with lace over semi-formal dinners. 

Embroidered Pashmina

embroidered pashmina shawl
A Kashmiri Pashmina shawl, handwoven in a flawless fashion, is covered with hues of Kashmiri Paper Mache which transforms the downy base into something extraordinary

Embroidered shawls and scarves are the most well-known category. After a Pashmina is handcrafted, it is sent to embroidery artisans who hand embroider the piece in a number of types and patterns. The fine and gossamer Cashmere base take primarily three types of embroideries. Sozni - the fine thread and needlework, Papier Mache - a thicker variant of Sozni work, and Tilla dozi, where metal threads coated in gold are embroidered over the base. These types of shawls are usually worn over formal occasions if embroidery is less, and wedding occasions if the shawl is Jamawar (fully embroidered one).

Kani Pashmina

kani pashmina shawl
Made in uncountable weaves, a Kani shawl soaked in red is as comfortable as it is beautiful

Kani shawls are the most meticulously made shawls as far as Pashmina is concerned. Wooden sticks of small size are wound around with colourful threads, which are inserted into the spun fibre during the hand-weaving process. As such marvellous, colourful patterns are created on the shawl, and the resulting piece is artful. 

How to style Pashmina?

So many patterns in Pashmina lead creative women to invent many styles to wear it. 

patterned cashmere wrap
An exclusive edit of luxury patterned Pashmina wraps welcomes us in the most colourful fashion
  • Shoulder Wrap: Some wore the shawl over the shoulders, took one corner, twisted it and laid it over the opposite side. Then taking the hanging side over the top at the neckline, and feeding it down like we do while wearing a tie. 
  • Folding like a scarf: Contemporary style admirers found a new way to wear Pashmina. Fold the shawl in half to make it square in shape, then fold it diagonally. Hold the two corners and tie them on one side - shoulder to shoulder. 
  • Pinning a Brooch: You need a brooch and a scarf for this beautiful style. Just Fold the scarf in half around your body and pin two opposite parts on a shoulder with a large brooch. Or else, you can place the scarf diagonally across your body and tie a brooch near the left or right hip. 

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How to tie a Pashmina into a shrug?

One of the newest ways to tie a Pashmina is to make it look like a shrug. And doing this isn't complicated at all. All you have to do is throw your Pashmina around your shoulders (towards the front or back). Hold the two long ends and tie them together at the back or front wherever you find it comfortable. You can also tie a fancy rubber band to hold the ends together. Ta-Da! Your new shrug is ready. 

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