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How to care for cashmere?

July 2nd, 2021 | 19 views
How to care for cashmere?

Cashmere is considered the epitome of luxury. This ultra-soft fibre is the downy undercoat of the mountain goats of China, Mongolia, etc. The finest cashmere is collected from the Ladakhi Changthangi goat, which is found 14000 feet above sea level. It is collected in its purest state, processed, and transformed into accessories and apparel which feel like the most luxurious thing that we likely have encountered. With owning one such luxury, comes the responsibility of cashmere care.

We, at Pashmina.com, have manually gotten these plush fibres from the Himalayan Changthangi goats collected, sorted, cleaned, processed, and transformed into beautiful wraps. Our collection of luxurious shawls, stoles, scarves, and hijabs is both warm and comfortable as well as stylish and in vogue. We take special care to offer only the purest form of Cashmere wraps, which look as luxurious after years of use as they look now. 

With owning such a precious piece of clothing or accessory comes the responsibility to care for it. Cashmere is one such fabric that needs special attention and careful use. Be it wearing, washing, or storing it, one has to take all the necessary precautions while dealing with this luxury wrap, so that its life is extended to a lifetime. In case this delicate treasure is dealt with irresponsibly, it might not last for even a year, and wither further with time. Cashmere care is important if you want your wrap to sustain a lifetime.

Hence we today guide you on how to wash, dry, and store cashmere fabric without paying tens of trips to the laundry nearby. We asked our fabric pros for their expertise. Follow these pointers to keep your cherished wraps and sweaters looking brand new for years to come

Washing Cashmere at Home

Whatever is worn is bound to get dirty. Hence your precious Cashmere too needs cleaning, even if just once a year. 

Although the best option to clean Cashmere is to get it dry cleaned. But if that is not available or you are in a hurry to wash it, here are some expert tips to wash it at home. 

  • Fill a large tub with tepid water
  • Pour into it a good quality Cashmere shampoo, or a mild baby shampoo. 
  • Mix this concoction well.
  • Soak your wrap/sweater into this mixture, and give it a whirl when you start
  • After 30 minutes of soaking, make a ball shape of the wrap and squeeze all the water out
  • Do not wring the fabric or it will get deformed for life.
  • Rinse it in cold water. Again make a ball, and squeeze the clean water out.

Machine washing a Cashmere

machine wash cashmere
Machine washing a cashmere with handwash setting

It so happens sometimes that we are running out of time, and need to do a lot of chores other than washing Cashmere fabrics. Washing machines can help, but with a lot of precautions and care.

  • Change the setting of your washing machine and keep it at the most gentle cycle. Use a cold water setting, and use a Cashmere shampoo. Start the machine on the ‘hand wash’ setting.
  • As soon as the cycle stops, immediately take the wrap out to prevent wrinkles.
  • Do not tumble dry your Cashmere, or it will shrink or pill
  • It is better that you wash Cashmere in washing machines after covering them in mesh bags. 

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Drying a Cashmere wrap

Cashmere Care
Drying cashmere with a towel

Cashmere hates any harsh treatment, and that is what dryers do. Instead dry your precious piece naturally. 

  • Lay a clean, dry towel flat on the ground
  • Lay your wrap flat over it
  • Roll the towel, so that it squeezes and absorbs extra water
  • Open the rolled towel, and replace it with a new dry towel
  • Let the wrap remain flat on it for a few days, till it gets completely air-dried. 

Storing a Cashmere wrap

The way you store your Cashmere decides whether it will survive for the next season or not. Therefore, proper cashmere care should be taken about storing Cashmere. Here are some pro tips about storing your precious fabric.

  • Always fold your Cashmere. Do not hang it. Hanging deforms the entire shape of the delicate fabric.
  • Let Cedar Chips or mothballs accompany your stored Cashmere to ward off moth infestation
  • Wrap your dear garment or accessory in such a way that no two layers touch each other. The best way to store it is by wrapping it in tissue paper and passing the same between any two layers which can rub against each other. This reduces Pilling too.
  • Make sure that the place where you are storing your wrap is dry, disinfected, and clean. 
  • Do not pile many Cashmere products on top of each other. This too can cause pilling, as friction occurs between their exteriors. 
  • Wash your Cashmere products before you store them. Oils from your body, which the sweater or wrap might have absorbed, will devastate your adored piece. 

Save your wrap from Shrinking

You would never want this highly invested piece of fabric reduced in size. Proper care during its wash and drying can guarantee its long life, without shrinkage. Here are some tips to prevent shrinkage in Cashmere

  • Always wash Cashmere in cold or lukewarm water. If it encounters hot water, it will definitely shrink.
  • Do not tumble dry your Cashmere. Dryers tend to harm this natural fabric, and as a result, the entire product reduces in size. 

Spot treatment for Stains

If in case, your Cashmere sweater or wrap gets a stain, you do not need to wash the entire shawl. Most marks completely disappear by blotting them with baby shampoo or the Cashmere shampoo itself. Rinse the wrap later in cold water, and lay it flat to dry.

How to prevent pilling of Cashmere

Pilling usually occurs when the surface of Cashmere repeatedly touches itself or other surfaces. This vigorous friction of the delicate fibre causes tiny fibres to the coil with each other, which results in the appearance of small fuzzy fibre balls. This is called bobbling or pilling.

To prevent Cashmere from pilling, deal with it gently. Do not pile Cashmere products over each other. Use tissue paper in between consecutive layers when storing it. If pilling still occurs, use lint removers or fabric shavers to remove them. Your used product will be smooth and fresh as if new. 
Hence, cashmere care is important if you want it to sustain a lifetime

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