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How much is a cashmere scarf worth?

March 10th, 2023 | 204 views
How much is a cashmere scarf worth?

A Cashmere scarf is one of the perfect blends of luxury, sustainability, and warmth, which are perhaps the most sought-after actors one looks for while buying scarves. Cashmere scarves. And while the weather is changing, and the colder days are fast approaching, everyone turns their attention towards stockpiling thicker layers and wraps. Be it festive days or casual ones, Cashmere will be your perfect companion for each freezing night and chilly day to come. In addition to keeping you comfortably warm, these scarves are super stylish, elegant and versatile, and present you to the world as a fashion diva. 

Exceptionally covetable as well as a product of exorbitant prices, one might feel if Cashmere really deserves such attention and an inclination of the entire world towards itself. Does one wonder why to pay thousands of dollars for a small-size scarf when on the contrary wool scarves are less than half the price? However, when one comes to know about the special qualities of Cashmere fabric, then the price hardly matters. Let's find out more about Cashmere, its pricing, and the love people have for it, and dig a bit deep into history.

Why are Cashmere scarves the most sought-after?

changra goats
Cashmere goats in the Himalayan region

While woollen scarves are made from sheep wool which is easily available in bulk at a low price, Cashmere scarves have a different story. These luxury scarves come from fine goat hair, and the animal is found in the Himalayan ranges of Asia. Cashmere grows as a down fibre to these goats in the winter season and is naturally lost by them in summer. It is collected, cleaned, processed and embellished to bring into existence the most luxurious and warm scarves. 

Not just one, but there are a number of reasons why Cashmere scarves are worth the dollars we pay for them. Here are more reasons why Cashmere scarves are loved and why they are expensive.

Cashmere is a natural fabric

The buzzword, and rightly so, right now in the world is sustainability and saving the planet. Aren't we worried about the planet we live on? More amounts of pollution that industries are creating in the name of modernisation are actually causing more harm than good. Processing a large amount of fabric is contributing even more to the destruction, hence making it difficult to survive in a cleaner environment.

Fortunately, Cashmere is not one of those fabrics. Cashmere is a natural fabric firstly. Hence it is not to be artificially made using machines. And second, scarves made from Cashmere too are pure, and no thread of artificial fibre is used in their making. Even the process of dyeing is natural when it comes to the making of Cashmere scarves (azo-free dyes are used). 

Warm, but not suffocating

One of the worst qualities of warm scarves found in marketplaces is that these tend to be suffocating. As warmth is trapped inside, it results in sweat and one keeps hemming and hawing whether to keep wearing the same or to remove it. Excessive sweating causes even more problems than the cold outdoors would. 

On the contrary, Cashmere is a natural, breathable fabric, which comes with insulation that provides decent penetration of fresh air. This helps the wearer of a Cashmere scarf to stay comfortably warm. One can keep wearing Cashmere scarves indoors and outdoors, without having to worry about them becoming uncomfortably warm. And even if they do (if indoors are warm), one can easily fold these and place them in handbags.

No Allergies, No Redness

Why do babies love Cashmere blankets
Even babies love Cashmere

Only those who are allergic to rough and coarse fabrics of almost all winter fabrics know the pain of buying another scarf and feeling the same. But this is not the case with Cashmere. If you have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies all year round, Cashmere scarves are your ultimate salvation. Cashmere fabric is soft and fine and does not cause any allergic reactions or redness. Hence, if you have sensitive skin, Cashmere is a fabric that has a specific structure that does not allow any allergens to dwell inside. This causes it to be hypoallergenic and emancipation for those with sensitive skin 

Note of Caution: Even Though Cashmere doesn't cause allergy or redness, there are a few who are allergic to natural fibres only. For these, Cashmere too will be a source of allergy, since it is 100% natural. 

Soft, Stylish and a Luxury Cashmere Scarf

cashmere scarf
Befitting the beauty of Blue Cashmere Scarf, the realm of Kashmir calls upon the artisans to craft the beauty of admiration in the form of paisleys

Other than the fact that Cashmere scarves are super lightweight and warm, these luxury wraps are immensely soft and smooth. In fact, it softens as it ages. For this reason, they have always been in vogue and even managed to earn the title of “timeless”. The scarves are statement pieces and will definitely grab your as well as the attention of others. 

Cashmere scarves are soft, owing to their exceptionally fine fibre. The finesse of the fibre makes these scarves smooth and luscious. In fact, one can even pass a Cashmere scarf through a finger ring. 

High prices of Cashmere scarves, owing to their wonderful qualities, make them a luxury to have. From a few hundred to thousands of dollars (for large, hand-embroidered shawls), Cashmere scarves are of many types, each of which can be worn on different occasions. So if you need one for casual events, one for formal, and another for weddings, Cashmere scarves will be a rescuer each day and that too perfectly. 

Cashmere: Handmade from the beginning

Artisan weaving Cashmere scarf on handloom

It is the luxurious Cashmere scarves that only allow for manual processing. Right from the time it is acquired from the goat to the time when a scarf is ready, no intervention of machines is seen. Be it spinning the wool to produce fibre, or weaving the fibre to produce fabric, every process is manual, done by specialised craftsmen and women. Patterning the scarves is manual too. Be it embroidery, printing, dyeing, all embellishments are manual too.

How much is a cashmere scarf worth?

Raw cashmere fibre
Raw cashmere fibre

For the reasons mentioned above, and more, Cashmere scarves are one of the most sought-after accessories in the world. And one of the main reasons is that a cashmere goat only yields around 200 grams of cashmere per year. On the contrary, sheep produce even 3 kg of wool per year. Moreover, even after obtaining the wool from the goat, just a portion of it is usable. Rest gets lost during cleaning or processing. 

All these properties make Cashmere scarves expensive. A scarf can be $100 - $500 or more dispensing upon its purity and design. If the design is more complicated, it might cost a few hundred dollars more. 

Care for your Cashmere

With such a price tag for a delicate accessory, one wonders if Cashmere scarves can ever be washed or not. Well, yes, the worry is justified as one would never like to see such an expensive and luxurious accessory getting damaged. Many women believe Cashmere is hard to take care of. Others fear that buying Cashmere might cost regular trips to the laundry. This would make them spend extra every month or two. But interestingly, caring for Cashmere is easy. One can wash Cashmere scarves at home with a gentle wash and water. Then air dries it and stores it in a clean and dry place. 

One does need to be careful in many ways, but there is nothing disturbing or irritating about caring for Cashmere scarves. Wash it just once at home, and you are set for the next season. 



Cashmere scarves are worth the attention and the price you pay for them. These will caress you admirably for a lifetime. We have been obsessed with these since we discovered them a long time back. Now it's your turn to fall in love with Cashmere - the soft gold - handcrafted into luxurious scarves. This will be your lifetime companion.

Take care and caution to always buy 100% pure Cashmere scarves. It is just Pure Cashmere which will let you reap these benefits. Mixed Cashmere scarves which have silk or nylon mixed with Cashmere threads are fake. Other categories of fake Cashmere scarves are those which are made from sheep wool but sold as Cashmere. Beware of these copies of the pure and make sure your newly shopped piece is a 100% pure Cashmere

  • Make sure you buy from authentic vendors who are known to a lot of customers. 
  • Always ask the seller for an authenticity certificate. Certified Cashmere is the thing to buy.
  • Make sure you check your existing Cashmere scarves if they are pure or not. 


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