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How long is a Pashmina Scarf?

October 18th, 2022 | 63 views
How long is a Pashmina Scarf?

Pashmina is the art of crafting the finest Cashmere. The finest Cashmere is procured from the Changra Goats in Ladakh. Eventually, in several steps, the Pashmina Art commences. The beauty of each style crafted is worth every look. Therefore, the Cashmere Scarves also have proper and premium dimensions. You must have been in confusion about the size of each style. Here is the proper definition of Cashmere Scarves through the eyes of dimensions.

Moreover, today's generation feels the aura of authentic Cashmere in their lifestyles. Thus, this proves that not only the royals but also the people of admiration for Pashmina wear the new-class Cashmere Scarves. In the contemporary world of fashion, premium Cashmere scarves prove to be the confidante of luxury.

Origin of Pashmina Art

The origin of the finest Cashmere dates back to the 13th century. A sage from the Middle East, Mir Syed Ali Shah Hamdani started his journey with 700 craftsmen towards Kashmir. On his journey to Kashmir, he encountered the rare goats of Ladakh. He was enthralled by the fine wool on their bodies. He combed some out of them and made socks. The fine socks were warm and Pure. He gifted them to the ruler of Kashmir, Zain-ul-Abideen. In addition, he suggested making a local industry to curate the fine wool. His 700 craftsmen taught the people of Kashmir several skills. These skills proved to be the main requisite for curating the finest Cashmere. Thus, the art of Pashmina came into existence. High skill prevails in the valley till now. Also, it has been incorporated into the heritage of Kashmir Valley. 

How is the finest Cashmere procured?

cashmere goat
Changra goat in Ladakh

The Changhthanghi plateau extends into the region of Ladakh. It is a high-altitude region in Ladakh. The herders around the Ladakhi Changhthanghi are of the Changpa tribe. The tribe herds the rarest breed of Goats called Changra goats. At high altitudes, the temperature lowers to the minimum. Thus, the winters are the harshest in this region of Changhthanghi. Therefore, the Changra goats naturally cover their bodies with thick wool to combat the harsh winters. All along the winters, the thick wool reserves the heat beneath their bodies giving them the warmth of nature.

Thereby, on the seasonal climate change, the goats naturally shed off the wool with the help of coarse rocks and trees. To overcome the heat of summer, they eventually shed off the thick wool mostly from their bellies, neck region, and behind the ears. In addition, the herders also comb out the wool manually. The soft wool is Cashmere wool.

Exquisite Art of Pashmina

After combing out the Cashmere wool, it is cleaned from the excess dust and filled into the packets to transfer to the valley of Kashmir. The Cashmere wool is sorted and undergoes several procedures in the valley itself. The cleaning, drying, and soaking make the Cashmere wool vividly clean. Afterwards, it is translated to the finest fibres by the process of spinning. The yarn of fineness is transferred to the handlooms in the valley to weave the yarn into several styles of accessories. The whole process of spinning and weaving the finest Cashmere is called the Art of Pashmina.

Artisan weaving on Hand Loom
Artisan weaving on Hand Loom

The meticulous weaving of Cashmere yarn gives the premium quality accessories like Cashmere Scarves, Cashmere Wraps, and Pashmina Shawls. Therefore, the creation of the finest Cashmere fibre distinctly defines styles like Cashmere Wraps, Cashmere Scarves, and Pashmina Shawls is the Art of Pashmina altogether. The substantial virtue of each process in the Craft of Pashmina belongs to luxurious fashion. Thus, the world around me admired the aura of every masterpiece of Cashmere in the Art of Pashmina.

Eloquent Cashmere Scarves

ombre pashmina scarf
Handwoven with extreme attention to detail, our cashmere scarves are unsurpassed in terms of quality and lightness

A scarf is a square piece of clothing draped around the neck or shoulders. The explicit styles with these finest Cashmere. The premium quality Cashmere scarves bring out the aura of colourful and elegant luxury. The versatile styles of unique designs of Cashmere Scarves are examples of high-class fashion. They cater to all genders with exquisite collections. The artisans work on each masterpiece with precision. Thus, providing serene exclusiveness.

The Pashmina Art bestows a glamorous accessory of Cashmere Scarves. The explicit and intricate creation of Cashmere Scarves from the finest Cashmere is tremendous. The different styles and designs confer a unique amalgamation of luxury and Purity. In addition, the Cashmere Scarves perform in the realms of Pashmina Art with the most sophisticated of designs. Mainly, Scarves are designed in three different forms. Also, Ombre Cashmere Scarves, Swarovski Crystals Cashmere Scarves and Solid Cashmere Scarves are diverse designs. Thus, the intricacy and craftsmanship in the crafting of designs are glorious in themselves.

The exquisite craft of Pashmina is dignified in the realms of Kashmir Valley. Thus, the profound craft feels the dimensions of Cashmere Scarves. Mainly, there are two sizes for Cashmere Scarves. They are; 80in x 14in/2m x 35cm and 80in x 28in/2m x 70cm. The dimensions of each Scarf befit royal fashion as well as contemporary fashion.


Supremely defined Collection

We, at Pashmina.com, revive the heritage of the valley of Kashmir. Catering to men and women with an exquisite collection of Pashmina accessories. The uniqueness and authenticity of the Pashmina are preserved in our collection. The men's, as well as women's collection, caters to all fashionistas out there with divine yet simple Cashmere accessories. Also, artisans with high skill and glory of hands, supported at our platform are our main requisite. Along the path of serenity, there lies a dimension of nature belonging to the craft of Pashmina.


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