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How do you pick a Cashmere scarf?

September 26th, 2022 | 18 views
How do you pick a Cashmere scarf?

Cashmere is the finest wool procured from Ladakh. Several breeds produce Cashmere wool but the finest is procured from Changra Goats. They are also called Kashmir Goats as the finest Cashmere from them is crafted in Kashmir. The crafting is called Pashmina Art. There are three main styles in Pashmina Art viz; Cashmere Scarves, Cashmere Wraps and Pashmina Shawls. There is beauty and an array of designs in each Pashmina Style. All three styles have unique and premium qualities making them significantly ethereal. Often, people have several questions before buying the epitome of Pashmina Accessory. Therefore, we have gathered with the Cashmere Scarves luxury to make you love what you buy without having any second thoughts. For that, let us take you on a journey of Pashmina Art.

Procurement of the finest Cashmere takes place

changra goat
The Ladakhi Pashmina Goat

Cashmere is the fine and premium quality wool from the Ladakhi Changra breed of Goats. The goats dwell at the feet of Changthangi mountain of Ladakh. The temperature drops to a minimum in harsh winters in the region of Changhthanghi. Therefore, the Goats develop and thick pelage of wool over their bodies. Thus, protecting themselves from the harsh cold. Seasons change, and likewise, the climate changes. Thereby, the Changra goats shed off the wool by rubbing against rocks and trees. The herders of the Changpa tribe also manually comb out the thick wool. This wool is called the finest Cashmere wool. The goats are raised particularly for the Cashmere wool.

Afterwards, the wool is packed in small packets to transfer to the paradise of earth, the Kashmir Valley. The valley receives the Cashmere wool with wide-open arms of creativity and admiration. Therefore, the valley works upon the finest Cashmere with the high skill of artisans. The households of the valley have revived and preserved the Pashmina Art most uniquely.

Art of Pashmina

The Cashmere wool in the valley goes through a very serene process of cleaning. The process is done manually to strain off dirt, and dust from the finest wool. Thereof, the cleaned, dried Cashmere wool is spun across the wheel of wood called yinder in the local language. Hence, meticulous yarn is obtained. The spinning process is mostly done by women of the valley. They excerpt the time from their daily world to properly spin the finest Cashmere wool.

spinning cashmere
Artisan spinning the cashmere

The spinning process moves forward and brings the Cashmere yarn to the handlooms of the valley. The menfolk work over the handlooms with tremendous strength and patience. The beautiful technique of weaving takes place by several artisans. Therefore, the Cashmere fabric emerges out of the loom of the Kashmir valley. After the weaving, the woven Cashmere is dyed as per the requirement. A spectrum of colours, naturally made in the sphere of the dyers is elegant. Thus, every colour with each shade and tone confers to the Cashmere with more. 

The process of designing commences as soon as the faith of the finest Cashmere is adorned. The marvellous hands of artisans whirl in the designs and sing songs of art on the finest Cashmere. The surrounding aura of the valley signifies the profound design in diverse ways. There are three main styles in Pashmina Art; Cashmere Wraps, Cashmere Scarves and Pashmina Shawls. It is to be noted that Pashmina Art is the crafting of the finest Ladakhi Cashmere to a diverse range of accessories in distinct designs.


Exquisite qualities of Cashmere Scarves

After the weaving on the handlooms of the valley, the Cashmere Scarves stepped ahead on the way towards the colourful journey. The Cashmere Scarves are the elegant form of Pashmina Art to depict the artwork of elegance. Moreover, there is a miraculous companionship of various shades of colours on the Cashmere Scarves. The artwork is done by the skilled hand of Rangur, the dyer.

patterned cashmere scarf
The plush base, the classic weave pattern, the blending of two timeless shades, and the comfort fine Ladakhi Cashmere equips the wearer with, every feature is swoon worthy

Moreover, Cashmere Scarves are produced in a variety of different patterns, and colours. The harmony between the dyes of different patterns gives a Cashmere Scarf a radiance of luxury and elegance. The handcrafted Cashmere goes on the path of Luxury fashion because of the versatility of Pashmina Art. Also, the intricate weave of chashm_e_bulbul/ diamond weave gives a texture to the presence. The qualities of Cashmere Scarves that make them stand out are;

  • The Cashmere Scarves are the Scarves that go well with every attire. Therefore, heightening the style quotient to levels.
  • The Cashmere scarves given the requisite shades of colours by the skilled dyer are explicit. The exquisite essence of these Cashmere Scarves is well defined in the world of craft through Pashmina Art.
  • The versatile Pashmina Art of the valley confers to the creation of the opulent Cashmere Scarves in the most credible way. Accordingly, the authenticity of the Cashmere Scarves is worn over in all seasons on the wearers.
  • Cashmere Scarves equally adorn Men as well as women. There is a classy nature in each Cashmere Scarf.
  • There is a tinge of traditional as well as contemporary designs in Cashmere Scarves serving each generation with utmost grace.

Our Endless Collection of Cashmere Scarves

Pashmina.com has taken up a voyage towards the reviving of the finest Pashmina. The exquisite Pashmina belongs to the valley of Kashmir. After starting the journey from Ladakh, the finest Cashmere is crafted in Kashmir. We have been diligent in handcrafting our luxurious collection in front of our eyes. Having one of our masterpieces will make a part of our journey along with the artisans and heritage of Kashmir Valley.


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