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How do I buy an original Pashmina?

September 1st, 2022 | 24 views
How do I buy an original Pashmina?

Whenever we go for buying anything, there is a constant dilemma that if we are buying the original product. It is because with moving technology and modernization, there are several ways to make. duplicate things that look the same as the original. The same question arises when you intend to buy Pashmina. Pashmina accessories, being luxurious as well as expensive hold more concern while buying. Before getting to know how to check if the Pashmina is original, let's look at the journey of its crafting and history.

Procuring the finest Cashmere

cashmere goat
Changra goats in Ladakh

The Changthanghi mountain in the Ladakh region is at a high altitude. The winters are the coldest there. The temperature goes to minus 20°C. A rare breed of goats dwells in the feet of mountains. The Goats are called Changra Goats. They are also called Kashmir Goats. The goats develop thick wool on their bodies in winter to overcome the cold season. The goats are mainly raised for the production of fine wool. As, in summers, the goats shed wool to feel the air of summer. The wool is manually combed out by the herders of the Changpa tribe who raise the Goats of Changthanghi. The soft wool is called Cashmere wool.

Cashmere wool of Ladakh is the finest. Although, there are several breeds of Cashmere producing goats. Yet, the finest is the Ladakhi Cashmere. The Ladakhi Cashmere is soft, fine wool. It is 10 to 16 microns in diameter. It is the finest wool with premium purity of nature. Cashmere Wool is crafted further to make luxuriously fine accessories by the Art of Pashmina. The Art of Pashmina prevails for ages in the Valley of Kashmir.

The Pashmina Art

spinning cashmere
Artisan spinning the cashmere

Art of Pashmina begins as soon as the packets of Cashmere wool reach the valley of Kashmir. The tufts of Cashmere wool are cleaned, soaked, and dried to further get the premium Cashmere wool. The Cashmere wool is further moved ahead to the process of Spinning. Spinning is the meticulous process of transforming Cashmere wool into the finest cashmere yarn. Mostly, womenfolk of the Kashmir Valley perform the meticulous process of Spinning. After the Spinning process, the fine Cashmere yarn is moved to the next process called Weaving.

Pashmina Weaving
Artisan weaving Pashmina on handloom

The process of Weaving is intricately turning the Cashmere yarn into the finest Cashmere fabric. The warps and wefts are sophistically woven with each other to present the meticulous Cashmere Fabric to the further process of designing. The weaving is mostly done by menfolk of the valley on the handlooms made of forest wood. The artisans weave by using their feet in coordination with their hands. The meticulous harmony of aura and artisan creates the fine Cashmere Fabric.

Further, the Cashmere fabric goes on to the designing process. The design starts as soon as the Cashmere fabric reaches the hands of artisans. The diverse styles are given to the Cashmere Fabric. Thus, creating a wide array of masterpieces. Henceforth, the Art of Pashmina is the creation of diverse accessories from the finest Cashmere. The versatile designs confer to the world of luxury in several ways. The distinct styles cater to all genders. The styles and designs perform the ways of luxurious fashion in the most elegant looks.

History of Pashmina

A saint from the Middle East was traveling around the world in the 15th century. He was traveling towards Kashmir valley when he landed in Changhthanghi, Ladakh. He was accompanied by 700 craftsmen on his journey. While his stay in Ladakh, he gazed at a Goat of such fine wool. He was astonished to see such fineness and softness in wool. He combed out some wool from the goat and crafted a pair of socks from it. The warmth of the soaks said it all. The wool was so warm and fine that he gifted them to the ruler of Kashmir, Zain-ul-Abideen. He also suggested making the industry craft the fine wool into distinct masterpieces. Even the name Pashmina, derived from the Persian word, pashm, meaning "the soft gold" is exquisite in being.


Things you need to look for before buying an original Pashmina

Certification of Purity: While buying an original Pashmina, Ask the seller for the Certificate of Purity. This will ensure that the Pashmina you are buying is Original and Pure. Make sure that it is a Valid Certificate of Purity.

Authentic Sellers: Ensure that you are buying from recognized and Authentic sellers. Oftentimes, we get hoaxed by many sellers. That's why make sure that you check reviews and ask their customers about the quality of the products they sell.

GI Mark: GI (Geographic Indication) is the authenticity mark that ensures the crafting has been done traditionally in the Valley. It is the identification that the Pashmina is a product of Kashmir. This ensures the originality of Pashmina.

Collection of Original Masterpieces

GI pashmina
Handcrafted from the luxuriously soft Ladakhi Cashmere, the shawl is handspun and handwoven for an absolute heirloom effect

We, at pashmina.com, sell the purest and finest Pashmina that is crafted by artisans of Kashmir. The whole voyage from procurement to crafting is an authentic pledge of our platform. Having one of our masterpieces will ensure you the originality of the true craft of Pashmina.


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