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Christmas Gifts - Cashmere for Women

May 13th, 2021 | 646 views
Christmas Gifts - Cashmere for Women

It is the most wonderful time of the year. As you get ready for Christmas, you have to invest in so many gifts for everyone around, and that might have put you in a dilemma, with no idea where to begin.

The Choice

Modern design pashmina shawls
The conventional Cashmere Wrap has been transformed into contemporary by weaving it in in-vogue patterns

Whether they require to warm up for casual events, an office party, or the blithesome occasion of Christmas itself, we have a Cashmere for all wintry affairs. Christmas gifts like plain solid cashmere for night outs, Embroidered pashmina to gift your family members, patterned and printed Cashmere for your family and loved ones and so much more.

The Making

It is these sticks around which colourful threads are wound and woven together with the delicate fibres of pure Pashm

The delicate Pashm fibre of these swoon-worthy Christmas gifts comes from Ladakh in its purest form. Later, workers hand weave it over a handloom in the paradisiacal valley of Kashmir and pattern it according to different moods, tastes and events to match your special days impeccably. Indulgently soft and comfy, these Cashmere wraps, scarves, and shawls are versatile enough to go with all your newly shopped winter apparel.

The Happiness

Guarantee smiles and pleasant surprises on Christmas morning with these handpicked opulent Christmas gifts. Because since it is wintertime, your best gift has to be something to guard them against the chilly winds outdoors. And who can deny the practicality of layering in a snuggly Cashmere, when temperatures drop?

Lifetime Companion

Embroidered Pashmina
Wrapped in the warmth of native emotions, a Kashmiri Pashmina shawl gathers every single blooming flower from the Mughal garden of Kashmir

Our time-tested Cashmere is your lifetime companion which stays with you for a lifetime. A Pashmina shawl in Kashmir is passed through generations together, when a mother gifts her Pashmina shawl to her daughter at her wedding, making these pieces traditional keepsakes and classic treasures.

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Christmas Gifts: How to gift Cashmere?

Cashmere wraps have adapted to modern designs, which makes them versatile, and suitable for every member of your family. Hence you can delight everyone with the warmth and sophistication of these mesmerizing winter accessories. Let's find out which design goes for who

One for Grandma

Kani Pashmina Shawl
Evocative of several stories, several memories, a few places, a few colours, and a bundle of emotions - that is what the shawl is made of

For all these years, Grandma has showered you generously with gifts. What better way to pamper her with the softest fibre of the world. As the season comes closer, we handcraft solid, printed, and patterned wraps for her, which can make her feel cozy, comfortable, and elegant all at once. Let go of the stereotype that grandmas would wear nudes and pastels only. Glam her up with myriads of colors we offer in our categories of solids, embroidered, Kani, and lace shawls.

One for Mom

Papier Mache Shawl
Delicate, velvety soft and gossamer Cashmere has been handwoven in the realms of Pashmina to create a shawl whose exquisiteness is unparalleled

It's Christmas, and what better day to celebrate the most wonderful woman in your life! Spoil the most amazing mom with our handmade masterpieces which make an ideal gift for her. Gift her Solids for casual use, hand-embroidered for special events, and Kani shawls for weddings and other formal occasions. She is going to love every bit of it.

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One for sisters

Prune Swarovski Cashmere Wrap
The wrap is embellished with Swarovski crystals which make one nostalgic about the clear summer night skies

The newest additions in our luxury Cashmere collection were that of Swarovski crystal scarves and the ones with Chantilly laces. And what a wonderful gift they would make for your sister. Hasn't she always been your partner in crime, your biggest support, and your first best friend? Delight her with these fresh pieces from our luxury collection which definitely make her day.

One for daughters

Pashmina Scarf
A Kashmiri Cashmere Wrap, handwoven with an unmatched fashion, is bated in shades of green

If you aren't well versed with the latest trends that the millennial generation follows today, then you will be having the hardest time finding gifts for them. Why not go with the timeless grace of Cashmere. Find out their favorite color and indulge in the opulent plethora of handcrafted shawls, scarves, and stoles for them. Besides keeping them warm and comfortable, these beauties will make sure to up their style quotient a few notches.

Choosing gifts for different temperaments is always tricky. Why not choose something timeless. Cashmere has been in style for over centuries now, with even royalty admiring it, and owning it. Our versatile pieces make the perfect Cashmere gifts for every generation, and we are sure you will have the happiest of reactions from them, as you unbox your token of love for them.


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