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Cashmere Wrap | Celebrities who wore Cashmere

July 7th, 2022 | 31 views
Cashmere Wrap | Celebrities who wore Cashmere

Celebrities across the world look up to the Cashmere wrap. Made far from the urban rush, Kashmir, which blossoms with crafts and culture, Cashmere wraps are a handmade luxury.

Pippa Middleton wore Cashmere Sweater

Pippa Middleton in cashmere sweater
Pippa Middleton

We recently saw Pippa Middleton in Waitrose magazine wearing a glamorous Cashmere Boyfriend Sweater in stunning Sunset Orange. Not only this, she has been seen flaunting all patterns and colours of Cashmere. The colours however compliment Pippa’s build and skin tone. Moreover, the fabric is certainly a great wardrobe staple for her.

Ginnifer Goodwin wears a Cashmere wrap

Ginnifer Goodwin in cashmere wrap
Ginnifer Goodwin

The style diva cum film star Ginnifer Goodwin was spotted at the Dallas Airport in a beautiful cashmere travel wrap. The most amazing thing about her look was the pop of peach against a muted beige overlay. Indeed, the colour signifies the unfolding of spring while the fabric signifies the slight chill of winter. And that was what she was protecting herself from. This shows that a Cashmere wrap is ideal when you are travelling during transition seasons. Because you never know how the weather will greet you. You can wear Cashmere as a wrap, a shrug, or a shawl. Nevertheless, Ginnifer certainly chose her accessory after plenty of thought!

Kate Beckinsale accessorizes in Cashmere wrap

Kate Beckinsale in cashmere wrap
Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale would never trade comfort for style. That is evident from her travel looks. Clearly, the super celeb always chooses comfy accessories while travelling. Recently, she chose a plush grey-toned Cashmere scarf, handmade all the way in Kashmir. She contrasted it against an all-black attire to make it look more prominent on her. The look even earned her the name of “The Gray Lady.”

Analeigh Timptom slays in a Cashmere Wrap

Analeigh Timptom in cashmere wrap
Analeigh Timptom

The American actress and much-revered fashion model chose a solid Cashmere wrap in its dark natural shade. The wrap complimented her rainbow-coloured dress perfectly

Emma Watson in an ethereal Soft Cashmere

Emma Watson in cashmere wrap
Emma Watson

Be it a Cashmere scarf, poncho, or sweater, Emma Watson knows how to slay it in street style. The actress, who gained popularity from the Harry Potter series, is often seen making her presence in the luxe fabric.

Angelina Jolie is a fan of Cashmere wraps

Angelina Jolie in cashmere shawl
Angelina Jolie

We can say Angelina Jolie is an ardent collector of hand-woven fabric. This is based on the number of public appearances she has made in different Cashmere wraps. She has been seen in solids as well as embroidered Cashmere. She has styled them up with dresses and plain jeans-and always managed to look her true gorgeous self. And well, green seems to be her favourite colour!

Jessica Alba in a plush Cashmere Wrap

Jessica Alba in cashmere wrap
Jessica Alba

Undoubtedly, if you are a true Jessica Alba fan and follower, then you’ll agree with us. The style icon and actress loves accentuating her looks with plush Cashmere everywhere she goes. In fact, she rarely leaves the house without a Cashmere tied around her neck. Here’s some solid proof!

Nick Jonas in Cashmere Wrap

nick jonas in cashmere wrap
Nick Jonas

When his wedding date was just around the corner, Nick Jonas was spotted wearing a Cashmere for the Thanksgiving dinner in New Delhi. Nick draped an intricate Cashmere wrap which exhibited magnificent patterns of artistic skill of local artisans

Why Celebrities Choose Cashmere Wrap?

Cashmere is the Finest and Richest Fabric in the world

Celebs always look for the labels, the luxuries, the best in fashion. And Cashmere being the finest and most expensive fabric in the world, who wouldn’t want to flaunt one? Besides, it is stylish, comforting and a symbol of class.

Cashmere is natural fabric

If you’ve been following any celebs lately, you’ll have noticed a new trend they are now shifting their focus on. They are using the power of their influence to address issues gripping society. Go green and go natural are among them.

Cashmere wraps serve this purpose as well. Cashmere is a natural fabric, made from the hair of Capra Hiracus, also called Changthangi goat.

cashmere goat
Changthangi goats

The processing of Cashmere right from harvesting the wool to creating a finished product does not see any machine intervention. Neither does it involve any poly-fibre. Locals harvest it, Kashmiri women hand spin it over a wooden spindle. Later it is handwoven by a weaver over a traditional handloom.

Even dyeing a Cashmere does not involve any harmful chemicals. It does not cause any harm to the environment or to your skin. Hence it makes a perfect accessory for a celeb who is endorsing natural themes.

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Cashmere Wraps combine warmth and vogue

How often do you come across fabrics which are comfortable, warm, and stylish? Very rarely! You either have to compromise your sense of style or some comfort. Celebs can’t afford to do either. Cashmere makes the perfect choice for them because it blends vogue, comfort, and warmth in its carefully handwoven folds. In fact, Cashmere is the warmest and finest of all fabrics the world has ever known. What’s more, while other fabrics keep you warm at the cost of profuse sweat, Cashmere doesn’t. It comes with natural air pockets which insulate you from bitter cold while keeping you sweat-free and being handwoven makes it breathable enough to keep sweat and body odour at bay!

Cashmere is a universe of different styles and colours

patterned cashmere wrap
This beauty here has been handcrafted over traditional looms manually for days together out of pure Ladakhi Cashmere

Celebs change their looks faster than a chameleon-it is a need of their profession. Hence, it goes without saying that they need clothing and accessories which are versatile. And well, what comes to the rescue? Cashmere. Consider this. Most celebs who are seen wearing Cashmere scarves wear solid colours. Ever wondered why? Because they are versatile! They are formal and casual. They are perfect for parties as much as for a meeting with the Queen of England. In the past, Cashmere was made in basic colours but now times have changed. The traditional shawls now come in varied colours. They fuse trends originating from different parts of the world (checks or stripes or ombre or laces). Today, there is a Cashmere for every occasion, every mood, and every personality. So it becomes the go-to accessory for celebs.

Nothing compares to the feel of Cashmere

There are plenty of soft fabrics out there, but none of them matches the feel of a pure handmade Cashmere. You can try it for yourself-pass your hands over merino, camel, and lambswool and then pass them over Cashmere. You’ll know the difference. Celebrities choose the best for themselves that's what makes people look up to them. So when they compare, they find the feel of Cashmere to be nonpareil.

Cashmere doesn’t cause any allergies

raw cashmere for Pashmina shawl
Raw cashmere fibre

Celebs are humans too. They get to wear so many different fabrics every week that their skin often feels irritated. Cashmere is one fabric that guarantees no allergies & no skin irritations. It is free from the harshness of chemicals, synthetic fibres and what not. It is unadulterated and its process has been preserved by the keepers of the loom. Even the molecular structure of Cashmere is such that it doesn’t allow any particles and residue to stick or breed.

Cashmere lasts a lifetime

A Cashmere wrap is a celebrity’s best friend as it stays with them for a lifetime. Fads come and go, the vogue of Cashmere never dies. It's a timeless accessory that is as relevant today as it was 7 centuries ago when it was first made. And while other accessories last for a year or two, Cashmere lasts forever. It has a long long life. If you take good care of it-it may even last for a century.

Back in the Kashmir valley, Cashmere wrap passes on from one generation to the next. This continues for about 60 to 70 years! So while other trends die out, a Cashmere lasts forever (if you take good care of it).

It helps celebs be the head-turners wherever they go!

This is by far the most important factor which a celeb’s personal stylist will think of. A celebrity needs to be the talk of the town, the showstopper, the perfectly dressed one. And who can pull it off better than the luxurious Cashmere wraps? Its looks are simple but sophisticated enough to capture attention and turn heads. As goes the adage, “luxury speaks for itself!” It makes a statement of its own.

Cashmere wraps are effortlessly stylish

Like every normal human being, celebrities too have days where they look far from perfect. The best bet? Grab a Cashmere wrap and drape it across your shoulders. The wraps are effortlessly stylish and can instantly elevate an ordinary look to one laden with vogue.


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