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Can you wash Pashmina scarves?

January 4th, 2021 | 12499 views
Can you wash Pashmina scarves?

Pashmina is rare and a labor-intensive art that transforms raw Cashmere wool into luxury wrap accessories. It is better in quality in comparison to most of its counterparts and hence a bit on the expensive side of the price scale. Hence, special care needs to be taken about its washing, drying, use of detergents, and other aspects of how to care about a Pashmina. Here we list a number of questions, which are often asked about Pashmina care, and our team of specialists answers them one by one.

Q: Is Pashmina washable?

A: Yes, Pashmina is washable. The preferred method for washing a Pashmina is dry cleaning. However, one can even wash it at home, after following a set of guidelines.

  • Pashmina should be hand washed in cold water.
  • A wool/Cashmere shampoo or a mild detergent such as baby cloth detergent or a baby shampoo has to be used
  • The detergent should be fully dissolved in the water beforehand
  • Pashmina should be dipped in this water and rubbed gently with hands
  • You can machine wash your Pashmina, with the hand wash setting on.

Q: Can my Pashmina scarf be dry - cleaned?

A: Yes, you can dry clean your Pashmina. In fact, it is dry cleaning which is the preferred method of washing Pashmina and general Pashmina care. If at all an emergency arises, you can hand wash your Pashmina. But you will have to be super careful and follow certain rules while you do that

Q: What type of soap or detergent should I use for washing a Pashmina scarf at home?

A: Even though dry cleaning is the preferred method of cleaning a Pashmina at home. But need arises, you can wash a Pashmina at home too, following these simple steps:

  • Always hand wash your Pashmina in cold water.
  • Use a wool specific shampoo, or a mild detergent such as baby cloth detergent or a baby shampoo.
  • Dissolve the detergent fully in the water
  • Dip your Pashmina into the solution and wash it gently and carefully
  • You can machine wash your Pashmina, but make sure the machine is on hand wash setting

Q: We have hard water in our area. How can I soften the water for washing a Pashmina scarf?

A: Hard water has been an immensely troubling laundry for a long time now. The laundry done in hard water is often seen developing stains and becoming less durable. To understand the ways to tackle it, let's first understand what hard water is.

Hard water is the natural water that contains a high mineral content, including minerals like magnesium & calcium. And since water can dissolve these materials, it comes directly in contact with the laundry. Soft water, on the other hand, contains just the traces of these minerals and hence it doesn't cause trouble with contact.

If you happen to live in an area where water is hard, your laundry might face the following problems.

  • White fabrics change colour to pale or grey
  • Fabrics become hard and rough and there seems a build up on their surface
  • White or pale grey lines appear on dark coloured garments
  • Hard water weakens fibers and they can be easily torn

If you happen to live in an area where soft water is not available then there is a problem with washing your Pashmina. Since Cashmere is wool, it can get really messy while washing it. '

However, there are options to wash Pashmina safely even if the water is hard. The first option is to send your Pashmina for dry clean and ask them not to use hard water with it. Dry cleaners have specialized detergents that can be used to soften fabrics. This way you can save your Pashmina from being ruined.

However, if you can't find dry cleaners around, you can purchase a water softener. It comes as detergent, or in the form of tablets. These solvents can soften hard water and you can wash your Pashmina easily at home.

Q: Should I use a fabric conditioner on Pashmina?

A: You should avoid using fabric conditioners on Pashmina. Fabrics conditioners are filled with chemicals that can cause more harm to your Pashmina than doing good. If however you are left with no choice, but to wash it in the same, then use a less quantity of the fabric conditions and rinse your Pashmina thoroughly (yet gently)

Q: How should I store my pashmina scarf when I am not wearing it?

A: Firstly, clean the shelf or generally the place where you store your Pashmina. It must be thoroughly cleaned and made damp-free. After the cleaning is done, you have to guard it against moths, since it can be easy for them to attack your luxurious Pashmina. You can lay down some anti-moth paper on the storage shelf and use naphthalene balls to keep avoid pests attacking your scarf. Replace them if they get old, as naphthalene balls tend to dissolve with time.

Do not store Pashmina in plastic bags for more than a few months. It can alter the colour of your Pashmina. Instead, try and wrap your luxury Pashmina in an acid-free tissue paper to preserve its original form and make sure it has greater protection against dust and moisture

Q: Can I use bleach while washing my Pashmina at home?

A: No. You cannot bleach Pashmina as it can badly affect the softness. Always use Cashmere shampoos or washing Pashmina, or even better, hand over your precious piece to dry cleaners.

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