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Can a man wear Pashmina?

April 29th, 2022 | 27 views
Can a man wear Pashmina?

The Men's Pashmina is a supreme stylized portion in Pashmina Art. Whether it is a man or woman, the Pashmina Art cherishes both extremes with diligence. The uniquely procured fine Cashmere from Ladakh goes onto several steps to present the final product of Pashmina Art. Pashmina Art is the path for Men as well as Women. Men have been in the dimension of Pashmina for ages. The distinction between Men's Pashmina and Women's Pashmina is simply in some designs and dimensions of the fine Cashmere. So looking out for Men's Pashmina Styles? Here are the main styles in Men's Pashmina. Before beginning the styles, there is a need to go back to the procurement and the stance of history.

The Procurement of supreme Cashmere

The procurement starts in the region of Ladakh called Changhthangi. Changhthanghi is at a high altitude. The temperature at high altitudes like Changhthanghi goes to a minimum of -20°C. The temperature is very cold and it propels the habitat to adapt in its way. There is a rare breed of Goats present at the foothills of Changhthanghi. They are called Changra goats. Changra goats are medium-sized goats with twisted horns. The goats dwell in this harsh climate. They develop a thick coat of wool on their bodies especially under the belly, behind the ears and on the neck region. This wool is soft and thick. It is called Cashmere wool.

Further, Cashmere wool is procured simply in the summer season when Changra goats shed off the wool. They rub their bodies against trees, rocks to let the air of summer in. Cashmere wool is also manually combed out by the Changpa tribe herders. They comb out the excess Cashmere wool from the body of goats and pack it into small packets.

The Commencing of Pashmina Art

Pashmina Art is the crafting of finest Cashmere to diverse accessories. Pashmina Art starts as soon as the tufts of fine Cashmere wool reach the Valley of Kashmir. The process of cleaning is the first step of Pashmina Art. The next step is the drying of the cleaned Cashmere wool. After the cleaning and drying, the fine Cashmere wool is distributed to the households of the Kashmir Valley. The Cashmere wool is translated to the Cashmere yarn on the wooden wheel called yinder. The unique way of using a yinder is enhanced by the womenfolk. The whole process is called Spinning. It is mainly done by women artisans.

Artisan weaving on Hand Loom
Artisan weaving on Hand Loom

Further, the fine Cashmere yarn is crafted to the fine Cashmere fabric in the local workshops or karkhanas. The unique installation of handlooms used for the next process is set up with serenity. Handlooms are looms made of forest wood. They are many worked upon by the artisans to present the world with Cashmere fabric. Therefore, the whole process of translating Cashmere yarn to fine Cashmere fabric is called Weaving. Weaving is mainly done by the male artisans of the Valley. It is precisely done in the space of karkhanas by highly skilled artisans.

Diverse Men's Pashmina Style

There are two main styles in Men's Pashmina viz; Men's Cashmere Scarves and Men's Pashmina Shawls. The eloquent Men's Pashmina Styles are up to the mark of authenticity. Therefore, the unique features of each style are elegant. The beauty of every design is looked upon by the luxury of total glory.

Men's Cashmere Scarves

men pashmina scarf
With a melange of colours spread across the scarf, this heavenly souvenir from the mighty Himalayas

Cashmere Scarves are versatile accessories. The scarf is a piece of cloth that is worn in different ways to adorn the presence. It is the contemporary style of traditions. Men's Cashmere Scarves have been a token of luxury in previous times. Further, the exquisite presence enhances the fashion quotient manifold. There is a specific dimension given to the Men's Cashmere scarves that are 80in x 28in/2m x 70cm. Men's Cashmere Scarves are presented in diverse designs like Solid or Plain, Ombre, etc. Also, the versatility of every design caters to all the men around. In addition, there are a huge number of ways for wearing a particular design in Men's Cashmere Scarves. Not only do women need adornment, but Men also deserve the same quality and luxury in their aura.


Men's Pashmina Shawls

men pashmina shawl
Hand painted in the realms of Kalamkari art is a handcrafted shawl that features the most intricate details

Pashmina Shawls have been in the world of traditions for a long. The culture and heritage have assigned a great quotient in the fashion world. Men's Pashmina Shawls are no different than Women's Pashmina Shawl in terms of appearance and luxury. There is one typical size in Men's Pashmina Shawls that is 110in x 55in/2.8m x 1.4m. From the Ladakhi Cashmere, the craft of Pashmina takes over the heights of supreme quality. In addition, there are various ways to wear the Men's Pashmina Shawls. Men are equally the fashion icons of luxury as women.

The Supreme Collection of Men's Pashmina Styles

We, at pashmina.com, confer to the wide collection of Pashmina Art. In Men's Pashmina and Women's Pashmina, we profoundly collect all the accessories from the land of Kashmir Valley. Therefore, the high-quality collection brings glamourous fashion to Men and Women. The opulent presence of designs fills an aura around our warehouse. In addition, it is to be noted that Pashmina Art is the crafting of the finest Cashmere of Ladakh. Thus, beauty of each style and design signifies the premium quality collection. There is constant support to the creators of such amazing craft, the artisans. In our sphere, the artisans are given the best possible space of creativity. The artisans work meticulously and meditate in the Art of Pashmina wholeheartedly. Hence, having one of the masterpieces will not only enhance the presence of luxury but will also support our artisans.


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