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Black Pashmina Shawl | Can't get more timeless

May 31st, 2021 | 0 views
Black Pashmina Shawl | Can't get more timeless

Fashion is fickle but black is permanent. Black is one color that will always rule the runway as well as the streets. Black will always remain in vogue. The timeless character of the color helps you maintain relevance with your style throughout the year, come changing trends and seasons. Such timeless piece of fashion is a Black Pashmina.

When it comes to incorporating black into your wardrobe, there are endless approaches you can take. A Black Pashmina is highly versatile and works well with all styles and colors. Whether you want to pull off a sophisticated contemporary look or don an elegant ethnic style, black Pashmina fits in effortlessly.

Here are a few of the fashion connoisseur-approved ways to introduce black in your style

Layer your Black Pashmina

When dressing up for chilly days, layering the right way is the key to add visual interest to your ensemble. One of the easiest ways to get your layering game right is to drape a black Pashmina shawl over your shirt. This black Pashmina shawl, available with us, is made from pure Pashmina; its feather-light design helps you layer your warm evening ensemble with utmost comfort. The beautifully hand embroidered patterns in this shawl work wonder in adding an intriguing texture to your overall look.

Accessorize your style with Black

handmade pashmina wrap
Pashmina wrap submerged into floral embroidery motifs that span in a Jaali pattern

Many people view black as a base or a supporting color. However, black doesn’t let you down when using it as a highlight color. Black makes a good choice for fashion accessories that elevate the overall charm of your look while maintaining the sophistication quotient. Wear a black Pashmina shawl with a lace design to accessorize your get-up in a tasteful way. To recreate this look, drape this black lace shawl like a cloak. Then tie the two upper ends at the breastbone area; make sure to tuck the ends at the knot.

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Does a Black Pashmina shawl look more luxurious?

papier mache pashmina shawl
Covered with hues of Kashmiri Paper Mache which transforms the downy base into something extraordinary

The essential shade of black is used by almost all luxury brands as the basis of any winter collection. It is because one cannot overlook its minimalist aura and timeless allure. Black goes with any type of apparel you wear, any occasion, and for any preference. In addition, one can easily mix and match a black Pashmina wrap with livelier or brighter outfits to tone down their vivacious essence and bring a dose of luxury to an overall look.

How is a Black Pashmina shawl from Pashmina.com a worthwhile purchase?

Pashmina for the Positively Conscious - An Ethical Story
Handmade wrap being carefully embroidered by the artisan

Every Pashmina shawl and other handmade wraps we offer are made from pure Pashmina obtained from the Changthangi goats, found on the highlands of Ladakh. Our cashmere artisans in Kashmir put in a great deal of care during different stages of making Pashmina handmade wraps right from combing the undercoat fleece to working on the designs.

Pashmina shawls available in our collection feel impeccably soft on the skin as our artisans ensure that the Pashm wool doesn’t lose its unmatched softness during the crafting stages. Just like we value the admiration you have for Pashmina, we focus on giving back to the cashmere artisan community in Kashmir. We give back 5% of our proceeds for the welfare of the artisans. By choosing Pashmina handmade wraps from us, you help us contribute towards the betterment of the cashmere artisans

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We, Pashmina.com, are the largest curators of pure and handcrafted Pashmina products in the online space. We are on a mission to revive this dying art by spreading our wings throughout the world by way of our online platform. Our website serves as a window to our range of products that are luxurious and have the highest quality. We offer the widest range, certified quality, luxurious packaging and free shipping to over 250 countries.

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