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Are Pashminas out of style?

June 22nd, 2021 | 1 view
Are Pashminas out of style?

Fashion changes every season. Yet recently, with the current pandemic, the fashion world had a quiet time with respect to ever-changing fads. But since we have learned to live with it, and with designers making masks, gloves, and face shields a part of their newly curated styles, we know being stylish never has to stop. But isn't following every style a bit tedious? Aren't we tired of trying each and every look that rises from the runways, yet ends up being a part of us for a month or two? Are we not already looking for alternatives that would at least remain with us for some years, as well as keep us going with the contemporary looks. There is. And it is called Pashmina.

What is Pashmina?

Craftsmen weaving pashmina shawls

Pashmina is the classic art of handcrafting fine Cashmere wool and transforming it into luxury wraps, shawls, scarves, and accessories. These shawls are warm, fine, lightweight, beautiful, and opulent in their demeanour. The entire processing of raw wool is done manually, which includes months and sometimes years of hard labour. This is done by craftsmen who have over decades of experience in their skills. The final outcome of their hard work is artful pieces of wraps, which are ideal to wear in the Spring, Fall and winter season owing to their insulation properties, and versatile nature.

The Timeless Grace of Kashmiri Shawls

Since its inception in the 14th century, up till now, Pashmina has never changed for anyone. It might have adapted a certain part of it with the modern needs and moods, but the art remains as such. Classic pieces present at museums are still swoon-worthy, and women with an artsy taste would still love to wear them. At its home place - Kashmir - Pashmina shawls are handed over from grandmother to mother, and to her daughter, with its elegance and beauty remaining intact. Hence Pashmina shawls have been timeless, but only some patterns have managed to be so. Others have adapted to contemporary clothing and in vogue wearing styles.

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Contemporary patterns  

lace cashmere wrap
The wrap features hand stitched French Chantilly lace which covers the wrap in an effeminate fashion

Even Though, it is still Pashmina, the design has been updated by its makers to suit the needs of women of every age and temperament. Here are some modish designs that Pashmina adapted with

Printed Pashmina Wraps

printed cashmere wrap
The most intricate weave and a gossamer touch makes an ideal match for the lovers of culture

Pashmina shawls now carry huge prints, digital prints, animal prints, abstract pattern prints, and even customized logos. This wasn't possible 20 years ago, as people just preferred embroidery and Kani shawls

Patterned Pashmina Wraps

patterned pashmina wrap
Coloured stripes in a ldish pattern

Patterned Wraps Modish patterns in Pashmina make them suitable for any age group. Even teenage girls can wear Pashmina to their school functions and get-togethers. Patterns on Pashmina include checks, tartans, plaids, stripes - thin and thick, abstract patterns, polka-dotted patterns, and more. 

Laced Pashmina Wraps

lace cashmere wrap
Bedecked with a hand stitched French Chantilly lace

Modern Design Pashmina scarves come with French laces which are hand-stitched onto the base carefully. The laced patch can be stitched either in between the shawl base, or the outer edges, however the designer lokes. These wraps look wonderful on brides or bridesmaids. 

Swarovski Studded Wraps

swarovski crystals pashmina shawl
Inspired by the night skies of summer, which are plentifully bestrewn with the shimmers of stars

A new category in Pashmina shawl features Swarovski crystals spread out on a wrap, making it look ethereal. These wraps are perfect for semi-formal occasions or a friend’s birthday party for all ages alike. 

Are Pashminas out of Style?

Earlier, in the past, Pashmina shawls were either plain or hand embroidered or a Kani woven piece. Later came reversible shawls which had their own fan base, depending upon the tastes of women then. But the modern world made Pashmina designers and makers adapt to their needs. This generation would not wear a heavily embroidered shawl to a friend's night out. Nor would we like to shop for a Kani Jamawar shawl, as the occasions in our lives do not demand that much. That would count for overdressing.

Empress Josephine in Kani pashmina Shawl
Empress Josephine in Kani Pashmina shawl

Adapting to the modern world has never made Pashminas out of style. The very first piece made of pure Cashmere would be a plain shawl. Later Mughals introduced embroidery patterns and that's when Pashmina got its first embroidery designs. And those classic pieces are still alive. In fact the older a Pashmina shawl gets, the more antique features it attains. Pashminas are not out of style. These are the most beautiful and timeless wraps ever discovered in the world. In fact, these masterpieces haven't lost a bit of their classic regality, or quality. Just like Empress Josephine loved her first Kani shawl immensely, women from around the world would love to have the same pattern. Museums are filled with Pashmina shawls from ancient times, and the pieces are exquisite and absolutely worthy of being worn today in 2021. 

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