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Anniversary Gifts | Cashmere Wraps for Her

May 17th, 2021 | 774 views
Anniversary Gifts | Cashmere Wraps for Her

It has been so many years since you said "I do". Time actually does fly when you are in a fun relationship. And these years you have really come to know each other, and you know well about what makes them happy. We know you've showered her with gifts by now. How about making this anniversary the perfect time to show her how deeply you know her as well as what she loves the most.

PASHM offers handmade lovely handcrafted Cashmere wraps as Anniversary gifts. These are special in their own way, as they have been made manually by veteran craftsmen from the valley of Kashmir. From hand embroideries beauties to solids & Ombre, Kani to Patterned & Reversibles, and original Swarovski studded to embellished with lace, these pieces are simply enchanting.

Why choose Cashmere for an anniversary?

A symbol of true love, comfort, and warmth; Cashmere is a great reminder that she has your back and that you are always there for her. These snuggly pieces have been handpicked from amongst a plethora of designs to make her feel pampered and extra special.

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The Making

A Kashmiri artisan weaving a Pashmina on a traditional wooden handloom

The fibre of these cozy wrap accessories comes from Kashmir, where the exotic Changtangi goat leaves behind her underbelly fur. This fur is manually acquired, cleaned, spun, and handwoven to make luxury Cashmere wraps, Pashmina shawls, scarves, and more.

Laced and Patterned Cashmere as anniversary gift

Patterned Cashmere
Specially curated for the ardent patrons of traditional art, the wrap has been accentuated with vivid stripes to fill colour into gloomy winter skies

If your special one is an outdoorsy type, know that they will be thinking of you when they wrap these elegant pieces. Lace cashmere shawls and wraps embellished breathtakingly beautiful French Chantilly laces to fill their casual days with warmth. Printed and patterned Cashmere wraps for a fun-filled weekend or a night out with friends, what else do they even need!

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Solids and Ombres for anniversary

Ombre Cashmere
The shawl hosts a modish ombre pattern which advances from a deep pink to a mild grey and finally to a warm purple shade, all in the most graceful fashion

A collection for those who love to spend time working at offices yet never put their style game in jeopardy. Here are our handpicked solid and ombre pieces in eclectic shades. Solid Cashmere wraps in more than 50 exquisite colours, & Ombre wraps in kaleidoscopic patterns are the need for your beautiful anniversary day.

Embroideries and Kani Wraps for special Occasions

Embroidered Cashmere
Over a handwoven Pashmina, the magical art of Zari embroidery casts a magical spell

Make it easier for your partner to look her best version at weddings, parties, and family get-togethers. Gift them a treasured piece from amongst a plethora of Embroidered and Kani Cashmere wraps. Let them see how its laboursome making processes make them pieces of marvel.

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The touch of Personalization

What better gift to give them on anniversaries, birthdays, or childbirth than a customized Pashmina. Add a personal touch to luxury Pashmina shawls, Cashmere wraps, and scarves and make it a memory to remember. From their name initials to logos, monograms to specific dates, we add personalized embroidery motifs to your precious pieces; we conform to your inclination towards aesthetic gifting

Wedding favors - Personalized gifts
Personalized gifts for your better half

Your Anniversary is the best time that you can commemorate all the good things and experiences you had in your togetherness. And sometimes, when words fail to do so, it is these gifts that reflect your feelings. A handmade Cashmere, which has been made with immense love and care ooze the same, and become a perfect gift to make them feel special.

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