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9 Luxury Pashmina Headscarves in Signature Styles

July 10th, 2021 | 1 view
9 Luxury Pashmina Headscarves in Signature Styles

When buying headscarf, one may wonder why Pashmina and not some other fabric? It should be noted that unlike other fabrics, Pashmina is soft and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear.

Pashmina headscarves have everything you love about Pashmina. For instance, a headscarf has an enduring appeal because they are crafted out of fine Cashmere. Also, they have the timeless charm of Pashmina and are an amalgamation of craftsmanship and style that exudes perfection. Besides Pashmina Headscarves are available in various hues to match all of your outfits.

Here are a few pieces that you can wear year-round

Purple Lace | Laced Headscarf

purple pashmina headscarf
Purple headscarf embellished with gold French Chantilly Lace

For those of you who are looking for a Headscarf that would elevate your outfit, a purple lace Headscarf is your savior. The handwoven cashmere headscarf has delicate lace running across it, lending it a sophisticated look. This headscarf will not just complement your daily wear, but certainly, elevate its overall appeal in an instant. Apart from this, the classic purple headscarf can vivify your outfits on any occasion.

Emerald Green | Embroidered Pashmina Headscarf

embroidered pashmina headscarf
Green headscarf hand embroidered by Kashmiri artisan

Luxurious and elegant, traditional yet contemporary, the emerald green Pashmina Headscarf will undoubtedly lend you a sense of sophistication. The hand embroidery done by Kashmiri artisans makes this headscarf one-of-a-kind. Adorned with intricately beautiful embroideries & delicate floral patterns, this headscarf is an absolute grace. In addition to this, it will give you an edge of sophistication.

Magenta | Swarovski Studded Pashmina Headscarf

Swarovski pashmina headscarf
Magenta headscarf embellished with original Swarovski Crystals

If you are looking for an elegant Pashmina headscarf, your search ends with the magenta dance of the fireflies Swarovski Hijab. Adorned with brilliant white crystals, this headscarf is undoubtedly an example of the uncompromising craftsmanship of Kashmiri artisans. This headscarf and others are handmade by Kashmiri artisans who spend weeks, working on them. The feather-light Pashm wool makes it ideal for all weathers. It’s perfect for everyday and formal wear. The white crystals give it a flattering look and will absolutely help you create a signature look.

Black Currant | Ombre Dyed Pashmina Headscarf

pashmina headscarf
A modernised headscarf in shades of pink

For everyday wear, the black currant Pashmina Headscarf is the best. It will definitely add glamour and class to your style making you look very elegant on a daily basis. The versatile colour makes it a perfect addition to your wardrobe. It can easily go with most of your day and evening attire.

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White Pashmina | Swarovski Crystal Headscarf

swarovski pashmina headscarf
An Ivory headscarf embellished with colourful original Swarovski Crystals

Nothing has ever been as timeless as the colour white. And that's why we chose this beautiful colour to dip a fine Pashmina headscarf into. Featuring a shimmery constellation of luxury Swarovski studs, hand-stitched into the base, the white pashmina headscarf with Swarovski crystals handmade beauty will upgrade your basic ensembles in a jiffy.

Red Pashmina | Solid Headscarf

red pashmina headscarf
Red headscarf handcrafted with Himalayan cashmere

What colour can elevate a barren outfit as wonderfully as the colour red? We have just handpicked a handmade red Pashmina headscarf in the colour of love; it makes your basic plains more vivid and lovely. Altogether, the headscarf is an embodiment of grace; even in their solid essence they never leave a moment to make you look like a queen on her throne. Tie a headscarf like this over your head or wrap them around your neck for an undoubtedly amazing style

Bubblegum Pink Lace Headscarf

lace pashmina headscarf
A contemporary pink headscarf with French chantilly lace

From the wooden looms of Kashmir, comes an ethereal beauty to cover you up in an artistic fashion. A pretty pink Pashmina headscarf is handwoven to complement your vivid outfits instantly. Moreover, this can be worn to tone down an overdressed look. Handwoven in Kashmir, the headscarf feature a hand-stitched lace that spans all over the fibre Cashmere base. Pair this beauty up with winter and fall apparel

The White Lotus Headscarf

jaal pashmina headscarf
A hand embroidered headscarf in Sozni kari

How ethereal does hand embroidery look! Luxury headscarf has been handcrafted in the realms of Kashmiri Pashmina. Hand embroidered in Kashmiri Sozni Kari for an exquisite effect, the white lotus pashmina headscarf is exceptionally warm. And why not so. It has been crafted from pure Cashmere threads manually acquired from Ladakh. Pair this nude shaded beauty with winter outfits and watch your looks metamorphose from good to amazing

Mango Ombre Pashmina Headscarf

ombre pashmina headscarf
An ombré headscarf in heavenly colours

Intricately handwoven in Kashmir is the mango ombre Pashmina headscarf. It features colours stolen from the seven heavens. Handcrafted in an ombre pattern, headscarves like these promise a pleasant warmth to the women of today who knows how to carry the charm of traditions, even in this world of fast fashion

Why buy Headscarves from Pashm?

Pashm is a luxury brand introduced by Pashmina.com which offers the most opulent styles in Pashmina. Pashmina Headscarf and other Pashmina accessories from Pashm are sought-after for their unmatched quality and softness. Made from Pashm wool, a Headscarf is the epitome of class and sophistication. Each Pashmina product that you buy from us comes with a certificate guaranteeing the quality of the product and technique.

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