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7 cool ways to drape Pashmina Wraps

November 1st, 2021 | 554 views
7 cool ways to drape Pashmina Wraps

When you hear of Pashmina wraps, you generally think of age-old, saree-clad women draping the coveted Pashmina wraps on their shoulders. Yes, this does exist even today, but the numbers are fewer. Let us get it straight, not the numbers who buy this luxurious shawl, but those who wear it in a traditional manner. We live in a day and age where fashion choices have become significant and putting together a great outfit replete with stylish accessories is what makes you stand out.

Let’s give this accessory a spin and give you some styling inspiration.

1. Pashmina wrap - The Shrug Style

cashmere wrap
The way artisan fashions his newest shawl is worth all the attention

We’ve often seen women sporting a shrug with short tops or dresses, but how about making one with your Pashmina wrap? To do so, first, get hold of an elastic band and then drape the Pashmina shawl over your shoulders. Next, tightly hold the two ends at the back together and then pull them through the band. You can accordingly adjust the band so that it isn’t visible and sits behind the shawl, giving you a cape-like look.

2. Twist and Drape Style of Pashmina wrap

kani cashmere wrap
A Kashmiri Cashmere Wrap is drowned in a beautiful grey colour to make your every day more graceful and stylish

Wear the Pashmina shawl all over your shoulders and then just take one end, twist it and then drape it on a single shoulder. Take the other end that’s remaining and put it at the top of your neckline. Voila! You’ve got a stylish way to wear that Pashmina wrap.

3. The Casual Look

ombre cashmere wrap
A Kashmiri Cashmere Wrap, handwoven with an unmatched fashion, is bated in shades of green for a brilliant look

Loosely wrap a coloured pashmina with a pair of jeans, when you are in the mood to make a stylish appearance but are feeling lazy to make all the effort. It is classy, comfortable and gives your outfit an edge without even trying much! It can be the perfect look for a work meeting or a lunch date, so give this one a shot!

4. Folded and Tied Pashmina wrap

cashmere scarf
Upon draping over the shoulders, the classic diamond weave complemented by the muted pastel shade brings the shawl to life

Fold your shawl in half so it looks more like a square, then fold it diagonally. You will end up with two points at the back. Holding the two corners, wrap the shawl around your shoulders and tie it to one side. It looks elegant and can be sported both for a day and night look, depending upon your outfit. You can team it with a plain top and jeans or a casual dress if you are out for a meeting or join your friend group for lunch. In case it’s a night out, your draping style remains the same. Just make sure you wear a dressy top or that blingy dress you’ve kept aside!

5. The Stole Look

The stole is as easy as it is essential for your winter accessory wardrobe for the modish pattern of pinstripes it hosts

Whatever the celebrities wear or do becomes a rage in no time and the buzzword that seems to have taken the fashion world by storm is airport looks. It’s a recent phenomenon that the media has picked on and seems to go crazy about. Not that we are complaining, we get our style inspiration from there too. There’s a trend that seems to have caught on with the biggest socialites and celebrities, which is wearing a bright coloured pashmina wrap as a stole with a double-breasted coat in bold colours, such as black and brown. It will accentuate your look within seconds!

6. Pashmina wrap with a brooch

cashmere wrap
Daintily stand out from the crowd with this exquisite treasure, handpicked from the valley of Kashmir

To add that bling to your outfit, get a big and glittering brooch, especially if you are setting out to a formal gathering. Take the scarf and fold it in two around your body, then pin the two parts of the wrap together on one shoulder. Try not to keep it too close to your neck for ease of movement, so that it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable later.

7. Pashmina Shoulder Twist

cashmere wrap
Hand-embroidered in Sozni embroidery, the artistic design and bold black colour of the wrap perfectly blend with your fall and winter apparel

Another great option is to wear your pashmina wrap with a shoulder twist. To get the look, crush your Pashmina as if you are going to wear it like a scarf. Then wrap it around your neck with the two long ends in the front. Later, tuck each end through the neck and then pull towards the side to drape the tails of the scarf across your shoulders.

We’ve given you some uber-cool tips to style your Pashmina wrap. Now, no longer go for the run-of-the-mill draping styles and make a mark by sashaying down a wedding or a party with the most stylish drapes.

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