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5 Cashmere Scarves you should definitely own

June 12th, 2021 | 200 views
5 Cashmere Scarves you should definitely own

When it comes to colours, unlike men, women are spoilt for choice. Marrying one colour with another one in an ensemble is an art. Using different colours and matching them can either make or break your outfit. However, one easy way of adding a pop of colour to your ensemble is a Cashmere scarf. It is the ultimate fashion accessory. It keeps you warm, stylish and can pull together any outfit. Come winter or fall, a Cashmere scarf is an accessory that takes the glamour quotient of your ensemble several notches high.

A Cashmere scarf instantly elevates the look of a daily outfit, helping you create a signature look that is unique to your personality. The choice of your Cashmere scarf not only shows your love for brilliant colours but also creates a statement look that makes everyone remember you. As Cashmere scarves and stoles are such a practical and appealing fashion accessory, it makes sense to have more than one colour in your wardrobe. Cashmere scarves not only protect you from cold but also sharpen up an outfit by adding a dramatic effect to any outfit. If you like dressing up your outfits with Cashmere scarves and wraps, here are a few colours that you should add to your closet.

Red Cashmere Scarf

One such cashmere scarf you should definitely own is a red cashmere scarf that has the power to take a plain outfit from drab to delightful instantly. The hard-to-ignore colour is often associated with power and desire. Red is a bold and flamboyant colour that is visually irresistible and would never go out of style. Red grabs attention, whether you want it or not. Here are some ideas to rock your red cashmere wrap look that won’t leave you red-faced

Minimalist look

Red Cashmere Scarf in Knotted Fashion
The Pashmina is enhanced by its subdued sheen owing to the diamond weave

To nail a minimalist look with a red cashmere scarf, make sure everything else you wear is like a supporting cast. They should be mute and subtle so that the red cashmere wrap remains the lead star. For a winter look, an all-black ensemble with a red cashmere scarf will make your overall outfit pop. Neutralizing the rest of the outfit is the best way to rock this look. You can also completely transform a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt with a red cashmere wrap. The white shirt will highlight the brightness of the red cashmere wrap, while the blue jeans will create a contrast. You can wear this look to an afternoon party or an evening date.

Paint the town red

kani pashmina shawl
A Kani shawl soaked in red is that is as comfortable as it is beautiful

If you love red and want to go for a full effect, then try wearing red on red. For an enchanting and sensual look, pair a red dress with a red pair of stilettos. For the extra oomph factor, carry a red cashmere wrap. If you find this outfit too bold, opt for a black dress and let accessories be red. This look works perfectly well if you are heading to an evening party or a cocktail event.

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Emerald green lace cashmere scarf

Emerald Green Lace Cashmere Wrap
Handwoven Kashmiri Pashmina stole adorned with the world famous Chantilly French lace

Another cashmere scarf you should definitely own and turn your friends and foes green with envy is an emerald green lace cashmere scarf. Emerald green is one colour that is synonymous with vibrancy and freshness. It’s a real must-have for those who love to experiment and wants to make a bold statement. Emerald green can be a little tricky to style, but once you get it right, you will be a head-turner.

The day look

Whether you are going to an office meeting or meeting friends for lunch, there are several elegant ways of wearing an emerald green lace scarf. For a day event, you can pair the Cashmere scarf with neutral colours like white, off-white, cream, and beige so that the scarf takes the center stage. For that extra dose of oomph, you can match your earrings with the emerald green Cashmere scarf. You can wear the emerald Cashmere scarf with suits, cardigans, floral dress, or jumpsuits. You can also go for an outfit that has a negligible amount of green in it.

The ultimate party look

Emerald green is a classy colour that has been ruling the red carpet for quite some time. If you are heading to a cocktail party or evening soiree, then an emerald green cashmere scarf and an opulent green dress are all you need to create the ultimate party look. Don’t forget to complete the look with a matching pair of shining earrings.

Toosh Swarovski studded Cashmere scarf

Toosh Swarovski Studded Pashmina Shawl
A Kashmiri Pashmina wrap hand woven perfectly in a shade of taupe and studded with original Swarovski crystals

Like black and white, toosh is a classic colour that would never go out of fashion. No matter, what you wear it with, it’s the foolproof colour to bank on making it one of the cashmere scarves one should definitely own. If you are looking for a Cashmere stole or scarf, then a Swarovski embellished cashmere is one fashion accessory that you can pull off with a number of hues. You can elevate any outfit, be it Indian or western, with a navy blue cashmere scarf.

For a crisp look

One timeless way to wear the Toosh Swarovski Studded cashmere scarf is to pair it with brights. Go for a magenta or a black base and let toosh add a pop of colour. This combination is meant to create a classy look that will create a professional and elegant look. To nail this look, go for a navy blue dress and pair it with this cashmere scarf. Make sure you wear a pair of stilettos that goes with the cashmere scarf. This no-fail look will take you from day events to evening soirees. When it comes to colours that go with a toosh coloured cashmere the choices are limitless. The cashmere scarf can be paired with black, navy blue, fuchsia pink, and even red.

Maroon Paisley Cashmere Scarf

Queen's Coronation Maroon Pashmina Shawl
Hand embroidered in the rich Jamawar pattern in the realms of Sozni Kari

Are you the ultimate fashionista? If yes, then a maroon paisley Cashmere stole is all you need this season to give your daily wear an extra dose of style. Paisley has a deep association with Pashmina shawls. A paisley shawl is the ultimate fashion accessory that you can have in your wardrobe. No matter what the occasion is, you can always depend on a maroon paisley Cashmere stole to save the day. Whether you are planning a day out with your girls or it’s a friend’s engagement party, a maroon paisley Cashmere scarf is all you need to create a signature look.

For a casual look

Need to look special for date night or luncheon? Wear your paisley Cashmere scarf with a fitted white kurta and a pair of denim jeans. The Cashmere scarf will give your daily wear look a hint of elegance. To finish the look, add a matching pair of earrings and a pair of contrasting flats.

For a special look

Are you heading for a friend's wedding and want to look extra special? For this, you just have to club your maroon paisley Cashmere wrap with a black saree or a dress and you are good to go. The handwoven, exquisite stole that has gotten adornments of peacock feather motifs is magnificent enough to make you the showstopper. To add vitality to this look, wear maroon earrings.

Fuchsia Cashmere Scarf

fuchsia cashmere wrap
A fine smooth Pashmina stole soaked in bright magenta for a vivid appearance

Dark pink or fuchsia is one colour that you need when want to shake things up. A dose of fuchsia can take your daily outfit from blah to beautiful. A fuchsia Cashmere scarf is classically enchanting. For the winter, it’s the perfect colour as wearing grey and black can be a tad boring. This fuchsia Pashmina shawl is great for making a sophisticated statement, whether it’s fall, winter, or spring. This Cashmere scarf is meant to give you a chic and urbane look.

Use it as an accent

Try wearing the fuchsia Pashmina shawl as a subtle accent to complement a neutral dress. Throw on the fuchsia pashmina shawl either on a beige dress or your favorite jeans and T-shirt. To further accentuate the look, use a fuchsia belt to pull together the ensemble.

Make a grand statement

If you are obsessed with making a bold statement, then go for an all-pink look. However, let your outfit be a different shade of pink. Choose a mute shade of pink so that the fuchsia Pashmina Kani cashmere wrap stands out. Make sure the shades of pink you are wearing are different.

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How versatile are Cashmere scarves! We love the way they blend with ethnic apparel, as well as western outfits seamlessly. Aren't these beauties a must have for every fashion wardrobe?

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