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31 Celebrities who wore Pashmina

September 2nd, 2021 | 0 views
31 Celebrities who wore Pashmina

Inspired by celebrities all over the world, our freshest collections of Pashmina shawls and Cashmere scarves feature designs worn by British and American actresses, duchesses, actors, fashion designers, and supermodels. Let's look at some of the designs that make your winter styling comfortable and effortless.

1. Angelina Jolie - Sozni Pashmina Shawl

When going to fund a school in Kabul, Afghanistan, Angeline Jolie chose a toosh shaded Pashmina shawl adorned with Sozni embroidery in a dordaar pattern. In this minimalistic look, the actress looked stunning as always.

angelina jolie in cashmere
Angelina Jolie wearing Sozni Pashmina Shawl
hand embroidered pashmina shawl
Decades-old experience go into making one shawl, like this one in fresh white hosting floral embroidery motifs

Here is our inspiration from Angelina Jolie. A Papier Mache hand embroidered shawl in pure Pashmina for a basic look.

Buy Angelina's look here.

2. Nick Jonas - Kani Pashmina

It was a special day for Nick, as he was getting married to the love of his life, in India. He chose a Kani Pashmina shawl to add colour to a white ethnic dress, which gave him a royal look. The shawl was a Kani Jamawar.

nick jonas in cashmere
Nick Jonas in Kani Pashmina shawl
kani pashmina shawl
An exquisite Kani Pashmina Shawl

Our take on this classic shawl comes in a Jamawar pattern over which handwoven floral patterns create magic. Wear this to special occasions or gift it to a special one.

Get the look of Nick Jonas here.

3. Kate Middleton - Sozni Pashmina

The ever-stylish Duchess of Cambridge is always the most looked for when it comes to regal styling. Even she was swooned by Pashmina. Here, Kate can be seen wearing a toosh-coloUred Sozni Dordaar scarf for a minimal look. Doesn't she look gorgeous?

Kate Middleton in a toosh-coloUred Sozni Dordaar scarf
hand embroidered pashmina shawl
Hand-embroidered Cashmere scarf

We too wanted our esteemed patrons to look the same sophisticated. So we chose the same shaded scarf but hand embroidered it all over for a more beautiful appearance. We know you will love it more than anything.

Grab one like Kate Middleton here.

4. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall - Laced Cashmere

Camila Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall looks absolutely ethereal in a hot red Laced Cashmere scarf. She has chosen this with a red and black dress, which perfectly compliments its modish essence.

camilla in cashmere
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, wearing Lace Pashmina scarf
lace pashmina shawl
Red laced Cashmere Scarf

Highly impressed by its grace we too tried our hands and came up with a red laced Cashmere scarf, hosting the French Chantilly lace around the borders and the mid-portion. It looks exquisite with winter outfits, however, you style it.

Dress up like Camilla here.

5. Jennifer Aniston - Reversible Pashmina

The American actress, producer, and businesswoman, mostly loved for her role in the famous TV series 'FRIENDS', wore a reversible Cashmere scarf in two shades of blue to keep herself warm. She paired it with a black jacket and jeans for an absolutely chic look.

Jennifer aniston in cashmere
Jennifer Aniston wearing a Reversible Pashmina scarf
reversible pashmina shawl
Blue MIrrors Reversible Cashmere scarf

Inspired by the same, our designers handcrafted a reversible, double-shaded Cashmere scarf in light blue, which looks modish as well as elegant. One can pair it with contemporary, as well as ethnic outfits.

Raise your style quotient like Jennifer Aniston here.

6. Carla Burni - Solid Cashmere

Carla Bruni Sarkozy is an Italian-French singer-songwriter and fashion model. She is the wife of Nicholas Sarkozy, former president of France. She has been fascinated by a blue solid Cashmere scarf, which wraps her up in an unparalleled elegance

carla burni
Carla Burni wearing a blue solid cashmere scarf
solid pashmina shawl
A solid blue handcrafted Cashmere scarf

Here is one from our collection. A solid blue handcrafted Cashmere scarf, acquired from the Himalayas to keep you warm and cosy all around colder seasons.

Buy Carla Burni's look here.

7. Julia Roberts - Handwoven Cashmere

This name needs no introduction nor does she need an introduction to Cashmere! Julia Roberts has enhanced her winter looks with a handwoven Cashmere scarf, which is pairs with her casual wear in a perfect fashion.

julia roberts in cashmere
Julia Roberts wearing Handwoven Cashmere scarf
kani pashmina wrap
Kani Cashmere scarf

Highly influenced by her timeless style, we acquired a Kani handwoven Cashmere scarf in a deeper grey shade, with colourful borders to match her style. Ideal for the days when plain seems too boring and too many prints aren't required for the occasion.

Get the look of Julia Roberts here.

8. Emma Watson - Solid Cashmere

The stylish Harry Porter star has chosen an oversized Cashmere shawl in its solid essence to complement a matching winter outfit. Finishing off the look with a black shoulder bag, Emma exudes the finest casual look ever.

emma watson in cashmere
Emma Watson wearing a Solid Cashmere shawl
solid pashmina shawl
Dusky pink cashmere shawl

You name it, and we have it. Here is a dusky pink shawl in our handwoven collection of pure Cashmere wraps. A deep pink solid cashmere shawl for a minimal look.

Step up your style like Emma Watson here.

9. Kate Beckinsale - Check Scarf

Kate chooses larger checks for her accessorizing. Chic yet sophisticated, her looks are to die for. You will fall in love with our Cashmere pieces, as they exude the same graceful demeanour.

kate beckinsale in cashmere
Kate Beckinsale wearing a cashmere Check Scarf
check cashmere wrap
Checkered Pattern Cashmere Scarf

Celebrity-inspired patterned Cashmere scarf, hosting larger checks is what your winter wardrobe craves. Bestow it with the charm of a Pashmina scarf, and watch your looks thank you, every single day!

Grab one like Kate Beckinsale here.

10. Anna Wintour - Solid Cashmere

Dame Anna Wintour, the British-American journalist, has been the editor-in-Chief of Vogue, and hence needs no input on how to style up perfectly. We are super delighted at seeing her wearing a solid Cashmere scarf in an emerald green shade which goes perfectly with her dress.

Anna wintour in cashmere
Anna Wintour wearing a Cashmere scarf
ombre pashmina shawl
A Kashmiri Cashmere Wrap, handwoven with an unmatched fashion, is bated in shades of green for a brilliant look.

With a little twist, we handcrafted a twin shade green Cashmere scarf in an ombre pattern to create a look inspired by her style. One can pair this with any colour for a contemporary look.

Dress up like Anna Wintour here.

11. Reese Witherspoon - Patterned Cashmere

Reese chose a patterned Cashmere wrap to uplift a plain outfit. Over a grey sweater, she wore a somewhat IKAT patterned scarf, which helped add a touch of colour to her outfit.

reese witherspoon in cashmere
Reese Witherspoon wearing Patterned Cashmere
patterned cashmere wrap
Here is an exceptionally patterned Cashmere Pashmina shawl that revives traditional Pashmina fabric into a modern and timeless wrap accessory

In almost the same colours, we too handcrafted a kaleidoscopic patterned cashmere scarf to uplift your pastel and muted shaded winter and fall outfits. This handwoven beauty instantly gives a pepped-up look to the most basic looks.

Raise your style quotient like Reese Witherspoon here.

12. Gwyneth Paltrow - Embroidered Pashmina

As the days become colder, Cashmere should be the first preference of women. This is what Gwyneth Paltrow believes and hence chose to cover herself with a toosh Pashmina shawl over a casual look. Isn't this a classy look?

Gwyneth Paltrow in cashmere
Gwyneth Paltrow wearing Embroidered Pashmina wrap
hand embroidered pashmina shawl
Hand Embroidered Pashmina Shawl

In the same shade and Dordaar embroidery pattern, we handpicked an embroidered Pashmina shawl to tone down your ensemble, as well as lend you the comfiest warmth.

Buy Gwyneth Paltrow's look here.

13. Leighton Meester - Kani Pashmina

Leighton Meester AKA Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl enriches her solid black trench coat with colours of a pure Cashmere Kani scarf. This helps add colour to a plain look, as well as keep her comfy for the colder seasons.

Leighton Meester in kani pashmina
Leighton Meester wearing Kani Pashmina shawl
kani pashmina shawl
Kani Cashmere shawl

In the same lovely and breathtaking colours, we too handpicked one of the most beautiful shawls from our collection in our freshest edition. It is a Kani Shawl handcrafted from pure Cashmere which adds more beauty to winter apparel.

Get the look of Leighton Meester here.

14. Nicole Richie - Textured Cashmere

Wouldn't Nicole Richie have looked somewhat black and white if she hadn't chosen to add red? A chic textured Red Cashmere scarf helps Nicole to elevate her outfit, as well as keep her exceptionally warm in Fall or winters.

nicole richie in cashmere
Nicole Richie wearing Textured Cashmere scarf
textured pashmina shawl
A handmade red Cashmere scarf

You can do the same. Elevate your bland outfits with the bright essence of a handmade red Cashmere scarf or wrap, and watch the entire transform in an instant.

Grab one like Nicole Richie here.

15. Cameron Diaz - Solid Cashmere

To complement her black and yellow sweater, Cameron chose a solid Cashmere wrap to tie around the neck for a warmer comfort.

cameron diaz in cashmere
Cameron Diaz wearing Solid Cashmere wrap
yellow pashmina shawl
A solid yellow Cashmere wrap

Here is one more like it. A solid yellow Cashmere wrap, handwoven over traditional Kashmiri looms for pure pleasure and comfy winter experience

Dress up like Cameron Diaz here.

16. Ali Larter - Solid Cashmere

Who doesn't love red? Ali Larter does at least! In a solid pattern, she picked a red scarf in pure Cashmere, that blends flawlessly with her white dress

ali larter in cashmere
Ali Larter wearing Solid Cashmere scarf
crimson shimmery pashmina shawl
Reversible Zari Cashmere wrap

Mingled threads of Zari and Cashmere make this red scarf a true masterpiece. Even in a solid essence, it looks marvelous. You can pair it with an all-over white or black dress to add the allure of red to your looks.

Raise your style quotient like Ali Larter here.

17. Kim Kardashian - Checkered Cashmere

Fashion changes itself when it comes to the Kardashian family. Every member of the household has their own unique style that the entire world is ready to own. Kim Kardashian was seen wearing a chic checkered pattern Cashmere scarf, and like any other woman in the world, our designers too got inspired.

kim kardasian in cashmere
Kim Kardashian wearing Checkered Cashmere wrap
patterned pashmina shawl
Check Patterned Pashmina wrap

We handpicked a similar red and black checkered Cashmere wrap to wrap you in timeless elegance. Check never goes out of style, and that's what we want our patrons to be. Ever stylish!

Buy Kim Kardashian's look here.

18. Jessica Alba - Solid Pashmina

Jessica Alba has her own definition of minimalism. Like wearing this scarf might look too plain, but paired with her outfit, it gives such a classy look.

jessica alba in cashmere
Jessica Alba wearing a Reversible Pashmina shawl
cashmere scarf
The grandeur of the handmade Pashminas is a result of the amalgamation of years of art, heritage & dedication by the artisans

Here is a similar minimal beauty from our collection. A handcrafted brown solid Cashmere scarf that can be paired with overdone prints to tone them down, or a simply contrasting shade to exude a fine look.

Get the look of Jessica Alba here.

19. Anne Hathaway - Patterned Cashmere

Anne Hathaway picks a kaleidoscopic design to breathe fresh colours into her plain outfit. She looks absolutely chic as she ties it around her neck for a warm and snug experience

anne hathaway in cashmere
Anne Hathaway wearing Patterned Cashmere
patterned pashmina shawl
An extraordinary display of modish patterns attracts the gazes of the beholders and you realise you look nothing less than the best

In the same colours and patterns, our designers have picked this handmade piece, which artisans have manually woven over wooden handlooms for months together.

Grab one like Anne Hathaway here.

20. Bella Hadid - Patterned Scarf

Bella Hadid's scarf seems to come straight from the sky. In all the colours of nature, the scarf hosts woven patterns, which look beautifully contrasting over a total black look

bella hadid in cashmere
Bella Hadid wearing Patterned cashmere scarf
striped pashmina shawl
Patterned impeccably for the patrons of traditional art, the wrap has been accentuated with vivid stripes to fill colour into gloomy winter skies

We have always been in love with stripes. Our striped scarf in Cashmere, too, hosts coloured stripes, which can enhance any pastel and muted outfit instantly.

Dress up like Bella Hadid here.

21. Will Smith - Patterned Scarf

Men love Cashmere too. Will Smith pairs his wine sweater with a contrasting scarf, which he chooses to tie around his neck for warmth as well as a timeless style.

will smith in cashmere
Will Smith wearing Patterned cashmere scarf
striped cashmere wrap
Track Striped Cashmere Wrap

This handwoven piece from our fresh edit imbibes colours from the same look and looks amazing with brighter colours as well as nudes.

Raise your style quotient like Will Smith here.

22. Jessica Biel - Solid Pashmina

Winter demands the return of freshness from the summer bygone. What better colour than green to help one look refreshed. Here is Jessica Biel coaching the use of the green Cashmere scarf in its solid essence. You can try it too.

jessica biel in cashmere
Jessica Biel wearing Solid Pashmina
green pashmina shawl
Classic, centuries-old yet timeless, this piece is sure to make you look your best, even when the skies are grey and gloomy

From our handcrafted solid edition of Cashmere scarves, we too chose a fresh green shade, which matches any colour, any style, mood, and skin tone.

Buy Jessica Biel's look here.

23. Hilary Duff - Striped Cashmere

We are amazed by the fact that Hillary duff chooses an oversized Cashmere wrap, and still looks exquisite. These ageless stripes of yellow and black look flawless on her.

hilary duff in cashmere
Hilary Duff wearing Striped Cashmere
striped pashmina shawl
Mutes and Pastels Cashmere Wrap

Somewhat inspired by Hillary Duff, we handpicked a grey and yellow striped Cashmere scarf to pair with warm winter apparel. This is handwoven over a period of 3-4 months by artisans of Kashmir valley, North India.

Get the look of Hilary Duff here.

24. Gigi Hadid - Solid Cashmere

Cosy, classy, and celebrity-approved! Cashmere is the perfect thing for models and us alike.

Gigi stepped out in a solid grey scarf that seems to be pulled out of a timeless fashion wardrobe. The scarf looks perfect with her casual outfit.

gigi hadid in cashmere
Gigi Hadid wearing Solid Cashmere
grey pashmina shawl
This timeless piece is a must-buy for the admirers of classic

Something like Gigi Hadid? Wear this solid grey scarf from our pure, handcrafted, solid assortment of Cashmere scarves. In a minimal grey, the scarf keeps you immensely warm and cozy

Grab one like Gigi Hadid here.

25. Naomi Watts - Reversible Cashmere

A large grey trenchcoat paired with a Cashmere scarf looks surreal when you know how to wear them together. Noami Watts for sure does. Her casual look with this Cashmere scarf is perfect and so effortless to follow.

naomi watts in cashmere
Naomi Watts wearing Reversible Cashmere
reversible pashmina shawl
Touch Of Gold Reversible Pashmina Scarf

Look at this masterpiece from our reversible edition. Inspired by Noami Watts's look, this scarf hosts the same colours in a reversible pattern, so you can have two looks in one accessory.

Dress up like Naomi Watts here.

26. Katherine Heigl - Solid Scarf

Is there any colour that blends with every other colour as seamlessly as white does? We don't think so. Katherine Heigl too prefers a white scarf with her tan trench coat for flawless looks and comfort.

katherine heigl in cashmere
Katherine Heigl wearing Solid Cashmere Scarf
ivory swarovski studded pashmina shawl
White Cashmere Wrap with Swarovski Crystals

We chose a Swarovski studded white Cashmere scarf to emulate this look. These studs are fitted onto a plain handwoven Cashmere to make your looks more stylish and easy to carry.

Raise your style quotient like Katherine Heigl here.

27. Sandra Bullock - Solid Cashmere

Burnt orange has some years back been the colour of the year. Perhaps that is when Sandra bullock didn't fail to impress with her burnt orange scarf which she chooses to complete her casual looks in winter

sandra bullock in cashmere
Sandra Bullock wearing Solid Cashmere
solid cashmere wrap
The skill of meticulously weaving pashminas by hand preserves in it, the natural texture & feel of the fleecy down hair of the Changthangi goat

A brown shade aggrandizes any look. We soaked an exceptionally warm and beautiful Cashmere scarf in this ethereal shade to come up with this regal look that you can carry effortlessly.

Buy Sandra Bullock's look here.

28. Keri Russel - Striped Cashmere

Keri Russel, the 'Felicity' actress loves stripes, as these are timeless and everlasting. Stripes blend with any other pattern and create unique looks. Here too, she has handpicked a striped scarf complementing her classic white shirt and blue jeans look

Keri Russel in pashmina
Keri Russel wearing Striped Cashmere
striped cashmere wrap
The wrap features coloured stripes in a ldish pattern, so you enjoy winter with all fun and frolic

Get inspired by her minimal style, and pair your outfits with this handcrafted striped Cashmere scarf, woven manually for months together.

Get the look of Keri Russel here.

29. Rachel Weisz - Hand embroidered Pashmina

Rachel Weisz chose a classic Kashmiri Pashmina to add a twist to her casual apparel. A toosh shaded sozni embroidered Pashmina shawl looks amazing on her. We never knew a shawl can be worn in this way too!

rachel weisz in pashmina
Rachel Weisz wearing Hand embroidered Pashmina
embroidered pashmina shawl
A Sozni embroidered toosh Pashmina shawl

Try your hands at her style. A Sozni embroidered toosh Pashmina shawl hosts a one-of-a-kind embroidery patch in the burnt orange shade, which looks completely flawless. Pair this one with casual for semi-formal outfits.

Grab one like Rachel Weisz here.

30. Judi Dench - Hand Embroidered Pashmina

Staring in a number of James Bond films and Shakespearean dramas, Judi can well teach us the value of timeless accessories. And if she too wears a Pashmina, we are bound to say that Pashmina is an unparalleled art. Here, the actress chooses a turquoise shade to refresh a plain dress.

Judi dench in pashmina
Judi Dench - Hand Embroidered Pashmina
jaal pashmina shawl
Thin needles and gaudy threads have been put to play to enrich the occasions coming your way

We fell in love with her timeless style and handpicked a similar-looking Pashmina shawl for your winters to be more memorable, comfortable and easy.

Raise your style quotient like Judi Dench here.

31. Ashley Olsen -Hand Embroidered Pashmina

Ashley Olsen, as well as her twin sister, are fashion designers. Their looks are something to get inspired from. Here is Ashley wearing an embroidered scarf, which pair with her black jacket impeccably

Ashley Olsen in pashmina
Ashley Olsen wearing Hand Embroidered Pashmina
jaal pashmina shawl
Hand embroidered by deft artisans who spend months together weaving one a single piece

Our collection features a scarf of the same pattern, hand-embroidered in Sozni Kari all over its plush base. This can be worn with brighter shades on formal and semi-formal occasions.

Dress up like Ashley Olsen here.

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