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15 Bollywood Celebrities who rocked their looks with a Pashmina shawl

September 6th, 2021 | 0 views
15 Bollywood Celebrities who rocked their looks with a Pashmina shawl

It is not just the royalty of ancient times which was swooned by the magic of Pashmina. Bollywood celebrities have also been smitten by the exquisiteness and grandeur of the luxury Pashmina art. Fairly, many times, they have chosen heavenly Pashmina shawls over contemporary accessories.

Here is a list of Bollywood celebrities who donned the traditional Pashmina at some special events.

1. Kareena Kapoor wears Kani Pashmina

On the sets of Bhajrangi Bhaijaan, Kareena Kapoor was seen wearing a red Kani shawl. The Kani Pashmina looked absolutely mesmerizing on her. On another occasion, Kareena Kapoor chose a warm blue Kani Pashmina stole with a blue outfit. And honestly, it looked as if it had been handcrafted especially for her.

kareena kapoor in kani pashmina
Kareena Kapoor wearing a Kani Pashmina Shawl
kani pashmina shawl
Crafted in uncountable weaves, a Kani shawl immersed in red is as comfortable as it is exquisite

Here is a warm red Kani Pashmina shawl, which takes inspiration from the goddess of ethnic fashion, Kareena Kapoor. This handwoven shawl takes 3-4 years to complete.

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2. Virat Kohli chooses Pashmina Shawl for Wedding

Virat chose to wear Pashmina on his very special day. The A-list cricketer enrobed a bespoke Bandhgala from Sabyasachi Mukherjee for his wedding reception. He, moreover, aggrandized the look with a full embroidered Jamawar Pashmina shawl; it looked nothing less than splendid.

virat kohli in pashmina shawl
Virat Kohli wearing a Pashmina shawl for his wedding day
hand embroidered pashmina shawl
Over a warm black base, colourful floral motifs in bolder strokes of Kashmiri Papier Mache span magically making this piece nothing less than a treasure

Because we fell in love with Virat's choice of ethnic accessorizing, we too handpicked one such piece from our collection, which looks like living art. This shawl has been hand embroidered in the exquisite Papier Mache embroidery that adds colour to the otherwise stark black Cashmere base.

Get the look of Virat Kohli here.

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3. Amitabh Bachchan loves Kani Jamawar Pashmina

Amitabh Bachchan is famous for his style. We don't think anyone would raise a question as far as his ethnic styling is concerned. There are a number of times when Amitabh Bachchan chose Kani Pashmina shawls to complete his ethnic looks. In fact, his wife Jaya Bachchan and son Abhishek Bachchan have also been seen wearing Kani Pashmina.

Amitabh likes to keep his style minimal. He often goes for a white base Kani shawls featuring Jamawar patterned floral motifs

amitabh bachchan in kani pashmina
Amitabh Bachchan in Kani Pashmina Shawl
kani pashmina shawl

Here is a shawl that got inspired by Big B's classic style. A toosh shaded Pashmina shawl, handwoven in the realms of Kani weave, where flowers enrich a plain base. Shawls like this take years to complete.

Grab one like Amitabh Bachchan here.

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4. Neil Nitin Mukesh and Nitin Mukesh enhance their outfit with a Pashmina shawl

The very good-looking Neil has a number of times worn a Jamawar Kani Pashmina along with his father. The father-son duo nailed the whole concept of twinning.

neil nitin mukesh in pashmina shawl
Neil Nitin Mukesh and his father in Kani Pashmina Shawl

kani pashmina shawl
A pure Kashmiri Pashmina shawl is what the people of class love to drape

Inspired by the father duo's timeless style, we too introduced a warm blue Kani Pashmina shawl into our classic collection of Kashmiri Kani Pashmina shawls. This shawl has taken 3 years to complete, and as a result, looks mesmerizing

Dress up like Neil Nitin Mukesh here.

5. Shilpa Shetty goes for white Kani Jamawar Pashmina

Shilpa chooses a white Kani Jamawar for days when she could do with some effortless style. In this case, she pairs it with minimal clothing so that her Kani gets the attention it deserves.

shilpa shetty in pashmina shawl
Shilpa Shetty in Kani Jamawar Pashmina shawl
kani pashmina shawl
 Kashmiri Pashmina shawl, handwoven impeccably, by the most proficient hands which excel in this glorious craft

An off-white ivory shade Kani Pashmina shawl, from our fresh edit of Pashmina shawls, looks pretty similar to what Shilpa donned. The shawl features motifs from the Spring gardens of Kashmir valley in beautiful colours and patterns.

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6. Even the Ambanis are fond of Kashmiri Pashmina shawl

Well, the richest family in India has a rich taste too. The Ambanis have often been seen wearing Kani Pashminas, the most luxurious of all Cashmere wrap. For the unaware, it takes artisans between 6 months and 2 years to make a single Kani shawl. The royals of the Mughal court and Europe have cherished this particular type alike. Of course, the Ambanis chose the finest option out there.

neeta ambani in pashmina shawl
Neeta Ambani in Kani pashmina shawl
kani pashmina shawl
Kashmiri Pashmina - the world-famous fabric has been handwoven with the colourful intervention of Kani weave

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Being inspired by this affluent family, our designers too handcrafted a similar looking, pure Kani Pashmina shawl, where kaleidoscopic motifs complement the white base in an ethereal fashion. The irregularity of motifs on this shawl showcases the meticulous and painstaking efforts of artisans, who take years to complete one such piece.

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7. Twinkle Khanna rocks the airport look with a Kani shawl

Twinkle Khanna accentuates her casual look with a Pashmina wrap which seamlessly blends with her outfit. Here she can be seen wearing a Kani Pashmina, which is famed to have been worn by Empress Josephine of France.

twinkle khanna in pashmina
Twinkle Khanna wearing a Kani Pashmina
kani pashmina shawl

In the same meticulous fashion, our artisans, too, have handcrafted a warm grey Kani Pashmina shawl, accentuated by colorful floral motifs. These shawls are perfect for formal occasions, weddings, bridal gifts, or corporate gifts.

Get the look of Twinkle Khanna here.

8. Tabu keeps it minimal in a Jaal Pashmina

It was in the movie "Haider", where Tabu chose a Jaal embroidery Pashmina shawl and looked like a queen. Jaal embroidery uses threads that are pierced through fine Pashmina carefully.

tabu wearing jaal pashmina
Tabu wearing Jaal Pashmina Shawl
jaal pashmina shawl
Handcrafted in pure Cashmere fibre, the shawl makes an ideal pick for the days when the skies are grey and gloomy

Our luxury edit of Jaal embroidered Pashmina features a similarly embroidered piece. Its base is teal and is hand embroidered with threads all over. The piece looks majestic or someone who is the true patron of Pashmina art.

Raise your style quotient like Tabu here.

9. Alia Bhatt wears a hand embroidered shawl during her shoot in Kashmir

Alia chose a hand-embroidered Kashmiri shawl for her movie which was shot in Kashmir itself. The purple base is highlighted by white embroidery, which this immensely talented actress carries a minimal look.

alia bhatt in pashmina
Alia Bhatt wearing Pashmina Shawl
embroidered pashmina wrap
The brilliantly done Zari Kari spans like magic over the borders

From our collection, we handpicked a purple shawl, which has been hand embroidered in the realms of Tilla Dozi. In a minimal design, the shawl exudes a sophisticated look, as the combination of purple and silver looks beautifully intense.

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10. Sushmita Sen looks ethereal in a solid handcrafted Pashmina shawl

Miss Universe 1994, Sushmita Sen, doesn't need any instruction when it comes to classic styling. We are completely sold for her solid pink shawl which she carefully pairs with a delicate ethnic dress. She looks gorgeous, doesn't she?

sushmita sen in pashmina
Sushmita Sen wearing a solid Pashmina Shawl
solid pashmina shawl
The cloud-like feel of the handwoven pashmina shawls makes it an exquisite work of art

From our freshest edit of solid Pashmina shawls, we handpicked this one for your minimalistic style. A solid Pashmina shawl, in a serene shade of pink, looks beautiful on any outfit combination.

Get the look of Sushmita Sen here.

11. Salman Khan and his timeless hand embroidered Pashmina

Salman Khan is habitual of setting new style statements in the fashion world. From his signature shirts to a turquoise bracelet, he has followers all over the world who love to stay as stylish as he is. When he wore this Jamawar Pashmina shawl, hand-embroidered all over the base, his admirers too loved this look. And so did we!

salman khan in pashmina
Salman Khan wearing a Jamawar Pashmina shawl
embroidered pashmina shawl
Inspired from the Mughal architecture, a shawl handcrafted in the realms of Pashmina art speaks a thousand words about the time royalty all over the world revered it

Hosting a similar embroidery pattern is a Sozni Jamawar shawl from our exquisite collection of embroidered luxury shawls. It has a stark black which hosts contrasting motifs in a profuse fashion.

Grab one like Salman Khan here.

12. Style icon Sonam Kapoor keeps it basic with a patterned Cashmere wrap

Anyone more stylish than Sonam? We don't think so. She carries a solid Pashmina in such an effortless fashion, and yet manages to look absolutely chic.

sonam kapoor in pashmina
Sonam Kapoor wearing Pashmina Shawl
weave pattern cashmere wrap
Handcrafted in a graceful combination of baby pinks, nudes and burnt orange, the wrap gives its wearer a look of a lifetime

Inspired by her chic and modish style, we introduced a modern design Cashmere wrap in our contemporary collection. This soft and elegant piece hosts stripes of many colours to look a part of any outfit you choose to wear.

Dress up like Sonam Kapoor here.

13. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wears a heritage Kani shawl

Even the leader of the country could not help but choose a Kani Pashmina for a special event. Narendra Modi too handpicked the classic white shawl with Kani woven floral motifs, which is as classical and ancient in Kashmir as time itself.

narendra modi in pashmina
Narendra Modi in Kani Pashmina shawl
kani pashmina shawl
Kani Pashmina shawl

Our heavenly, luxurious assortment of Kani Pashmina shawls also houses a shawl, exactly the same as the PM wore. You can try your hands on it, and pair it with formal apparel effortlessly.

Raise your style quotient like Narendra Modi here.

14. Smriti Irani and the ageless red Kani she chose for a formal event

A red Kani Jamawar Pashmina shawl never goes out of style. Perhaps this is the reason why the Minister of Women and Child Development of India, Smriti Irani chose the same for a formal occasion.

smriti irani in pashmina
Smriti Irani wearing a Kani Pashmina shawl
red kani pashmina shawl
A rich red Kashmiri Pashmina shawl gets a breath-taking intervention of Kani threads when it is being woven over a traditional wooden handloom

You too can look exquisite in the same red Kani Pashmina Shawl which our artisans have handwoven for years together. This is perfect for weddings and formal occasions, or an ideal gift for a bride.

Buy Smriti Irani's look here.

15. Evergreen stylish Hema Malini wears a black Kani to enrich a plain outfit

Her evergreen fashion statement made her the style queen of India during her reign in Bollywood. Even now, Hema Malini never compromises on her style. Take this look, for example, where she pairs an ivory kurta with a luxury Kani Pashmina. We loved the shawl so much, that we created its twin!

hema malini in pashmina
Hema Malini wearing a Kani Pashmina Shawl
black kani pashmina shawl
The piece is as gossamer as it is heavenly warm, as it envelops its wearer in a subtle grace yet a royal demeanour

Here it is! A black Kani Pashmina shawl, accentuated with colorful flowers looks as stunning as its wearer. The shawl takes years together to complete, but what comes out of the loom is simply an art piece.

Get the look of Hema Malini here.

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