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10 ways to wear a Pashmina

June 11th, 2021 | 2073 views
10 ways to wear a Pashmina

When it comes to dressing up for winter, it’s easy to rely on the usual sweater-and-jeans combo. But every once in a while, it’s good to switch up your winter outfit formula—an absolute guarantee that it will uplift your mood. Breakaway from your repeating winter looks by pairing a dark blue long-length denim skirt with a brown slim-fitting blouse and a pair of black ankle boots. Why the dark colours you ask? Dark colours have a warming effect and, therefore, make you look and feel warm and cozy. Give a final touch to this look in a sophisticated way by wearing a toosh-colored Pashmina shawl.

toosh cashmere shawl
Handwoven on traditional wooden looms in a tedious three days long process, the Pashmina shawls are truly a work of art

The toosh colour of this shawl perfectly matches the dark color scheme of this chic winter outfit. Also, the balanced tone of this colour makes it versatile enough to tastefully contrast neutral hues such as off-white, beige, and caramel. Recreate this look by creating a single fold of the toosh Pashmina shawl lengthwise and then wearing it to cover both shoulders by creating a break in the neck area. To best do this look, belt the shawl at the upper waist area; a belt of similar dark shade or a transparent one will suffice.

The shawl from the house of Pashmina.com is made with fine cashmere. Just like every other Pashmina that we offer, this design feels impeccably soft on the skin. In other words, it makes you feel the most comfortable you’ve ever been when wearing a piece of clothing

Introduce a hint of opulence

The collection features lace Pashmina shawls, scarves, wraps, and more, accentuated by the French Chantilly lace combined with the best workmanship from the picturesque valley itself.

When experimenting with different styles, it’s amazing to see how changing just a part of your outfit can significantly transform the entire look in winter.

Here’s an example of such a transformation

lace cashmere wrap
The lovely French Chantilly lace which adorns its corners and fringes in an impeccable fashion

This Maroon Black Laced Wrap from our collection adds a flair of sophistication to the overall look. The symmetrical pattern of this shawl imparts a textured look to the overall style.

The balanced proportions of colours lend an irresistible intrigue to this design. Maroon & black are two classic colours. When combined, the rich tone of both colours creates a striking contrast which works wonders in helping you stand out from the crowd. Wear this Pashmina shawl in a wrap-like drape; tuck a sizable amount of fold in each arm to don this fashion accessory the classy way.

The collection features lace Pashmina shawls, scarves, wraps, and more, accentuated by the French Chantilly lace combined the best workmanship from the picturesque valley itself.

Look fabulous while staying warm

The Kashmiri Pashmina has just been handwoven in a luxury scarf which twins with all your casuals and formals

A jumpsuit is another trendy yet cozy winter wardrobe staple that helps you sport a charismatic look with minimum effort while keeping you at utmost comfort. Unlike playsuits, jumpsuits have a long pant structure and come in handy when breaking away from the mundane winter blues. When wearing a dark-colored jumpsuit, our fern green wrap comes as a good option to introduce a bold colour pop.

The grassy fern green colour of this exclusive Pashmina shawl excites a feeling of freshness to the beholders. Also, it works wonders in creating an interesting visual break which leaves you feeling fabulous. Made from high-quality cashmere, this shawl also doubles up as a fashion accessory for keeping warm. With a feather-light design, these Pashmina shawls help you stay comfortable as well

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A fusion of traditional and modern

swarovski crystals wrap
The wrap features shimmers of an array of Swarovski studs

One of the biggest trends in the fashion realm is combining traditional elements with modern style. One no-fail way to incorporate this approach into your winter ensemble is to pair a black-colored maxi dress with a dusty pink Pashmina wrap.

The consistency of the light pink colour of this stole gives it an elegant look while the quirky Swarovski studs impart a certain uniqueness. Also, a basic pink colour creates a tasteful contrast against any dark-colored maxi dress. This stole from our collection also features an intricate diamond weave which reflects the masterful craftsmanship associated with the making of the stole.

Artisans at Kashmir use traditional looms to weave Pashmina wraps to perfection. Also, embroidery artists put great attention to details when working on the embroidery of each Pashmina wrap. As such, every design bears a certain degree of exclusivity that’s matched by none

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Keep warm in ethnic

swarovski crystals scarf
 An overflowing grace of swarovski studs which pass over far and wide over the base in dots and floral patterns

Keeping warm with ethnic wear during the winter season while nailing the look can be a bit of a challenge, but not when you accessorize the outfit with a Pashmina scarf. When wearing a long-length Kurti, drape navy cashmere wraps in a single loose loop.

Cover both shoulders and let the bottom border reach the waist’s length to keep warm; the fine cashmere fabric of this scarf does wonders in trapping warmth and helps you beat the winter chill. Look-wise, this Pashmina scarf makes a lasting style statement, thanks to its remarkable swarovski design that’s meticulously crafted.

When attending events wearing this scarf, you are sure to stand out as the dazzling display of this scarf’s floral patterns does not fail to intrigue the tasteful eyes.

Flaunt the entire shawl

ombre pashmina shawl
Handwoven over traditional looms is soaked in warm shades of black and blue

Pashmina shawls are so beautiful that the wearer definitely wants to flaunt their ethereal pieces. Here is a style that showcases the entire base of your newly purchased shawl. Handcrafted on a traditional loom in a breathtaking ombre style, this shawl is perfect for gloomy winter and fall days

Place the centre of the shawl on your shoulder and let the rest of the shawl dangle in its entirety. This way, you have a chance to show off the vivid shades of your shawl and the natural exquisiteness that is inherent to Pashmina.

Usually, the shawls which feature kaleidoscopic patterns or those featuring embroidery patterns are fashioned in this style. The purpose is a display of the masterly skill of artisans who spend months and years together to weave one single piece.

Brooch on the Shoulder

striped pashmina shawl
A classic Cashmere Pashmina shawl

Pashmina shawls are traditional accessories that have always been worn in a traditional style. But from the past decades, contemporary styles have merged into this cultural accessory and hence women have been styling Pashmina shawls in the latest avatars.

One such style is covering your shoulders with Pashmina and tying the two ends near your shoulder with a brooch. This style is usually followed when wearing Pashmina with a dress. It showcases the patterns of your shawl as well as keeps you warm in the gelid winter season.

A Traditional Styling

handwoven pashmina shawl
The wrap features colourful patterns in stripes

Even though Pashmina has evolved to be as contemporary as it is conventional, but we chose a traditional style of Pashmina to style you up in winter. This style will look good on any variety or pattern of Pashmina you own, and any outfit that you are wearing.

Cover your front with the centre of the base of the Pashmina shawl and let the two ends dangle from the backside. This way you are taking full advantage of the warmth that Pashmina inherits, as well as displaying a traditional style of fashioning wrap accessories. Wrap your shawl like this for casual events

Ready for the Fall

black cashmere scarf
Handmade in the most skilled patterns is a Kashmiri Pashmina scarf

There are days when it's not cold enough to snuggle up in a Pashmina. This might be early fall or spring. These days do ask for warmth but not a typical winter intensity.

For those days, you can tie your Pashmina like a muffler. Simply place the centre of your stole on the backside of your neck and let the other two sides dangle on the front. When tied this way, Pashmina can lend you warmth as well as keep you stylish throughout the day.

This style is the best for casual outings with friends or a family get together with close relatives

Loose Head Scarf

For those who want to cover up their heads too as temperatures fall, here is a style for hijabs. Choose a beautiful shade that compliments your skin tone and tie it as a headscarf in a loose pattern so that your ears and neck show.

pink cashmere hijab
The cloud like feel of the handwoven pashmina makes it an exquisite work of art

This kind of style looks amazing over western wear. You can pair this styled hijab with long maxi dresses or your favourite jeans and sweaters. It keeps you pleasantly warm and gracefully accessorized.

For those who are rooted in culture, Pashmina hijabs are the best choice. The hijabs are made from natural fibre (Cashmere) ethically, and Kashmiri artisans have been doing so for centuries. Flaunt your glorious culture today

Reverse it like a pro

reversible pashmina shawl
 Two shades of red over the two sides of the lavish base

One of the famous Pashmina shawls is the reversible patterned ones. In this shawl, the weave is so artistic that the front side is different from the back side. In other words, you have two shawls in one, and that too of different shades, or colours.

While wrapping a reversible Pashmina shawl twist the centre of the shawl and place it in the midpoint of your back. Bring the two ends to the front such as one shows the front and the other side shows the back. It should be clearly visible that the shawl has two sides.

This type of styling a Pashmina shawl is in vogue and ideal to be worn to formal occasions.

Why is Cashmere so warm?

Cashmere is a fashion connoisseurs’ fiber choice for keeping warm during winters while looking stylish. The design of cashmere fibre is such that it traps air which, in turn, gives cashmere a superior insulating property. As such, cashmere wrap feels unrealistically warm as it traps your body’s heat and prevents it from diffusing into the surrounding. That’s the major reason why a Pashmina wrap is so warm.

Raw cashmere fibre
Raw Cashmere Fibre

An interesting fact to know is that Pashmina wraps can keep you cool during the summer months as well. The superior natural insulating property of cashmere prevents the surrounding temperature to heat your body. When attending evening events during summers, drape a feather-light Pashmina shawl, scarf, or stole to elevate your overall style quotient while keeping cool.

An investment you won’t regret if you are looking for a timeless piece of fashion accessory, invest in a warm and stylish cashmere wrap. Made from pure Pashmina wool, Kashmiri Pashmina shawls have an enduring appeal. The timeless charm of a Pashmina shawl makes it a must-have in your wardrobe. The ancient motifs with contemporary sensibility, a Pashmina shawl is an amalgamation of the traditional and the contemporary

This question actually puzzles us because the term Pashmina has nothing to do with sizing. Pashmina is an art of creating luxury shawls, scarves out of Cashmere wool. There can be Pashmina scarves, i.e, scarves made out of cashmere wool. This wool comes from the Ladakh region and nowhere else, and is handwoven to make scarves. However, there is a difference between the usual scarves and Pashmina scarves. A Pashmina scarf is generally larger in size, like a stole, and it is intended to be worn around the shoulders, and not just around the neck. However, you can customize your order with us anytime you want.

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