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Crimson, scarlet, ruby, cherry, rust, whatever you call it, wearing red is something most women drool over. And why not. After all, it is the 20th-century fashion queen Audrey Hepburn herself who once quoted that there is a shade of red for every woman.
In the same sumptuous shades of red, luxury Kashmiri Cashmere wraps have newly been handcrafted in the most artistic fashion ever. In solid plains, hand embroideries, and craftsy weaves, the pieces have been treasured for centuries together and now they're coming to you, soaked in red and elevated major statements to be your style companion for all the year-round.

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Items 1-24 of 99

Heavenly soft, breathable, lightweight: This collection of awe-inspiring and elegant red Cashmere wraps are worth the splurge. Made from the blissfully fine and downy wool of the Ladakhi goat, which is 100% pure, authentic, these Pashmina wraps are fine, breathable, exceptionally lightweight, and certified by the government, to make sure your newly bought accessory is of the finest quality. Handwoven over a classic handloom, these extravagant pieces make the best addition to your accessory wardrobes.

In the feminine shade of red:  It is said "when in doubt, wear Red"! Such is the power, emotions, and passion behind this particular fiery shade. Be it for you an accessory or a staple, a red Cashmere wrap will definitely win you the title of a fashion pro.

Countless Styling Alternatives: If you live at a place where the temperature drops too much, then you don't have an option but to drape a warm red Pashmina shawl all over your body. If it's spring, you can loosely tie it around the neck. Crisp fall evenings deserve a well-tied french knot of your red Cashmere scarf paired with oversized sweaters and jeans.

More Looks, More Styles: You can pair your red Pashmina scarf with your airport, casual, office outfits impeccably. Be it classic whites, bold reds, bright yellows, and more lights and pastels, a red Cashmere will surely aggrandize each colour with full enthusiasm as well as warm you up all year long on chilly fall days or brisk spring mornings. For weddings, we would suggest you choose a hot red hand-embroidered red Pashmina shawl which sets all focus on you!

Uncompromised quality: We do not just know what shade looks best on you but craft the same in unmatched quality. Quality is one of our biggest focus areas here at Pashmina.com. With our stringent quality control processes, we make sure that the quality of each piece is not compromised, even to the slightest degree.

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