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Whilst we may be living in our oversized sweaters, long coats, and high boots right now, luckily we have an artistically crafted assortment of blue Pashmina wraps to uplift us and give us a glimpse of how we can dress up celebrities. Hosting a plethora of adroitly made blue Cashmere scarves, wraps, and blue Pashmina shawls, the luxury collection showcases an overabundance of styles that are possible with these luxury pieces. As such there are hundreds of shades in which our pure Cashmeres shine through, but this time we choose the Color of the Year for 2020 - "Classic Blue" in engulfing you in the freshness of the blue skies.
Pure and sustainably made Cashmere from the valley of Kashmir handwoven over classic handlooms have been patterned solid, embroidered, and in magical weaves before soaking them in the dependable and reliable hues of blue to perfectly go with your chic outfits of the year.

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Items 1-24 of 144

The lovely blue: The approachable hues of blue convey comfort and ease besides looking marvelous when paired with bold and vibrant colors. A Blue scarf will never go wrong when paired with hot shades or neutral tones. A blue Cashmere scarf would look equally beautiful with a white dress as it will look with a black one. Plus the inherent softness and comfort that is built in the downy fibres of Pashm embrace you in a pleasant balmy experience.

These blue Pashmina wraps are handwoven: These wraps that you just chose have been hand-woven over a classic wooden loom in Kashmir, where a number of masterly artisans sit together, and in warps and wefts, weave the delicate Pashm threads, which have been manually acquired from the hilly terrains of Ladakh. And when such exquisite and fine threads get hand-woven over a loom, the resulting wrap is warm, stylish, and pure luxury. 

A blue Cashmere in patterns you love: It's not just the colour that is drool-worthy. It is the plethora of patterns that we have chosen to weave them in. Be it the lovely casual friendly solid plain Pashminas, or hand embroidered in the shimmers of zari, be it the classic weaves of Kashmiri Kani or chic patterns and print, these pieces will make you want to own every single piece you see.

Authentic, 100% certified Cashmeres: Our collection of ethereal blue Cashmere wraps is pure, authentic and certified from the Ministry of Textiles. Our quest to provide you the best and the real version of the world-famous Kashmiri Cashmere leads us to make pure Cashmere Pashminas, which are authentic in terms of quality and technique The certificate of authenticity that you get with every wrap you choose from us is our affirmation of the high-quality standards we strive for. We have the flexibility to send you copies of the batch test reports in case you want to learn more about the quality of the shawl you plan on purchasing. 

Gift them, with love: Who knew that gifting in winters can be as fun as it is in any other season? This assortment has all the gifts you would want to give them and they will surely love. From plain blue cashmere for your teen daughter to sophisticated prints and patterns for your workaholic sibling, from a hand-embroidered blue Pashmina shawl for your mother to meticulously woven Kashmiri Kani shawl - we have got your winter gifting sorted to the perfect level.  

Why is this wrap exclusive? The blue Pashmina you are wearing or are about to buy isn't just a wrap. It is a plethora of emotions woven together. From raw wool to a complete shawl, it took hundreds of golden hands of so many unprivileged artisans, herders embroiders, and weavers to craft their hearts into this one piece. Even there are solid pieces made in 3-4 days, there are Kani and reversibles which take more than 4 years to get ready. Your piece is special, just like you are.

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