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We have just got a timeless trend alert. A luxury assortment of Black Cashmere wraps and scarves that are absolute must-haves. All you need to do is pick one from amongst this exclusive collection and style it the right way with your outfits. Why we love a black Cashmere scarf or a back Cashmere wrap for you is because there is nothing that will blend seamlessly with your outfits than these incredibly beautiful pieces of art.
Artistically handcrafted in the vale of Kashmir, every single Cashmere here in this collection is a masterpiece in itself. The craftsmanship, the patterns, the styles, and the weaves, all combine in an artistic rendezvous in the expert skills of masterly craftsmen from Kashmir to bestow your winter souls with some warmth and class.

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Grid List

Items 1-24 of 389

Pure Black Cashmere scarves for women: This assortment of original, 100% pure Cashmere scarves and shawls for women is as pure as it is stylish and timeless. Made from manually acquired Pashm thread all the way from Ladakh, these shawls are purely handwoven over a traditional Kashmiri handloom artistically without losing a bit of their classic sheen or craftsy grace.

Timeless Black: The bold colour of Black is never out of fashion. In fact, it has long been an obsession of trendsetters and fashionistas. Black clothing or accessories have an undeniable power, which paired with stylish outfits of any shade makes the entire look an epitome of chic and sophistication, yet filled with eroticism. Be it traditional outfits or modern apparel, a soot-black Pashmina wrap, or black Pashmina stole will always pair perfectly.

A gift for the powerful women in your life:  We all have a woman in our life who we wish to call a superwoman because of the daring attitude she manifests. Be it our moms, daughters, friends, wives, or a daring and fearless sibling, we have a piece for just everyone. Gift them an eye-catching black cashmere scarf, or a black cashmere wrap which suits their brazenness, and makes their everyday styling more effortless and alluring.

Endless Stylish options with Cashmere: Drape over your heads when the weather is too cold, let loose from your shoulders if you own a black Cashmere shawl, tie in a knot over your neck with formals and casual or fasten around the straps of your tote when the air around turns balmy, a Black Cashmere has endless options to style with

Your winter best friend: The Changpa goat from whose fur comes Cashmere, endures a temperature as low as -40 degrees. It is this Cashmere fur that protects it from the extreme conditions outside. That is the warmth of Cashmere, which promises to engulf you, its wearer into luxury warmth and coziness all winter round.

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